Watermeal Pond Secrets Revealed

Frustrated by water meal taking over your pond? Does you pond look ugly and green? Searching for a way to eradicate water meal from your pond or lake? In this video we reveal the secret to control water meal in your pond or lake. Water meal is one of the smallest aquatic plants on earth and multiply from a tiny speck into billions of plants covering your entire pond in just weeks. Stealing oxygen from the water, this noxious aquatic plant has been responsible for fish kills, collapsed
ecosystems and beautiful views instantly changed into swamp pits. Water meal is common in North and South Carolina. Take for instance Montebello, an HOA in Greenville SC who partnered with us after suddenly seeing water meal multiplying in one of their retention ponds. A homeowner with a window view contacted the management company and informed them that the water meal had gotten so bad that it was starting to infect the next pond in their neighborhood. In amazement they watched as this micro plant reproduced in just days creating green slicks across the second pond. If they did not find a solution it clearly was going to take over both ponds and then their 5 acre lake below. Some things in life can wait, but not with water meal. The longer you wait the more you have and the longer you’ll have it. Barbara another Platinum Member found this
out the hard way when she purchased the perfect piece of land for horses and began
remodeling her new home that overlooked gorgeous 3 acre pond. During the walk
through for purchasing the property the water looked beautiful because the
watermill remains dormant during cold weather. To her disappointment she awoke one day in
early spring to a green like film of water meal. Not sure what was going on she
contacted us to treat the water meal with aquatic herbicides. After numerous
treatments we were finally able to get ahead of the watermill replication and created a beautiful view just
in time for her family gathering. So how can you control water meal in your pond or lake? Harvesting water meal is almost laughable sine it is smaller than a pinhead and reproduces so
quickly. Water meal can stick to the shoreline as
water levels drop and reawaken when water levels come back up. Systemic treatments such as
sonar work in very few ponds since it requires little to no flow of new water and it can take
30 plus days for a watermill drinking the herbicide to kill it making it not the best choice most of the time. With slower results and costing $300 to $600 to treat a one acre pond it is best chosen when killing multiple types of aquatic weeds at the
same time. Regardless it does require a license to apply in North & South carolina in most ponds and lakes. Topical treatments such as Clipper are the best solution for water
meal. Although they too need a license to apply an aquatic herbicide applicator can use recipes that include additives that make it stick to the plant or float near the surface to get better exposure time with each treatment. Although a less expensive option than Sonar it can still be expensive product costing $200 for one pond. Once a pond has been infected with water meal no one can kill all of it. Be aware it can take
numerous treatments of Clipper to get the upper hand but even if you drain the
pond and refilled it, it will still come back with a vengeance. A monthly
pond management plan is the best way to control the spread of water meal. This ensures a
watchful eye on the pond or lake which can quickly identify and treat any noxious aquatic
plants on a monthly basis. This method is sure to save the pond donor money remove
their frustration and create a healthy beautiful ecosystem for generations to
enjoy. Looking for more great information about
ponds and lakes? Be sure to check out our blog below and stay in touch with our
favorite social media channels! Looking forward to help you make your pond or lake Platinum!

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