Want to be a sailing instructor at MBAC?

Hi I’m Noel. I’ve been a sailing instructor
at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center for two years. I was taking six classes here and kind
of fell in love with all the aquatic sports. I applied to be a camp counselor and after I applied and interviewed for camp counselor, the lead sailor at the time, he kind of recruited me. I would describe this job as the best job ever! Who doesn’t want to be at the beach on a sunny day teaching people how to sail? The highlight of my time here has just been getting to grow as a person, getting to grow as an employee. I started off kind of very timid, but now it’s been two years. I’m pretty confident in my teaching abilities. The most rewarding part about being a sailing instructor would be that light bulb moment, seeing it kind of click into place for people. You get to pass down your passion for sailing or windsurfing You get to pass on your emotion for the sport. So it’s really exciting to see your passion get passed to someone else. Anyone thinking about applying for a job here at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, I’d say do it whatever your skill level is. If you’re a good person and you want to work hard, You can become the best employee, the best instructor ever.

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