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Every one of us in the world started off growing inside our mother’s womb, from a tiny little embryo… …to a full-term baby until delivery So it goes without saying that the womb is an important environment for the embryo to grow in But it may surprise you if I told you that
there’s currently nothing in the world… …that can monitor the internal workings of the womb The inability to conceive is a common problem… …affecting one in six couples worldwide and is a highly distressing condition In up to a quarter of them, even after
performing tests on the egg and the sperm… …doctors are unable to tell what is the
cause of their problem and the ultimate… IVF or test tube baby treatment only has the success rate of around 30% per cycle For doctors and many patients this is a highly frustrating situation A few years ago, our team in the
University of Southampton wondered… …”what if we could invent a mini-sensor
that can sit inside a womb,… that can help sense what’s going on in there?” That was indeed what we did For a long time now, doctors know that the development of the embryo depends… …heavily on their environment The physical factors that are important are temperature, oxygen and PH Studies have now shown that when these factors are not maintained the embryos growth is poor… …and they may even stop growing What is more important is that simple therapies can help improve the conditions inside the womb The ability to be able to monitor the wombs environment would mean that doctors… …can select the right patients for the right treatments Our sensor device is invented just to do that It is a miniaturised sensor that the doctor
in the fertility clinic can insert into the womb It’s batteryless, wireless and
is powered by a belt that patient wears The data is transmitted to a mobile
phone and will be analysed through a… …diagnostic algorithm to inform the doctor
of the right treatment for the patient We have now performed the necessary
proof of concept animal and human studies… …on our temperature prototype We know that the technology works and the device is highly acceptable to our patients and is safe to use We’re currently working on further shrinking our
device and integrating the rest of our sensors… …onto the final prototype. The fertility market is constantly demanding
technology that improves care outcomes It is also a growing market, one predicted
to exceed 20 billion dollars by 2020 Clinicians and consumers are also known
to be very quick and adopting new technology We believe that our product will offer our
customers for the very first time… …diagnostic tools to assess the womb’s environment and to help them achieve a higher pregnancy rate, but …in order for this to happen we need to work with businesses who share the same vision as us,… …to partner, collaborate and invest in us so that together we can create something with real novelty An invention that is paradigm changing. An invention that will make the dreams of many couples,… …who wish to have a family
of their own, finally come true.

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