Water Exercise, Advanced Walking (Aquatic Therapy) – Ask Doctor Jo

Whee! Hey everybody it’s Dr. Jo! It’s aquatic
therapy day again. If you’ve graduated from the basic standing exercises, then this is
the next video where you are actually putting some walking movement with those exercises.
So let’s start off back here. The first one is going to be a soldier march. Lock out your
knee, keep that straight the whole time. So pull forward, keeping an upright posture.
Pull forward. My knee is staying straight the whole time. There’s no bend in there.
If you feel like your knee is bending, then don’t go quite as fast. Lock out that knee.
The next one is the hamstring curl. That’s where you are trying to kick your bottom,
but keep the top part of your leg down. So kicking back behind you, almost like you are
a chicken clucking, or a Gamecock clucking. Kicking back behind you, still keeping that
upright posture. Trying to get as far back to your bottom as you can. Really getting
that stretch. The next one is the Rockette kick. Bring your knee up, kick out, step forward.
Bring your knee up, kick out, step forward. This is really going to stretch those hamstrings,
so try and straighten out that knee as much as you can. Bend it up, kick it out, step
forward. Then you’re going to walk on your toes. Go way up on your toes, stay on your
toes the whole time. Just like you’re walking in heels. Guys it will give you a chance to
see what it feels like. Staying up on your toes, keeping those heels up high. Pushing
off the whole time. Then switch to your heels. Now not sticking my bottom out when I’m walking,
I’m pulling my toes up. This is pretty hard. This is a hard one that’s going to push that
knee into a straight position. So if you have a knee injury, you are really going to feel
that stretch, but try and stay on those heels the whole time. Pulling those toes up. Try
and stay in a straight line if you can. And then you are going to squat going sideways.
So squatting down, keeping your toes pointed forward like in all the other side exercises.
It’s a fluid motion. I’m not squatting down, coming up, and then stepping. I’m squatting
as I am stepping. Squatting down, coming up. Squatting down, coming up. Nice fluid motion
the whole time. These were some aquatic therapy exercises. If you have any questions, leave
them in the comments section. If you would like to check out some more videos, go to
askdoctorjo.com. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Remember be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

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  • This will help to make the legs muscels to be stronger? can we do these if we have knee problems?

  • Yes it will, and it is great because it is in a low impact environment. So yes, you can do them even with knee problems, but don't continue them if it makes the pain worse!! Good luck!!

  • Thanks allot for your reply. I appreciate all the work you are doing.

  • You're welcome!! I hope they help!!

  • This is great! I've just started a water walking club and these tips were very helpful.

  • Good luck!!

  • I'm suffering from L5-S1 disc bulge and it pains in my lower back near the spine pretty much throughout the day (except when I'm swimming ). Can you please suggest something that will reduce the pain?

  • Core and back exercises are the best. I have some core/back strengthening exercises in prone (on your stomach) and in quadruped (on all fours). Both might help if you want to check them out! Good luck!!

  • This is great, thanks Dr. Joe! I just had a discectomy at L4-L5 level, I stated physical therapy and have been cleared to get into the water. I'm dealing with a lot of muscular instability, can you suggest exercises that I can do in the water? Also, I'm 5'10, how high should the water be to really give me support as I exercise?

  • I was given the okay to go back to the gym but only use the pool for the next month. I'm recovering from a sprained ankle and bruised bones and tried these exercises today. I felt like I had a real workout. Thank you for posting these helpful videos on how to safely exercise when recovering!

  • Hey dr jo if you have chondromalacia patella will water exercises help? What is the best way to reduce the swelling if you do have chondromalacia patella? Can you get chondromalacia patella if you patella tracks toward your quads?

  • Hi, i have a bulged disc in L4/L5 and my doctor asked me to practice swimming as much as i can. I'm doing a freestyle and back strokes. Does walking in the water and practicing your standing/basic walking/advanced walking exercises help strengthening core muscles? 

  • Hi Dr Jo.  Which of these aquatic exercises do you suggest would be good post Total Knee Replacement –  2 months afterwards.

    thanks in advance

  • I had a right hip arthroscope in Dec to repair a labral tear and an impingement as well. I have seen that it is not recommended for hip surgery patients to wear ankle weights? My surgery was DEC 5th 2014. I have been told by my doctor that I can start jogging but it hurts to bad so I wanted to start swimming. Should I wear ankle weights? 

  • this looks like it would really help me with my ankles I know walking would help too but my ankles will some times just give out on me like if I'm stepping down from a high step or trying to get in my father's truck and some times if Im running I tried going to a jem and just when I thought it was working they gave out on me as I was running in place that was a bit inbearising for me so I haven't been back sence but I now have some boots that prevent that from happening at all when I wear them but it still happens when I'm not wearing them and I have tried talking to people about it docters and family members but they all say the same thing you need to walk more which is true but having my ankles give out and falling hurts so this looks like it would help me I can look forward to hopefully wearing other kinds of shoes agin and not just hiking boots all the time thank u for sharing this ^_^ (sorry if I spelt anything wrong I don't spell that good XD)

  • omg long commint sorry I got carried away XD

  • Excellent video , Thanks

  • Dr, Jo, nice to see ur videos. Do you have any suggested water exercises for inguinal hernia for person of 77 years old tku

  • Dr. Jo, I have 2 issues – torn rotator cuff and hip bursitis, which aquatic exercises will help these issues? Thank you!

  • Hi, Dr. Joe. I am Suffering from L4-L5 disc bulge from almost 3 years. I am Following your Advance water excercise and some streches excercise . I want to ask you that for how long i can continue this excersice? please reply me

  • How many sets of each exercise do you recommend to get started?

  • hi ive been doing some of your excerices i find them very helpful but im in a pool with no guard on duty and i cant swim i have bought 2 pairs of pool shoes but they are really slippey could you recomened a pair i checked your site but could not see any thanks

  • Is walking backward beneficial in water? I read that it is on land but I'm afraid of falling. Thank you. Love the videos.

  • Hello, I have bad fibromyalgia, I tried your gait exercises in the baby pool hip height. that seemed to go ok. then I went in the main pool and walked a bit more chest height. Which depth is easier on the muscles? THEN I SWAN FOR ABOUT 2 MINUTES breaststroke and used float to just kick my legs a little. Today I have bad chest muscle pain, I had bad costocondritus, which I worked hard to get rid of with exercise. I realise I just shouldn't use my chest muscles or arms in the water as it is not worth this pain. will staying in the small pool and walking be benifcial, or doing something with a noodle? Thanks in advance. my gp and physio both said being in water would be good

  • Dr. Jo, hi!!
    So, I'm about to start working out in the pool after a bad ankle fracture and I really like your videos. The question is, do I need those special shoes? Can I do the exercises with my bare feet? Thanks!!

  • Hey Dr Jo, I noticed that you wear sneakers in the water. Are those special water shoes, and should I wear any while exercising in my pool? If yes, where can I find those shoes, and wha are they called?

  • Very inspiring

  • Wow I just get in the pool and walk, guess I’m a loser not being so technical.

  • can you give me a good exercise for reducing the stomach fat in water

  • Please recomened water therapies for LGMD 2A

  • Please today only and some exercise in normal floor too🙏🙏

  • Hi Dr Jo what shoes u are wearing for walking in the water

  • Thanks so much for including pool exercises in your illustrations. Is this Water Exercise, Advanced Walking the next level up from your BASIC GAIT EXERCISES IN A POOL or are there pool exercises that should be done before BASIC GAIT EXERCISES IN A POOL? Do you have a list showing the level of progression of each series? About how long do you allow before starting the next phase of more advanced exercises? For example, maybe a month of increasing endurance time before going to the next level.

  • Ty Dr Jo..I go to my gym pool at least 3-4 times a week because of my neuropathy (from diabetes) and i'm always looking for new water exercises to do..I finally found some tks to your videos that will not put so much pressure on my feet and legs

  • Hey Dr Jo, is it fine to do if i have a ACL tear?

  • Hello doctor Jo…will these excercises help for chronic pain due to Avascular necrosis or Osteoporosis 4th grade of hip joint

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