Virtual Reality | Cedars-Sinai

Virtual reality is a way to immerse
people in alternative worlds. So we use goggles that transport people to
entirely different universe, a different planet, different environment places, that
we’ve never seen or been before maybe even never imagined before. We meet
patients where they are. We come to their hospital room and we fit them with the
goggles make sure they’re snug and comfortable then we bring them through
the video experiences. One video brings people to Iceland where they get in a
helicopter and they can explore these unbelievable topographies. The second
video is an art studio which is an opportunity for patients to sit back and
draw painting. The third video is great for people that love the water and love
the sea they can swim with dolphins and with sea creatures like blue whales
takes about 20 minutes of time and then afterwards we sit down and find out what
they thought of it and spend a little time learning from them. So what we’re
doing here is part of a larger initiative to find out how to use
digital technologies to improve the value of care at Cedar-Sinai and beyond.
And by value we mean we want to improve the quality of care the experiences that
our patients have but also reduce the cost of care and something like virtual
reality might be able to do that by reducing the resources that are used or
shortening the length of stay that people spend in the hospital
and as a result improve their overall experience and reduce resources at the
same time. Our goal is to not just do this but to analyze it to study it and
to publish it and to disseminate what we’re learning to the rest of the
healthcare world so that what we’re doing here at Cedars-Sinai could be a
model for others to follow.

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