VG Myths – Can You Beat Splatoon Without Firing the Hero Shot?

Good morning, everybody and welcome to VG Myths – the online internet video game TV show where we jump through ludicrous hoops in a quest to avoid reading the instruction manual. Today’s game of choice: Splatoon. Splatoon is a third-person shooter where you can use a gun filled with ink to cover turf and splat your enemies. Key word: CAN. Tonight’s myth – can you beat Splatoon without firing the Hero Shot? The rules are as simple as they can get. Everything other than the Hero Shot is allowed, including all sub weapon types, the consumable special weapons, and turrets. Of course, even with these options the Hero Shot is the main weapon the game is designed around us use in almost every scenario. Without it we’re gonna be at a major disadvantage. Case in point: the tutorial. Yeah.. they uh.. they really want us to shoot the gun. We’re not even allowed to move till we use it to pop the first balloon! And, okay, *technically* it isn’t the Hero Shot. But luckily we can avoid all possible semantic arguments by mashing every button on the controller in desperation. I’m serious! I just mashed everything and the game pitied me enough to let me move on anyway. I’m not sure what happens, but I’m not looking a seahorse in the mouth. There’s another minor stopping point here. We’ve got to climb up this wall. Our only special weapon to start with is Ink Bombs which don’t explode big enough to cover the whole wall. Luckily, there’s a bit of cheese we can use. When you land in ink as a squid, you can potentially spread the puddle slightly forward. Keep trying to swim up a wall and you’ll slowly but surely make a line all the way up to the top. Thanks to this cheese, we finished the tutorial and move on to story mode proper. In story mode, you have to beat every stage in one world to fight that stages boss which presents a problem pretty much immediately. Two of these three stages look impossible with only Ink Bombs. Ink Bombs work on a timer, which only counts down when they touch the ground. And shielded enemies will always see them and block them if you throw one. So level one is out. Level two has an entirely separate problem. We have to climb a wall with a moving platform in the middle. These moving platforms are considered separate surfaces from the wall they slide along, which prevents the cheese trick from working. We *could* use the cannon, but at this point in the run I was trying to go without them as a bonus challenge. Luckily, level 3 is totally doable, albeit totally annoying. There are hovering enemies partway through the level, which can only barely be damaged by grenades when hovering directly above them. Since enemies have regenerating health, it becomes a game of cat and mouse trying to get them to stay under your grenades long enough to splat. With a bit of patience, though, we can finish the level- aannd we only have 91 eggs… After beating level 3 again, we have enough to buy Burst Bombs, which are the solution for pretty much ever level in the game. Burst Bombs, while weaker than Ink Bombs, explode on contact. These allow us to kill shielded enemies, climb walls, kill flying enemies, and, in general, make getting around fluid and easy. With the burst bombs in our inventory, the first three levels are a cakewalk, and we get to fight boss #1: The Mighty OctoStomp! And this guy is our first *real* roadblock. OctoStomp, and most bosses in this game, follow the same pattern: get them to expose their weak point then deal a certain amount of damage to that weak point before they can recover. While OctoStomp’s weak point comes out automatically whenever he attacks, I couldn’t figure out anyway with our current equipment to deal enough damage in time. This guy’s health bar is off the charts! So I went back to the first three levels and replayed them a LOT. Eventually I had a couple thousand power eggs to fully upgrade ink capacity, Ink Bombs, and buy seekers. All three of which were crucial to the strategy I cooked up. The moment OctoStomp tries to octostomp you, you need to throw some ink bombs on top of him, making sure they don’t fall off. Immediately climb up and use your nose -I’m SERIOUS- to hit the d-pad and switch to seekers without letting go of the analog stick. Spam out as many seekers as you can while you’re up there, and hopefully you’ll deal just enough damage to move to the next phase. Phases 2 & 3 are largely identical so once you’ve mastered this strategy, you’ve already beaten OctoStomp. The upcoming world 2 and world 3 are a breeze, save for their bosses. OctoNozzle’s weak point is actually easier at hit than OctoStomp’s, and the only stickler is you need some really well aimed ink bombs to blow up his belly buttons. OctoWhirl meanwhile requires a bit more finesse. The first two phases are easy enough – cover the entire area and ink and you’ll have plenty of time to damage his weak point before he reaches the other end. In phase 3 however, some of the ground isn’t sinkable and it’s all rotating, so you need to time things out juuust right. Have him start rolling such that he hits the edge of the first section and hopefully you’ll get the maximum amount of time and deal the final blow. As for world four.. well, I got no idea! I never beat world four! Turns out you don’t have to! The entirety of world four is skippable thanks to a quirk in the ink swimming mechanic. Ink the ground all around the light bulb barrier leading to world 5. With some very precise positioning you can swim at the absolute edge just barely avoiding the barrier and letting you reach world 5. The game will yell at you to move to the next area, but no worries, the game only checks if you’ve beaten every level in the *immediate* area, so once you beat each world 5 level the final boss will become available. We’ve got just one final challenge: DJ Octavio. And DJ Octavio.. DJ Octavio is.. IMPOSSIBLE! Octavio was totally different from every prior boss in the game. Rather than needing to reveal and spam a weak point, Octavio does his best Ganondorf impression and forces you to play tennis. His fists have a HUGE amount of HP, and you MUST deal all the damage in one go. The moment they hit the ground, they become invulnerable and will have full health the next time he punches. By some random stroke of divine happenstance the damage requirement is just barely, barely barely obtainable with a specific combo. Throw out two ink bombs followed by a direct hit with a burst bomb. The timing on this is LU-DI-CROUS. Both ink bombs must deal full close-range damage, but if you do it right, Octavio will give himself a right hook and be pushed down the stage. At the farthest position back he’ll be locked in and start using his ultimate attack: The Giant Octo Eyeball (with snazzy shades of course). The eyeball has the same health as the fist but has to be hit back three times in a row, getting successively faster. Fail even ONCE and the pattern resets. In phase 1, this is.. easy enough, but phase 2 presents a much bigger issue. The fists required ludicrous timing, and the eyeball is just insurmountable! Insurmountable to the point I spent a couple days fighting this boss off and on, constantly getting stuck at the second eye. Because all three hits need to be done in a row when the third hit is so fast, you need conclusively, astronomically, absurd timing on the second hit to even have a *chance* at the third. You need to hold out on the second hit to the last possible moment. This gives you a little bit of extra time to recharge some ink. And that little bit of time might maybe be just *BARELY* enough to pull off the combo. This was it; after hours of grinding, it was finally time to show Octavio what for! After Phase 2, Phase 3 was walking on cake. Pufferfish explosions are an automatic K.O. on Octavio’s attacks, letting us set up a One-Two-Three Combo on the eye and move on to Phase 4. Phase 4 is its own cake walk with pufferfish and geysers that let you just just tip-toe right on up to Octavio’s ugly mug and- oh, I died. Well then. GUESS WE’LL JUST HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN! After spending the next decade of my life getting back to the end of Phase 4 we ..accidentally wasted our first of two Inkzooka, but we can still beat the Eye with a special improvised combo. We only have one pufferfish at our disposal which we use for the first volley. While the puffer is respawning, we have to move up a bit closer to Octavio to make sure we don’t hit the puffer again accidentally. Hitting back the Eye with the usual combo and allowing us to *easily* knock back the third hit with the pufferfish. Time for the final phase! Along the way we’ll have to pull off the fist knock back on the smallest platform we’ve seen yet, but nothing can stop us with the hardcore beats of Calamari Inkantation keeping us pumped. With the final Eyeball volley We only need to pull off the first hit, then use the Inkzooka for the final two there’s no Inkzooka on Phase 5, so make it count! And Octavio is yours for the splatting. This is the hardest VG Myth we’ve done yet- Octavio alone was the *majority* of the playthrough. With his microphone held[?] thoroughly upside down the Splatoon 1 No Gun Run is officially MISSION COMPLETE! Let me know how much this video sucks and how I can improve in the comments below. Plus if you have ideas for future VG Myths, let me know down there, too. I’m starting to keep better track of viewer requests for the future since this series is by far the most successful thing I’ve done on this channel, and my other series are pretty much dead in the water. I’m gonna be trying to do VG Myths a lot more regularly. And finally, special thanks to all patreon backers including: Lord Arentci Eric Flinn LezLamb SuperScrubZO RB Drache Zahlen Oum Mr. Harry Wonka Mrs. Seckman Andrew Seibert K. Gordon Matt Smith Alexander Botkin Chris Nate Mason2K and Anyuu! [do you understand how long it took me to get these names down] IKA YOROSHIKU for watching and get out of my house!

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