Water Recycling Technologies in Israel

We recycle 85 percent
of the waste water, which makes us a world leader
in water reclamation. We can create agriculture in
the south of our country with the water coming
from this plant. This water is so important
and critical to us. In an arid,
semi-arid region we have to use the resources
of waste water for irrigation. To take the waste water
from our homes, to bring it to waste
water treatment plants. We use 80-85 percent
of our domestic waste water for irrigation in agriculture. This is the highest number
you could find in the world. We’re collecting the waste
water from 2.5 million people in the Dan region,
the center of Israel. We bring it to the Shafdan, one of the world’s largest
water reclamation plants, and we recycle 99.8 percent
of the waste water back to the level
of potable water, that you can actually drink,
shower with, or use it for
agriculture, as we do. We collect the waste
water through big pipes. They come here. We take out
the solids, recycle it. And then we insert micro-
organisms into the waste water. The micro-organisms digest
the organic material and purify the water. At this point we have
effluent of very good quality but for limited irrigation. Here, at the recharge basin, we collect all of the effluent and recharge it
into the ground. This technology is very unique
and developed here, in Israel. At the end of the year
we recharge this water for any kinds of crops in the
southern part of our country. We believe that the
experience gained in Israel and the different ways of being
more efficient in water use, saving water, and producing
water from new resources, can be shared in many
regions in the world.

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