Using underwater drones in Aquaculture | Blueye Pioneer underwater drone

What is important and the best part, is
that we can keep an eye on the welfare of the fish. We can see that it is actually eating
the food we are offering That it’s staying where we want it to be,
and that it’s fitness is good. My name is Johannes Schrøder.
I’m born and raised at Smøla. I am currently employed as cleaner fish
coordinator in region Møre og Romsdal. I have been doing this for a little over a year now. We use the drone to inspect the pens, primarily
to look at the cleaner fish environment. As a cleaner fish coordinator, my job is to manage the operations for every locality in the region. Previously we used to walk around the edge of the
pen to observe as best as we can, and believed that we knew what was going. Now we
use the underwater drone to actually see what is going on. We can observe the state of the fish and how they stand in the pen. We discover something new all the time
while using the drone. No doubt about it. It is a fantastic tool! Earlier we would stand on the edge of the pan and perhaps we had a theory of how things were. Now we can actually go into the pen and
look at the exact circumstances. To be able to see that the cleaner fish is actually
present, just that is a huge advantage. If we see that they are not present
we can make adjustments; adjustments of hideouts, of feeding, you can adjust most things when you can
see what’s going on underwater To be able to follow up on the fish, something that
we previously only speculated about, means that having eyes under water is an
enormous boost for the whole industry.

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