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[MUSIC]>>Your vehicle may be equipped with a
feature that gives you a complete view all around it, as well as providing
cross traffic in front and behind. As a matter of fact, the camera image
allows the driver to see a top-down view of the surrounding area outside
the vehicle, including blind spots. Let me explain. The 360 degree camera with split-view
display uses cameras mounted in the front grill. Tailgate handle and side view mirrors to give you a continuous
view of everything around you. This can be helpful in parking maneuvers,
such as centering in a parking space, viewing nearby obstacles, and
parallel parking, for instance. The front camera provides a 180
degree view of the area in front and around tight corners. Side-view cameras show the area
to the side of the vehicle, and is part of the 360-degree front and
rear views, and the rear camera provides
images from the back. There are six camera views to choose from,
three front views and three rear views. [MUSIC] You can change views by pressing
the camera button on the touch screen when either in Park, Neutral, or Drive. Front 360 plus normal view,
displays a normal front view on the left side of the screen and
a 360 degree image on the right. Front normal view provides a full image of
what is directly in front of the vehicle and front split view that gives you
an extended 180-degree front view. Likewise, when shifted into reverse,
you’ll get a rear 360 plus normal view which contains the normal rear
camera view next to a 360 degree view and rear normal view. That provides an image of what is directly
behind the vehicle and could be accessed by pressing the camera button from
the rear 360 plus normal screen. For a closer look at what’s behind your
vehicle while in either mode you can use the zoom button on the touchscreen and
rear split view gives you a wide 180 degree image of what
is behind the vehicle. There are also three additional views
available, center high mountain stop lamp view, customer placed trailer camera view,
and trailer reverse guidance. For more information about
the 360 degree camera, see our related videos at Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]

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