Watch Me Draw: Igneous Skylance

“Watch Me Draw: Igneous Skylance” I’d like to draw a dragon but not like the Dracasoid that I drew last time. I think this one should be a bit more like an Asian dragon perhaps with a bit of influence from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise but with … anatomically feasible wing size. Some of Yu-Gi-Oh’s best dragons were the metallic ones. I’m challenging myself to see how organic I can make that type of dragon look. I wonder what these tendril things coming out of its nose are actually called. I think they’re based on something aquatic. Maybe koi fish have them? So they’re called “barbels!” Well, that didn’t turn out too bad. Anyway, if you liked this, please hit the “like” button and subscribe! And lemme know in the comments how successful you think I was in making this dragon’s sharp angles still look organic.

Comments 3

  • Dudeeee! This is flipping stellar! I could watch you draw all day!

  • This is awesome, Peter!!! Love the “Peter Interjections” 😂👍🏻 edited in such a fun/funny way. I love you and how amazing you’re videos are getting is sooo great! Keep them coming 👌🏻

  • I like the twist in the dragon's torso. I think that makes it look very organic.

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