Water power

I would call them plant scapes more than
anything you can see there’s really no horizon line and they are not about a
particular place and time they’re composites of many different things and
not times of day it’s more based on color more abstract ideas of what colors
what forms work together in painting. My name is Jennifer Rosengarten
I graduated from Wright State Art Department in 1983 I am fortunate to
have been chosen for this installation at Miami Valley Hospital South Spine
Center I think it’s great that the hospitals and corporations want to have
real art because that having a real thing that somebody is touched is very
different and made and the way the light refracts through a painted surface
versus a a poster somehow I just really think that that is a healing more
encouraging way to be in a place like this. My work in general is about energy
and light and color and I never want things to be still so I want that sense
of movement and that has to do with the kind of the line work and the way that
paint sort of moves over and through things instead of staying around the
outline that sort of forms and light I can see that color sort of moves down
and through. I was just talking to my friend Jean today about this how
fortunate we feel about our education at Wright State that solid grounding in
sort of traditional skills and techniques was just I can’t be more
grateful and the teachers were really wonderful and supportive whoever’s here
especially someone who’s not well to just be able to be absorbed in color and
the light and you know take away something positive.

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