VR 360° Aquarium Plant Unboxing: Greenhouse Aquatic Plants

what’s up fish tank people Dustin’s
fishtanks bring it to you with a fun one today how’s everybody doing I hope
you’re doing well today’s video is a video I didn’t want to do for a while I
gotta get my major some credit here today it’s a 360 degree unboxing video
from an import we got in I don’t know over a month ago most of these plants
are gone so do not leave this video to go check out my website stay around here
and pull around the screen you can actually see why I need a bigger
greenhouse when I’ve got 17 boxes of plants covenant from Asia I’ll be coming
in and out throughout this video but go ahead and hit the notification button
and subscribe button if you like what we’re doing okay so you can see here we got a bunch
of boxes in this spot now the first thing we do is we got to figure out what
we need to put underwater what’s not gonna be sellable at all and needs to be
thrown away and then what stuff needs to get under higher light or lower light so
there’s a big sorting process and kind of prioritizing okay these aren’t
available for a month these can go out in a couple of weeks these are
completely dead they’re all mouth we have any of them personal we could
sell we already did that you’ll notice you can see this tank and
you can see Andrew looking up around here this is the east facing wall of the
greenhouse which is great because it gets full Sun in the morning sun rises
in the East sets and the less you can kind of pull up around and look and see
how much natural sunlight we get on this side same design we’re gonna use in
greenhouse 2.0 alright so you see me scrubbing the tank here now this tank
and these two upper tanks are special because they get full Sun almost all day
long so these plants that were about to put in here Oh Strela stellatus they are
we like to keep them in a lot of high light as well as somewhere to tell all
these say the video footage does not do this justice okay because we are
watching plants that have set in the box for four days get hit with both fresh
water fresh nutrients and full freaking sunlight it’s truly something that
everyone needs to witness the plants just pop up and just like explode
they’re like it’s great again if you drag up you can see the
full Sun hitting these plants you go up you see the full Sun they come right
down these plants get hit for the first time it’s awesome and you can see that pulse right there
that just grows out the top of a random tank I’ve just let it grow it’s got a
neon color it’s a cool plant great nitrate absorbing plant as well if any
of you want to draw something on top of the tanks pothos is the way to go and you can spin the screen around you
can see the stack of boxes I got to give Josh some credit he drove to Atlanta and
back in one day and literally dropped off 18 boxes of plants in my greenhouse
it was like Christmas that morning when I woke up all stacked piled high in the
greenhouse for my morning coffee look folks this is actually a variegated
wisteria so it’s not as Hardy as the regular water wisteria high growth would
perform us but it came in growing above water we actually sold brew all of it
but it’s a pretty cool plant just a nice variegated leaf on I was checking that
out for the first time I read plants I have to go clean my
house for my wife it’s home so we will be back on the bench and let’s plug here
that silver bar across there is one of my best-selling standard double LEDs
I’ll put them against any LED on the market if you’ve used any of my lights
drop me a comment let me know what you think about it and yeah we put those on
there I’ve got them all throughout the greenhouse have fun everybody it’s in
your site yeah Dustin’s fishtanks calm and all this stuff is on my site if it’s
not DM me and say yo what was that plan or whatever and we’ll get it up on there
everything she’ll notice I got the polycarbonate panels on this greenhouse
and you can see the way the Sun comes through those I really like the solid
polycarbonate panels probably what I’m gonna use in greenhouse 2.0 yeah that’s
how fast it goes you just speed it up and the whole process gets unloaded
you’ll notice we have the Black Mamba out whenever we’re refilling or adding
new plants to a tank we drain it all the way down clean it out as best we can get
all the loose particles out there and do a hundred percent fresh clean great
fertilized water because these plants are coming in and they’re starved
they’re hungry that’s why you see the black mom all over the place you’ll notice Josh and I are both
standing underneath and working underneath the halides that’s a 400 watt
metal halide and a 175 watt and then you got the Black Mamba hooked up behind me
unfortunately the system on me if you walk in the greenhouse the right side is
actually not connected onto the rest of the system so you got to run pipes
across makes it a little cumbersome when you’re bringing stuff in and out that’s
part of the design I’m going to try to fix in greenhouse 2.0 I have everything
out one system or multiple separate systems so you’re not running across
pads and if you’ve watched this far you’ve
probably enjoyed it too go ahead hit that like button notification button
subscribe button if you haven’t already and drive me a comment on what you think
about these 360-degree videos I actually thought it was pretty cool I’m excited
to have one mounted in greenhouse 2.0 both during the construction of the
actual greenhouse and then once we’re doing all kinds of fun stuff in there so
to be a real good time so go ahead drop me a comment we should do more 360
videos hit the subscribe button and the notification button and talk to you
tomorrow live at 4 o’clock tank on everybody later

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