We Can Power The World With Algae!

You know when you’re minding your own business,
swimming in a lake or ocean and that green blob touches you and you’re NOT DOWN. That stuff could power your house, your car,
and it could even stop global warming. Hey there muckrakers, thanks for watching
DNews, I’m Trace. Algae is plural. It encompasses a large number of stemless,
rootless, leafless usually monocellular plants that get energy from photosynthesis. Algae exist in many colors, red, yellow, purple,
brown, black, and of course, green and blue-green. All of these absorb light and turn it into
energy. Algae are a basic food source for both salt
and freshwater animals and birds, their decomposition releases minerals into the water, and their
mass provides a refuge for small fish and invertebrates. If nature loves it so much, why don’t humans? “it’s a completely renewable source, and it’s
made from sunlight and carbon dioxide and water. It’s a very sustainable, renewable fuel.” That’s Dave Hazleback, founder of Global Algae
Innovations. He thinks these tiny plants can be way more
valuable than they are already. Steve Woods is a mechanical engineer and he
works with Dave, turning algae into fuel for cars, trucks, and airplanes…. The ones that we deal with are micro algae,
so it’s a little single-cell and you could start with just a single cell and grow it
all the way out and just have it multiply and everything, just growing plants. You just feed them what they need, carbon,
hydrogen and nitrogen and stuff. They just grow and they multiply like crazy. For some DNews episodes that’s a bad thing,
but for this? You WANT it to multiply. Eventually, it will fill up these pools they
call raceways, and Steve will pull them out, drain the water, and dry it all out. That’s actually really hard by the way. The dry algae can be turned into food for
animals (or people), but… When you feed them certain things or stress
them in certain ways they can produce oils and different things that are beneficial for
nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals stuff and everything, so it’s cool. There are over 100,000 different types of
algae, and they store energy in the form of oil. …the oil can be easily converted into drop-in
fuels which means it can be converted into gasoline, diesel, and jet that can be used
directly in current engines. You don’t need any special modifications or
anything to run an algae biofuel. The fuel that we’re producing is equivalent,
is exactly the same in terms of performance as gasoline or diesel or jet. Renewable diesel actually performs better
than petroleum-based diesels. Biofuels, like these, are energy sources that
come from living matter. They stand apart from fossil fuels (which,
by the way, also come from living matter) because biofuels are made now, and not over
millions of years. You’ve probably heard of ethanol, a fuel made
from corn; it’s easy to make with the industry we already have, but it’s not the best biofuel… It takes a lot of time to grow a whole field
of corn, but to grow-out a lot of algae is a lot faster and it’s just a plant. On top of that, the U.S. Department of Energy
believes algae could be 10 or 100 times more productive than other bioenergies! Biofuels aren’t new; Henry Ford’s Model-T
was designed to run on ethanol, but ethanol only packs half the punch of gasoline. As people recognize the issues with global
warming and climate change, biofuel technology has only gotten better. Fossil fuels crelease carbon that was trapped
inside of our planet for millions of years, but because biofuels are plants… “… you’re capturing the carbon dioxide,
so it’s not being released and that’s part of it. // You can grow algae 40 times more algae
per acre than you can with terrestrial crops and as a result you don’t have all the deforestation. On top of that, these biofuel farmers only
need the oil. Algae can be used for industrial applications
and in food and drugs. The algae even contains omega-3 and omega-6
fatty acids that are required for healthy humans, but difficult to find in the food
chain. Algae are pretty incredible little organisms,
but this process isn’t perfect yet. In the past, biofuel has been very expensive. Though, according to Dave, they’re down to
two or three dollars a gallon to make it now, but they still can’t make enough to compete
with larger petrogas companies. Hopefully, someday in the future, algae raceways
could replace oil fields, and gas stations will pump out biofuel! Algae could also stop global warming in it’s
tracks! Seeker Stories got to actually GO to the plant
in Hawaii where this biofuel is made, they learned about how algae plants plus power
plants equal a healthier Earth. Check
it out here. Would you put algae in your tank? How about in your mouth? I mean t is a food source after all! Let us know in the comments, make sure you
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  • How bout putting it into the tank, using it at fuel cells to produce more electric and then using them at Tesla cars?

  • Let's put gas and oil companies out of business!!!

  • I grow algae on my d!ck

  • Who else is watching this due to exon mobile

  • You donโ€™t have to grow a field of corn for ethanol. There already exists enough corn bi-product to produce it

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  • This sounds great. But I'm curious about the EROEI ratios. Fossil fuel Gasoline has 45 megajoules / kg . How much energy does a kg of gasoline from algae contain and how much energy is required to get it? If there has been a major break through here then this is something to get really excited about….

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  • When biofuel is burned does it release co2?

  • I like your channel and how informative it is about clean, renewable energy. Would you please do some research about this Carbon Negative Algae Fuel Cell: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-28/researchers-develop-algae-battery/6983488

  • stop burning stof …

  • don't burn it.

  • I grow my own to feed enough to supplement over 1000 chickens every day year round. Amazing stuff.

  • Itโ€™s strange how all of these new power sources are coming out nowadays. Now that we know the oil is running out. Itโ€™s almost like itโ€™s a coincidence ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • Idk if I believe in this. I know that itโ€™s got much more production but at what cost itโ€™s much harder to produce this because all the nutrients need added and it takes tons of energy to turn it into that oil. I think we will move to perennial grasses because we ainโ€™t got that much water bud. Also we need to stop animal ag. Maybe the algae should be used for synthetic versions of certain petrochemicals. Idk. I think gasification is better than ethanol and when methanol fuel cells come out as efficient as hydrogen then we have a solution to it all: gassify all dry biomass and make it into hydrogen and CO then convert to methanol. Viola! Youโ€™re left with slag that can be converted to fertilizers for our algae that are used to make oils.

  • Nice video am from India and am an engg student am going to do seminar n this algae fules and gases can u help me for some journals which is related to this can u send me plz

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  • I hope it will be used as fuel by many and I'd eat algea here and there, I actually have been wanting to try some for a while but I don't know where to buy them

  • Currently working on these algae …

  • Convert the cars to ev's and use alge for supplemental fule for power plants…..

  • Algae produces about 80 percent of the earth oxygen. We need oxygen to live. But we don't need big suvs for 1-3 family households America waste everything and don't appreciate anything that God has provided for us. Just want everything bigger and "better" as they say.

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  • can we eat it directly

  • Old news. How much progress has been made over the last two decades?

  • they could make tons more if they wanted… it would be easy! You just grow it.

  • I love you guys. But "why dont human love it" because there is also TOXIC algae which is contaminating all of our tap water sources!!! Anyone else worried about this? What are we actively doing about these toxic algae blooms? Please respond!

  • Thanks for sharing this amazing video when it is clarified the properties and benefits of algae. It even seems to be a productive solution very soon for problems such as global climate and lack of artificial resources. Here algae arise as a natural component capable of giving oil, food, and ultimately, and most importantly, renewable energy.

  • This stuff could start the next ice age . Cool

  • Why donโ€™t we make algae chips

  • What if we stop global warming so damn good we start the ice age

  • Makes sense.

  • I'll stick like an algae to No.

  • This video forgets the profit margin at a "projected" 3$ a gallon cost, then distribution costs. Oil in a barrel costs 1$ a gallon and includes exploration, drilling, shipping and massive profits. Alcohol is far cheaper at 2$ a gallon. This tec has a long way to go, unless America gives up the for profit capitalism system for powering the world. And Good luck on that!

  • Why aren't we funding this ?

  • The Ford Model T you are ref to ran on Hemp seed oil, also all the panels were made from Hemp- Fibreglass also all the lubricants and Hydraulic oils were made from Hemp oil.

  • Then, whatโ€™s the toxic sludge in the Florida channels? It kills ducks and burns your eyes and has been said is dangerous to expecting mothers.

  • Oh come on angry joe, I didn't know u like this stuff.

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  • when i was a little kid, i use to get scared of the fact that jets will one day run out of fuel to use, and then we would have to go back to horses, lol

  • Hello I mainly from the chimney to capture carbon into carbonated water. One more time. The culture of microalgae is a nutrient source of microalgae. can be used as biomass oil (vegetable oil) and food, feed and so on. The use of closed outdoor 8 tons of large, small tube-type aquaculture. PM2 from the chimney. 5 capture carbon to the stocking forming green industry chain contact: blue eyes If you need data, please notify
    iw1547. [email protected]

  • There was a plan to use the algae from Lake Okeechobee Florida to make Bio-Fuel but was stopped because of Big Oil!

  • come to florida, please! take our algae! its killing everything! ๐Ÿ™โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ™

  • Why this guy looks like a criminal

  • How many KW in a litre?

  • It would work but guess what ? greedy oil people wont let it work even if it means the end of the planet

  • Awesome!๐Ÿ˜„

  • Bio fuels are not viable; it cost a gallon in gasoline/diesel fuel to produce 1 gallon of bio fuels there is a net loss of energy. The best way to reduce pollution is to stabilize population. Bringing third worlders over to first world developed countries increases energy and fuel use.

    As the third worlders go from using cow dung and fire wood to owning a refrigerator and a tv and a car and air-conditioning and running water, central heating, fast food, schools and hospitals their energy consumption goes way up, at least a 1000% . These are things they would not formerly have the resources to provide energy for . It is unwise to import third world low energy consumers into first world high energy developed nations where they use up more energy and create even more pollution than the native inhabitants would normally use.

    The technology to efficiently use bio fuels is just not here yet perhaps in two hundred years solar and wind will be economical on the large scale.

    Using corn a food crop to make fuel is crime and a net loss energy producer when it takes a gallon of tractor fuel to harvest the crops necessary to make one gallon of bio fuel from corn or other food crops like sugar cane, oil producing algae etc.

    Even hydrogen is a net loss energy conversion it takes more energy to convert water to hydrogen than it is possible to create. So hydrogen is another big flop or green pipe dream. Ocean Wave power is promising now.

    The green cause or movement for the most part is a political philosophy to convert the economic system of capitalism to the economic system of socialism both systems are flawed in the extreme.

    A realistic synthesis of both economic systems is necessary. They compliment each other if their extremes are prohibited. Billionaires and monopolies are useless on the other hand nepotism and and excessive government employees for the sake of larger big government is detrimental and destructive; only transparency keeps government honest secrets keep it dishonest and extremely inefficient.

    Corruption can only be avoided with strict and absolute transparency both of these economic systems maintain they need to keep secrets from the public consumers of these economic systems and as long as they ( government) are permitted their "national security secrets" to hide their criminal activity there will be insufficient sun-shine or transparency to keep government local, state and federal and its economic systems honest and efficient and also free of corruption.

    No one needs fear transparency except the criminals in government. So do not demand green energy from our technology that is not here yet, demand openness and transparency from all levels of government if you want technological progress and freedom from tyranny.

  • i saw this film. the genetically engineered algae escapes and covers the entire surface of the world triggering a mass extinction and with nothing left to eat people start processing and eating the mutated algae which causes a zombie apocalypse

  • I'm starting to gather research on what I'm about to ask, but why aren't we doing this with the red tide blooming in Florida? My state uses so much oil especially in hospitals. Wouldn't it diminish the amount of red tide?


  • The algae farm research facility is actually 13 Miles long and 5 miles wide future is here

  • And gas price is rising

  • Best part is you can do it in the desert

  • I just started consuming algae cuzz I'm a vegetarian and it has dha and epa omega 3s, which are hard to get if you don't consume fish.

  • All internal combustion engines can safely and economically use E15, regardless of age. This is proven by Brazil's decades long use of E15, E25, and now E27. They have the same engines as those available in the U.S.

    In addition, E15 to E30 was used throughout Great Britain from the 1920's to the 1970's. This is also true of other countries such as France and Germany.

    My 600+ page book "THE ETHANOL PAPERS" has just been published and it's free to read on @t website.

  • Couldnโ€™t algae raceways get contaminated by other sources of nutrients that contain nitrogen and phosphorus which could cause toxic algae blooms to occur like whatโ€™s happening in Florida right now?

  • Why exactly is the fuel end sold as the main product?

    This should be sold as waste treatment.

    With the fuel sold as to suplament its income.

  • Hello Seeker,
    I wrote my bachelor thesis about biofuels, so algae are quite interesting for me. On the one hand, the idea seems nice to have a fast and easy growing fuel crop, but on the other hand, I asked myself, how expensive it is, to remove all the water before the oil extraction can take place. Furthermore, the ratio between oil and algae is very small, isn't it? In the conclusion of my thesis, I couldn't decide whether each of the single fuel crops I described, could be THE solution for the alternative energy production and wrote, that a multicultural plantation of different plants would be the best (especially for the biodiversity).
    What do you think: Do algae have a promising future?

    Thank you for the informative video! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HOORAY! Due to this development, classic cars can still be on the road! I don't want my Studebaker to be regulated to my garage just because of technological progress.

  • I hope this will be a thing and USA gets rich its much more beneficial for the world rather then Arabs spending their money on luxury slavery religion and weapons to fit their religious conspiracy theories.
    USA and Europe create jobs for the world we need something like Algae because the money we spend on Arabs is a suicide for the world. I'm not saying Arab people are bad but their religion is, if you wanna talk about morals we have the Bible we don't need Islam.

  • Is moss capable of producing oil to make a biofuel?

  • if only if only

  • Find the algae that can collect the most carbon and then use it as storage so pump the algae into old emptied oil fields also could pump to bottom of the ocean and settle with and evenly covered by sediment.

  • what about the hydrogen bioreactor?

  • Surely simply switching to Algae based Petrol and diesel would be better for the environment than electric vehicles and scrapping all the current perfectly serviceable vehicles? Has to be, as you don't have the emissions from 1 scrapping the old serviceable vehicles, and 2, making the batteries and everything else required in production of new vehicles. From my point of view, it makes much more sense to keep combustion engines but simply use clean Algae petrol and diesel in them.

  • Verry interesting if its vegan im in lol

  • Solar works better and is carbon neutral.

  • Dos anyone know if it's only biodiesel being produced but no ethanol?

  • This is the future, but it needs to be rolled out in 3 years, then we can use the cars we already have instead of making billions of new EV, plus the renewable energy the EV would need on top of everything else. Plus Lithium mining and processing is polluting and non renewable. Imagine helping to stop global warming by driving!. Brilliant!

  • So can I smoke this shit?

  • say good bye to electric cars. thank god

  • I got a culture of phytoplankon being delivered today lol

  • Anyone else here from archer?

  • 2020 is the year USA should move on to a more greener age. No more gassalean USA can use the remaining oil to sell to Russia and China giving USA a economic growth and stop the USA dollar bill up to other countries to say how much its worth

  • If only global warming was real.

  • i wish someone would finally build one of those molten salt reactors… it would save so much time! the three to five years it takes to blow up and spill hundreds of cubic meters of its highly radioactive coolant/fuel mixture all over the place, the time it takes the 'experts' to explain to one another and everyone else that they where right all along andhow that chemical explosion was technically totally different from a 'core melt down'. preferably in a livestream, after being send there. because watching them turn 'army of the dead' by radiation burns over the couple of days or so it takes, seems to be the only way i see given the current discurse, to convince everyone else how stupid those things are.

    all we have to do then, is keeping the stupid from subsidiesing former chip manufacturers to provide solar power in the least efficient way, elon musk from selling the batterys and manufacturers of oil drilling equipment from wasting everyones time and energy by brainfarting about 'scrubbing the athmosphere from carbon dioxide' and pumping it into a mine.

    maybe we can than finally use algae to biofuel, which was invented and calculated all the way thru, after the 70'ies oil crisis, to enjoy the fact that it works in every type of machine anyone came up with since the steam engine (plain turbines and rockets included), is much cheaper than oil, when applied anywhere near the scale, oil is and last but not least: doesn't contribute to the carbon dioxide level.

  • We hafto get someone to test it to see if it runs in a truck or maybe even a bike or a gokart

  • Petroleum are dead algae anyways. Its like living vs the dead. how cool is that?

  • Sounds cool. I need one of these things attached to my toilet so I can power my house.

  • Looking at the whole picture biofuels are way cheaper than fossil fuels!

  • The question is dollars in vs energy out. Can the big companies see a path to profit.

  • I eat spirulina. Superfood. How about using algae to produce hydrogen for fuel cells? The chinese are working on that.. https://youtu.be/_WVm1vaDgSs

  • Can we generate power using algae oils . any exsisting power plant fueled by algae oils ,,,??

  • Really cool technology. But climate change is the new Y2K for leftists.

  • technology is really moving fast…i cant wait for fossil fuel to face off…

  • Go algae!!

  • Algae aren't plants

  • If you burn methane you get heat, carbon dioxide and water. If you feed the carbon dioxide to algae you can then make bio-fuel which you can burn to provide more heat. Sounds like methane can provide an inexhaustible source of energy for the world – and food for animals and people.

  • yes, algae is ok, even with sushi is very nice and serves to make much more things.

  • This guy is cool but talks to loud

  • I love science!

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