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Start at a comfortable depth, pretend you were sitting back into a chair. When you reach a water level above your shoulders, return to standing. Progressing to the first step: With a staggered stance, use a circling-in pattern with the Hydra Bells. Keep the movement smooth. Use the same staggered stance for a circling-out pattern. Keep the Hydra Bells under the water. Use a speed that you find challenging to run, with the focus of landing softly on the treadmill belt. If you can still maintain a relaxed conversation, increase your speed. Jump with an alternating staggered stance while using a pushing and pulling pattern. Focus on keeping the rhythm. Push equally off both legs, jump, land softly, and jump again. Bend at your hips and knees while maintaining proper posture. Challenge yourself by jumping up and down on the first step. Returned to jumping with an alternating staggered stance. One arm pushes down while the other arm raises just below the surface. Switch legs and repeat. Coordinate your running style with moving your arms and legs. Keep your head up in your eyes looking forward.

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