VENTING THROUGH MY ART? | Drawing My Emotions | India Ink in Sketchbook

So today I thought I’d take you along
with me as I fill another spread in my sketchbook (this one in particular) ♪ and
what I really really have the urge to do right now is to try and draw something
with emotion so I gathered some colors here [moving art supplies scraping against the desk] these are like sad colors right? nice dark purple teal I thought if I needed to get any lighter would be kind
of helpful Blue! I mean you’re ‘feeling blue’ so blue
has to be a sad color right? and then of course black this one’s almost empty
hopefully there’s enough in there but yeah these are all cooler colors and cooler
colors are generally considered to be ‘sadder’ colors and then warmer colors are
considered to be brighter and happier obviously you can play around with
colors to your heart’s delight and get a lot of cool effects but I thought Id try and draw something sad cuz I’m just not in a great mood here we have
our colors I feel like a fun first experiment would be to draw something
that could be considered kind of a neutral emotion and then try and use the
colors to really sadden it up see what works and what
makes it look even more sad – I’m new to this we need a body kind of a neutral
expression is what I’m going for kind of a deadpan, wonder if there’s like some
animal that kind of represents sadness that I could incorporate – for some reason
that I’m thinking of a crow ehhhh, I’ll need a reference [after looking at a reference]
gotcha that’s what I had wrong the beak
(well a lot of things) but the beak mostly make the eyes a little lower too I think that doesn’t look right, does it? why does it look so duck-like? we’ll definitely
redraw this crow multiple times – it is obviously I need practice ohhhhhh it’s more like it’s got that t-rex head oh see? okay I put a lot
of time into that it was kind of like a random thing I decided to do (just gotta
let art take itself where it wants to go don’t you?) back to Little Miss
deadpan over here that looks a little happy doesn’t it? what happened here? I
just can’t help it this eraser is not doing me any favors here we go Beluga’s here to help! maybe we need the
heavy artillery? geez what are you made of ? that just doesn’t erase… okay whatever
tried my best. for her hair, I’m kind of inspired by
the Crow/Raven… are crows and ravens the same thing? maybe I’ll give her hairs
that kind of stick out and then one of the background is made up of like
feathers so we can like fill in the dark area behind her with more tone which
I think will help with the look I’m going for
I can draw some feathers now we can finally experiment with some of the colors here
before we further on down the page so I’m just going to take my kneaded eraser
and lighten up some of the sketch so it’s not interfering with our color –
for this one I think I’m gonna try and just use black and a paintbrush at first –
play around with the shapes see if we can get it to look a little
feathery – this brush is actually kind of breaking up which is actually giving me the
look I want exactly lucky me I did that on purpose
[cough, cough] you see how just filling in
the space behind her really dark kind of just sets her in a dark space literally but like emotionally too but I think this is gonna be a lot of fun just these dark saturated placements of color and then when that dries I’d like
to add a little bit of water to this then color in the crow then add a little
bit more water and color in the hair and that cloak thing I don’t know I
went very minimalistic with the outfit didn’t I?
I’m also gonna go in and do some of this line art and try not to put my hand in
in in while it’s drying – you can also use this to like refine some of these edges I
wasn’t really able to do with a brush because I’m so heavy-handed ahh! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay. I’ve still gotta lot of paper left we’ll be fine I’m using a new nib that I haven’t used
before doesn’t quite control the same way like the professional that I am I
left it in a cup of water by accident and it’s all rusty now and then
the eyeball is like right here just shape it a little more ooh
birdie feet no that’s not easy oh hey I’m actually really excited to
draw that bird again – all right I’m gonna give that ample time to dry before we
add in the other tones or erase anything I’m gonna start working on a new drawing
that way I don’t have to wait for it mmm because I am impatient I want to draw the bird again, I’m gonna be honest head-actually wait a minute
when their head comes back really far behind their eyeball you’ve got like
basically that’s the head kind of shape you have like their body
they’re kind of lean bird but sometimes it looks like they fit kind of scruntchy –
I did not leave enough room down here I think it’s just too long again
let’s shorten that up let’s try another one I don’t think I have the
hang of it yet draw a small little one so we have the head – comes back a little
further – beak if I simplify it, we got the body – um does this like come straight
off maybe? and the legs I’m looking at a bunch of reference trying to
figure out cuz like I can’t find any crows that are just standing there and
like a nice simple pose oh hey wait wait maybe this section is kind of short like
the thigh section and then this shin section is actually really long kind of
like that oooo hey now hey now!! ♪ trying to break it down into
simpler shapes that I as a simple-minded person can understand I think it’d be
cool to line art this as well so maybe by the time we’re done with this
we can go in and add the color there do it pretty simple because I think I want
to do a lot with just brushstrokes and keep it kind of abstract still something
seems wrong in the lower half section gives me more of like a Robins body type
vibe I could be wrong I don’t I’m not that much of an aviary- an aviary enthusiast these legs I think I’ll just color them all in with this dip pen ahhh, no
I messed up the claw I’m having issues, man tried my best, lol this is what we have
so far – how are we on drying? oh the eye is still wet I want to kind of draw out someone
with a much sadder expression sadness sadness may be dipped head so the
shoulders are higher maybe they’re kind of like just on the floor, sad eyebrows,
what if this one arms kind of like up in their face like this this person looks
sad? maybe they have their hair in a ponytail but it’s kind of like slipping
out go in and completely cover the face I think that definitely shows more
emotion – ears this one’s really reaching a point of
concern maybe this is my way of venting I’ve not been feeling the brightest
lately I think anyone who’s chronically ill probably understands that feeling it
eventually just kind of hit a point where you like “I’ve been trying for so
long” and I thought maybe just drawing some of these emotions would be a
really good way to vent everybody goes through this I won’t make it about me let’s just draw some saddos gonna add a little bit of water to this oh shoot I just
sprayed everywhere just add some fun texture right? here we go I just want to
like add and play around with like the textures before I go into this guy
because I kind of really like the way that one turned out so if I can play
around with this bigger one kind of figure out how I want to go about it I
could probably layer this up if I need to so once that dries like add a new
layer – experiment – that’s like my favorite thing to do is just grab a big blotch of
color and just throw it places and see what happens – see where it looks good see
where it doesn’t – think it needs a little bit more weight underneath the wing like
darken up this lower half of it not quite the way I pictured it but that’s why you got
to try it out you can’t just do it all your head, you’ll never know what works it was actually looking kind of cool – how fun is that? and if you’re feeling sad
just grab a bunch of black ink and make a nice mess in your sketchbook it won’t
solve your problems but I think it’s a step in the right direction emotionally think I’ll let everything dry and then start coloring in some of
the things that I added line art to and then I can also when that’s dry add line
art to this bird and that’ll really make him pop I think so yeah I’m gonna give
this a second everything is dry now perfect okay so what do we want to do I
feel like there’s so many options um I guess I can use this color that I mixed
up earlier that actually did a really nice even color look at that wow oh he’s blending into the background you can’t see him so this time I’m gonna
take a ton of water just had the smidgeist of this ink and
hopefully I don’t know that seems pretty dark
oh no that’s better I’m not very good at blending this out to nothing but there
you go to solve a small mistake I made I’m
just going to use this white gel pen and outline the crow just so that he shows up
a little bit more like that better better I wonder if I can use this
to fix this Hey now next thing I want to do is kind of
color in this crow down here but I kind of want to mix in a little bit of purple
I’m not sure how to do this I’ve run out of little containers put a little purple in here go with the black it’s like more of a gray get some texture in there and grab some of this darker black mixed with water I’m gonna let that dry so that I
can layer over it without smudging any of those details I already have – I do
want it to be darker cuz right now it’s looking like a very dirty dove instead
of a crow so there’s that I’m gonna try actually using the violet ink and see if
that shows up as lineart on here oh if I do like a bunch of like
hatching and cross-hatching that look kind of cool where I want it darker you
know basically I’m trying to just add a little bit more detail a little bit more
pop and pizazz I’m just defining some of these sections a little better I
think the little quick short strokes work really well to kind of imitate the
texture of feathers without actually drawing in every feather I think that’s
one of my favorite things about ink in particular is just your ability to get
those fine points and then use a brush and get those big sweeping strokes too
all with the same medium and you can mix it with water and get those lighter
tones – it’s really fascinating just color this whole thing in so I’m
able to get a lot finer point with those little legs Wow animals were always
something I was like terrified of drawing but now that I’ve like started
revisiting them with some of the skill sets I’ve learned from drawing people
and learning to like simplify the shapes then slowly building up instead of like
trying to draw this in your first step has really been helpful and it just kind
of goes to show you if you’re not practicing one thing in particular
you’re still gaining a lot of like information that you’re retaining and
you can use for future drawings that you make even if you know you’re not
actually drawing crows all the time you know that make sense? that’s that was
really really really fun yay! make sure I don’t leave this sitting in the water and go
back to the pencil oh no what happened here this is going in a completely
different direction well why don’t we draw a character with their arms so the
arms here, then the crow can be like landing-oh I haven’t drawn open wings
yet oh [laughs without confidence] shrink this head a bit try and kind of lay out the pose before
I start adding any details — make sure it’s kind of balanced I might want to
turn the head actually [unsure groan] this isn’t quite going the way I want
it to so I’m going to just lightly erase it and build on top of that see if I can
improve on it turn the head a little I like this face it’s like kind of makes
me think of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty she just like “anything to report?” can give me one of those big gloves to protect her arm from those Talons also
to figure out where the birdies going here oh maybe he’s already landed that
might be helpful like leaning in like “hello!” long hair that I can like fill in
with that solid black oh yuuusss then pull that a little closer to her face I’m always scared to cover the face with hair – let’s go a little crazy I need to figure out this
hand now for the outfit — what if her hair breaks up into those feather shapes
I did over there and then for clothes let’s see..? give her a medieval
kinda outfit she seems like she wears pants we’ll give her some pants bring
this hand up here how about some horns! that really suits her doesn’t
it’s? getting closer and closer to Maleficent the more i draw, aye? her head is really
big – oh gosh if I can make the body bigger really easily let me see
well this ended up going in a direction I wasn’t expecting I just wanted to draw
a sad drawing now I’m drawing
Maleficent 2.0 (more like 0.5) need something around
her neck my go-to is always just a choker because it’s so simple and easy
to draw this looks a little hunched like a vulture yeah because of the way I have it
sitting here maybe it’s some weird hybrid bird a hybird maybe a little
heart — why? I don’t know ! what drys fastest is the ink that’s been mixed
with the water so I think I’ll go in and add the tones in first and then add in
line art later this didn’t really end up being a drawing about emotions as much
as it was just art inspired by what happened but sometimes that happens
you know I mean because in the end art still got me right? – maybe use well
wanted like solid black for the hair didn’t I okay so maybe we can use this
well that was really close to no no let’s go for it let’s use this for the
horns where’s my paper towel and then I can also add like stripes to this once
this is dry we can use this too for the bird I think
that’ll work really well – a little goes a long way when it comes to the color
black geesh trying to add a little bit of
texture here with this first layer we’ll see how much of that shows through at
the end though my goal is always to start light and build up colors — shoot! it’s
drying too fast I’m not ready! add a little bit of that purple
bit down here maybe just a small oily hue shift it’s kind of like a light purple e
gray for the skin it kind of just adds a little small bit of warmth to it alright
and then for the hair I wanted it to be almost solid black so we might just
use this and not dab it and then I can go in with the dip pen and fill in any
of those like tiny details that I miss this is a little scary
yeah I’m so nervous that I’m gonna like go outside the lines it’s getting me
really excited for inktober if nothing else – I forgot this sketchbook doesn’t
really like watercolors, might darken up the bird actually in some sections I wonder if I can darken this up it
already looks dry if I add another layer maybe specifically where the pants are
cuz I made the pants a little dark compared to the hair so if I can darken
up the hair anymore that might solve some of the problems I’m having there
you really don’t know till it dries what tone it’s going to be though – darken up
this horn back here it is darkening that’s good that’s good, thats good while that’s drying I can move back over to this crow and maybe darken him up a
bit cuz these do seem to fade and even though it’s not that obvious when you
lay it down it does dry grayer which is in the end kind of what I wanted so it’s
just hard to tell until you wait for it to dry there you go how’s that look? AHH! how’s this looking? looks darker now and that’s what I wanted – I could probably come in
here and do something – just playing around — it’s like why is she so mad at
this dove and why is there a heart so many questions did I just call it a dove?! [hits table]
it’s a crow thing let’s layer up some texture on these horns
is she a goat is she a dragon – the world may never know wow that is just about dry
already so why don’t I once it is completely dry though and take the dip
pen and use some straight black maybe or should I go with purple it’s not super
obvious that I used purple so I’m just gonna use black see how well this goes
I’m gonna start in the top left OOP that was still a little wet maybe I
should wait a second kind of cool I didn’t mess up on the eyes I’ll take it I feel like line art I’m always so silent cuz I am so nervous about messing it up alright little mr. birdie and some texture there not sure I want to color in any of
that stuff I don’t even know what that stuff is maybe we’ll just leave it – oh I didn’t add any liner to the legs wait-way-way we can fix this currently my favorite drawing right now still this crow
not that it turned out bad I just didn’t really care when I was drawing it I
don’t know let me grab some of this purple maybe we can mix this with this
black let’s see what we get there ooh I do that over the hair or the outfit
I’m doing hair a nice light wash over everything see what that does fill in any of those random white spaces mostly ahh! why do I just throw the
brush..?! why??? I’m gonna add a little to the nose and the cheek-ies did not do a very
good job separating my tones all right yeah two out of ten for that because I
think there’s like contrast between two elements so that’s why I get a 2 – I like
the crows he turned out good ahhhh nonononon I should have my art card revoked…
[laughs] why do we have no patience?
wonder if I can do like a smoky texture behind this crow – not gonna let it touch
in case some of that’s still wet just some like magic particles or something
kind of grounding that drawing a little bit more and evening it out on the page
a little bit of green would go a long way I think with this drawing what if we
just do a little teal – look how bright that is that’s interesting yeah Green
would have been better I need to learn to know when to quit – I went a little too far
with that there is a color contrast between this and the hair but now
there’s no like tone contrast which is equally as important that is a problem
for a white gel pen to solve! now there is a problem because if I had done the
pants a light color that actually did contrast with the hair it would have
ended up being a very similar tone to the skin which made it look like she
wasn’t wearing pants so maybe this is the best solution after all you got to
trade-off you know? so yeah let’s wait for this to dry completely then go over
it with some white gel pen yeah let’s do that all right let’s see if we can fix this with a white gel pen like something fun
might be to add some texture to these horns yeah something like that maybe
okay and then pants that’s where we’re really having some problems here aren’t we? what if we just made them striped pants
little Tim burton-esque ooh that’s a little funky isn’t it? gonna also just
use this to create a border around the character it’s just something I’ve been
doing lately and I feel like it just looks kind of cool even if it doesn’t
make a whole lot of sense and if I can draw like magic sparkles in this weird
background thing I made me some polka dots I don’t know I’m desperate! there we go! hehe my favorite thing is definitely this
crow right here which I hope is showing up on camera the way it looks in person
I really like the texture and maybe I didn’t end up using all of the colors
maybe I didn’t end up drawing something quite as depressing as I had set out to
draw – but maybe things are better this way you know what I didn’t do – I never erased some of this pencil that we don’t need but I definitely think that goes to
show that art can inspire anything and maybe what you sat down to draw doesn’t
have to be what you end up drawing oh yeah here’s what I came up with
you got a crow lady, crow, lady, crow, lady Crow lady! I wanna thank you guys for
coming along with me as I filled another spread in my sketchbook let me know if
you drew along I love knowing I have a drawing buddy out there! thank you guys
for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have delicious
evening full of waffles BYE!!! ♪ bloop!

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