Water Garden Pond Design

[MUSIC] Hey I’m Eric Triplet, The Pond Digger and today we’re gonna take you
on a personalized pond tour. We’re gonna show you some pond design ideas,
that you can incorporate into an existing pond, or you can use on a pond that
you’re getting ready to build. We built this pond about eight years ago, and it’s always a crowd pleaser
when we have our pond tours. But, there’s some specific things that we did
here, that sometimes people overlook, and they don’t understand why they like it so
much. So we’re gonna point those things
out specifically today, so you can use them in your own back yard. A neat thing about this pond is, it’s big. It takes up almost the entire
area that they allocated for it. But one thing we had to do, we had to create
a crossover, so you could come to the path, work your way around to the destination
point that’s over there. So what we did is,
we created this land bridge. And the way to do it and give it a natural
look is, we landed these two logs. On either side of the bridge,
threw a little bark down, but we have a, a support underneath it. And so, it looks like at some
point in time a tree fell, and now we can cross over the tree but the fish
can still come across from side to side and it’s just a really neat effect
that I think people really enjoy. All right, I wanna point out
the aquatic plants in this pond, and the way they’ve been planted and
how it affects everything. I like, I like to do what I
would call a specimen plant. One plant, that is like an exhibit. It’s like,
a plant that’s in all its glory, and it’s not muddied up by another
plant growing through it. So when you look at this plant, this one for
example, it’s called blue bells. In the summertime,
solid purple flowers all over it and then just when you look
at it it’s just gorgeous. And it’s not disrupted by a,
another plant that’s right next to it. And if you look around the pond,
you’ll see red with variegations, you’ll see green variegated, you’ll see
soft leaves, you’ll see violet stems. And each plant has it’s own location and they, they typically are not
growing into each other. And that makes a big
deal when you walk in and you see the plants just sitting
there in all their glory, the specimen plants as you walk around
the pond, they just look gorgeous. So, one thing I wanna point
out about this water feature, is we have a different kind of stone
than what we’re typically using. This, this rock’s called Coco Flats and
it’s very angular, it’s almost like a bunch of stepping stones,
it’s got a really rich, earth-tone color, and we’ve used this around the whole coping
of the pond, and in the waterfalls. Now, below water level,
we use a less expensive stone, the granite that you’ll typically
see from most contractors. And we use it below grade,
it gets a little bit algae growing on it. You can’t really tell what the color is. Above grade, we use the Coco Flats. Gives it a neat, interesting look
unlike most of the ponds in the area. Okay, so
my favorite thing about this pond is the koi. I mean, what can I say? I’m a fish geek. It’s bred through and through in me. I’m telling you when people walk
around the corner and they see 66 fish swimming around like crazy in this pond,
it really, it’s, it takes your breath away. A lot of these koi were actually born in
the pond, they didn’t start with this many, but they don’t wanna give any up. And, so when you see that many koi,
it’s just fun to see. [MUSIC] Well that wraps up our little
personal tour of this pond. I hope you can use some of the ideas we
have given you today, on your own pond or a pond that you might be building. Take care, and thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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  • Great question. This pond is 3' deep and has a large koi tunnel at the bottom of the pond where the koi can find shelter when the big bad bird rears his ugly beak! A large dog in the backyard is a great deterrent. Scarecrow motion sensors work well and netting over the pond seems to keep the birds from eating your koi. Hope that helps.

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  • Swans and other water fowl can be brutal on aquatic plants. I'm not sure you could even plant a small pond and have anything make it with a mature group of swans. You would need a very large pond to give any plants half a chance.

  • Many of the koi were born in the pond. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the owners of these koi are enamored with them all. Since there was no culling process after the spawn(s) you will see koi in this pond that would otherwise may have never made it past a breeder.

  • how did the kois born there in the first place? Or did you bring some kois in first.

  • The homeowners purchased a dozen or so originally. As the pond matured, so did the KOI! They spawned and made many baby koi!

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  • Beautiful Pond!  I just love those Koi!  They're so friendly and will nibble on your fingers and give fish kisses.  I miss my pond.  Albeit mine wasn't as grand as this one but for a DIY I thought we did a pretty good job.  The fish loved it and they loved us as well.  I had about 5 Koi in my pond (didn't want to overcrowd them) they all had names and I swear each one knew their name.  Everything went fine for about 8 years, that is until a raccoon discovered it.  I was devastated.  Was actually depressed for quite sometime for the loss of my babies.  I can't imagine what they went through and don't like to think about it.  Do you have any suggestions on how to keep the wildlife out of the pond without taking away from the beauty of it.  I'm thinking of putting in another one, but don't want to risk another disaster.

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  • Who would not be impressed by such a fine rockpool and waterfall? I think however the total costs of pump and filter setup not to mention the extensiveness of the whole job would be well beyond the limit of most peoples' budgets.
    I have specialised in helping the home-owner make his or her own piece of garden magic in a smaller area and a much smaller budget. Check out this site: http://waterfeaturemelbourne.com.au also known as Toprock to the locals.
    I use a material I have developed beyond the available technology called "Hardcoat"
    You can get the material and instructions from me (I can post and send overseas) –
    And guys, from The Pond Digger, it can help in all sorts of ways for fiddly bits in bigger installations too. Give me a call!

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  • Your work is amazing! One HUGE piece of advice I can give you though. I can tell your in Florida. I'm a member of the Florida Native Plant Society. You should think about taking your displays to the next level and convince your customers how important it is to use native plants. If you use native plants that are Florida bird and butterfly friendly, your customers would enjoy thier pond/garden that much more and you'd be doing native Florida a big favor. For example, you planted bluebells and pothos. Very invasive. Good chance your clients are going to have trouble with them in the future.

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  • just a thought here…..this is what my idea of heaven is like. I have commented on your other videos and must here as well. I graduated from college in 92 and carried a koi pond book around in my car and soaked it all in. It was and still is a dream of mine. I was a grunt laborer and built at least 50 swimming pools in my youth and wanted to transfer that experience over to koi pond construction. All I got was told that people don't want that. Wrong ! I will probably seek you out for some advice and inspiration. I live in South Louisiana and have an "unused degree in horticulture/agriculture." I am in my mid 50's and need a tranquil retreat to unwind and release what I can't change that's bugging me. You are an architect of Eden and I want to learn. The world needs this important art form. The grief counselors I know and goofy hippy friends could come together and really get our "OMmm on" in so peaceful a setting. well -until one somebody brings up politics and then is devolves into a foodfight again.

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  • Pessoal quem puder da uma passadinha lá no canal em breve muitas novidades ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3736i4zuo7k

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