We Remove Aquatic Weeds & Algae in Ponds & Lakes

Hey it’s Richard here, were here in Spartanburg South Carolina
with Governor’s Lake and Governor’s Lake is approximately
15 to 18 acres. and they have several inlets the
come in, one of which is with a sediment pond. Several of which that do not have and you can see the siltation that has started to form on this end of the lake and when siltation comes in it brings in lots of nutrients and with those nutrients there are created algae blooms the them create nutrient load that contribute to the sediment load in the pond, in addition to the silt. So eventually you accumulate a lot of muck that is in the pond. And just to dredge this small area in here you talking about hundreds of thousands
dollars just to get this done right. And then put it on a budgetary time-line for a timetable of approximately every 15 years So proper lake management is key to the success of any Home Owner’s Association or HOA. As it will eventually catch up with you and need to be dealt with. Here fishing is not possible. Grass carp are swimming about a foot or two foot of water. And you would have to go down to the end where it narrows there before it deepens again. This area in here is about 4 to 5 acres is all less than on foot. For all your dredging concerns… for dredging mapping, as well as sediment loads as well as aquatic weed applications or treatments with aquatic herbicides. We can help you with that…Check us out online at platinumlakemanagement.com

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