VA’s aquatic therapy program was a “blessing” for this Air Force Vet.

[MUSIC]>>TEXT: Tom, Air Force Veteran,
Explore VA, Health Care.>>SPEAKING: My name is Tom. The
only thing I did with the VA until my illness is went back to
college on the GI Bill. I did not think that there were
any services that would be provided to me like I’ve
experienced for the last six years. I was grilling chicken on
a Sunday afternoon, and 38 hours later, I was on life support.
And that’s how fast Guillain-Barré took me down. I
had viral pneumonia. The VA basically saved my life
twice. I coded twice with this. I had a very severe case of
Guillain-Barré, and the only thing that moved for a year was
an eye and a big toe. One of the key people at the VA
came out and saw me in the pool and said, “Wait a minute, you’ve
got a lot of movement” and he challenged this and got me into
the polytrauma center at Audie Murphy, and I am now back. I’ve
been — and this is the great thing about the VA. As long as
you don’t give up, they keep challenging you. Well, I kept
going back and saying, “Look, I’ve got goals I want to
meet now.” And every time I’ve gone back — I’ve been back five
times — we’ve met all the goals. I actually surpassed
them. I walked a football field the last time I was in. The PTs
have been exceptional. I had five PT clinics. And I can tell
you, none of my people compared to the folks that are at the VA.
None of them. I can honestly say that. You know, you can’t expect
the VA to come and seek you. You’ve got to make the effort to
find out what is available. And it’s not there on a
platter. After this, nothing bothers me. I laid in bed with
the only things that would move was my eyes for a year. And
if that’s not enough to get you close to going crazy, there is
nothing. And so to be where I am now, it’s all a blessing. It’s
great.>>TEXT: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned.

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