We Tried Putting Makeup On Underwater Like Ursula

– I thought this was supposed
to be the safe shoot. (dramatic music)
– Oh, no… – But, you can’t see underwater. (evil laughter) `(magical noise) – So, in The Little Mermaid, there’s a little spooky scene where
Ariel comes floating in, or whatever mermaids do, and, then, she sees all these (silent)-up
eels that have these googly-(silent) eyes and
they’re all, like, “Oooh.” She’s all, like, “Oh, my god, “oh, my god, oh, my god.” And, then, Ursula appears with her strapless gown and
beautiful conch necklace. And, then, Ursula’s, like,
“I have a great idea! “If you wanna get a dude, you should, “like, turn human… fully.” And, then, Ariel’s, like, “Okay.” And, she’s, like, “I’mma do
a full face, underwater.” Which is (silent) insane because she has bright blue eyeshadow that
she somehow got that pigment onto her lid because she
has to get ready for, who? I don’t know… the eels? Then, she finds her little clam shells and then she’s all, like, (fart noise) and she puts it on under water, sticks to her face as, like,
beautiful pigments of lipstick. And, Ursula’s, like,
“I look (silent) good, I’m, also, gonna steal your voice, so –” – [Selorm] And, your man, later on. – True. I know that we’re not
supposed to love a villain, but, Ursula looks (silent) good, okay? – [Selorm] I think it’s crazy that she can put on makeup so well, underwater. I’m, like, (groans). – Ursula, I don’t know what
her job is, but, like, maybe, she’s a makeup artist when
she’s not stealing souls. Clearly, we need to find out if putting on your makeup,
underwater, is bogus or not. Luckily, we know a mermaid… somehow. Let’s go talk to her! – Yay.
– Yay! (magical noise) – (gasps) Oh, my gosh, it’s
our favorite mermaid friend! (cheers and claps) – Wow, you are freaking beautiful. (mermaid laughs) – Who the freak are you? – [Virginia] I am Virginia Hankins and I own Sheroes Entertainment in Hollywood, California, where I perform (mumble) Little Mermaid
and a mermaid instructor. – What’s it like to be a mermaid? – It’s an entire life of adventure, being soaking wet and, hopefully,
not ruining your makeup. – Let’s get down and dirty with detes. How do you feel about Ariel? – [Virginia] Ariel is fantastic, she inspired entire generations
of girls to go get strong, become swimmers, learn
about ocean animals. Props to Ariel. – Oh, it’s like a tail, mermaid props! (laughs) – I thought that was hang loose. (beep sound) – Since you, truly, live in the water, you need to tell us some hot tips. – Professional underwater
mermaids and models all wear dive weights that enable us
to get to neutral buoyancy. Neutral is that beautiful,
super hero hover that you see a lot of
really good mermaids do. When you become a little bit
uncomfortable and you feel that tightness, here, you’re
not actually out of air. What that is, is actually
CO2 raising your bloodstream, which is triggering that air reflex. – Oh, (silent). – When we’re working underwater, we’re actually blind,
we can’t see down there. Or, if we can see, it’s
very minimal blurs. If you could possibly feel your bone structure, it might really help. – I don’t really have bones… like, I do, but, I can’t feel — – You don’t have bones? – No, I’m not chiseled, so I’m
gonna be all, like, (groan) Ursula looks so calm
and cool, she’s, like… How are you seeing yourself, Ursula? – She’s an octopus.
– She’s an octopus. – Yeah, but, she has a human head. – Well, so, she’s a mutant. – Oh, my god, does that make you a mutant? – Oh, that’s mean. – No!
– That was really offensive. You can’t just call people mutants. – (laughs) I’m so sorry, you’re beautiful. – What’s the worst thing that could happen while we’re down there? – Well, say for instance,
you’re working with your eye and you accidentally stab yourself, because you don’t have a
mirror and you can’t see. – [Chrissy] Maybe you
only need one eye, though. – You never know, could
be a cyclops in the water. – What? – I thought this was supposed
to be the safe shoot. Do you think that it’s
possible to put on makeup, underwater, and look as
flawless as Ursula did? – I think, with the right
products, it’s doable, maybe. – This is gonna be a (silent) show. – (silent) show.
– (silent) show. – (silent) show.
– Nice! – Oh, she’s wet, she’s wet, she’s wet. (Virginia giggles)
– Oh, god, she’s wet. On other experiments, on Bogus Beauty, we’ve been switching it back and forth, you know what I mean?
– Yeah, trading it off. – I mean, basically, if one of us die, the other one would still
live to tell the tale. But, today, we’re both
gettin’ in the pool and we’re both gonna try makeup,
underwater, just like Ursula. Selorm is doing all liquid makeup and I’m doing all powder
makeup because in a cartoony, you don’t (silent) know
what they’re doing. We’re each gonna get
in the full gown gear. – Ursula Mode, make Ursula proud. – Love ya. – If one of us dies,
well, if we both die… (silent), there’s no show. – Alright, go put your
gown on… go, go, go. Bring in the vanity, please. (adventurous music) – Come on in… how’s the water? – It’s pretty nice, the water’s nice. – You’re foggin’ up, here. We have a beautiful vanity set up for you, just like in the movie… except it looks nothing like it does in the movie. I have all your makeup, right here. For this first test, we’ll start with the Goof Proof brow pencil from Benefit. (chants) Eyebrows,
eyebrows, eyebrows, Ursula. My god, she’s doing this with ease. Whoa, this is going on really well, I can see it from here, damn. Dude, it worked!
– Did it? – Yeah, I can fully —
– Am I beautiful? – You always are beautiful. Liquid Make Up For Ever
Aqua XL Color Paint. – I better put this on my
finger, first. (chuckles) – [Chrissy] That’s cheating!
– It isn’t! – [Chrissy] You can do this! Oh, my… (giggles) she
put it on her eye! (laughs) – I put it above my eyebrows? Is it on my eyes?
– Oh, it’s there. – I look cute, though, right?
– Yeah. Next up, that teal-ish
color, for the lids. Good luck. A little goes a long way… Oh! This stuff is strong,
they’re not (silent) around. Oh, my god. (giggles) – I did it!
– Yeah, you (silent) did it. Can you see yourself at all, under there? – No.
– Okay, well, this next one might be a little bit of
a surprise. (chuckles) – Not yet, ’cause you have
mascara next. (laughs) – I’ll try not to poke my eye. – Good luck… oh, hell, yeah. She’s not wearing any
goggles and she can’t see. Oh, she’s gettin’ it,
though, she’s fully doing it. Dude, you did it!
– Can you see my mascara? – Yes, 100%, this is wild. – It’s going in my eyeballs. – Uh, oh, don’t try this at home. – If I could see, underwater,
I would do this perfectly. – But, you can’t… next,
we have Cream Lipstick. The iconic Ursula moment, in the film, where she’s, like, (fart noise). – [Selorm] Iconic. – I unscrewed it for you.
– Thanks, friend. – Good luck. I can see it, it’s working! She’s just hovering down there, checkin’ out her lips,
now she’s fixing it, okay. Why’s she down there for so long? Whoa, wait, why does that look so good? – I was, like, “Yes, get that, girl.” – Final step… the beauty mark, the iconic Ursula beauty mark. Get that mole… ooh, she’s going for the left side, interesting. She’s really getting in there. (chuckles) It’s okay, you did enough. What, she started wiping the
mirror to see herself clearer. Oh, you have a perfect,
little circle on there. – I was, like, (groans). – Your complete Ursula look is here. Do you wanna see what you look like? – Yeah, I feel pretty confident. – Yeah? Do you like it?
(Selorm laughs) – You lied to me.
– What? – You said I looked good. – [Chrissy] Listen, you did a great job, for what was given to you. Look at you. – Did it come off on you?
– No. – It’s waterproof.
– It’s waterproof. It’s too good! (techno music) – Oh, my god, hey! – Hey, you’re in the water, now. – I am, it’s so… wet. – [Selorm] So, first,
you’re gonna do your brows. Make Ursula proud. – How did you know my color? Just kidding, I bought them. – I believe in you, you got it. I think she’s doin’ it. You did stop. You got it, it kinda went around your eyebrows, but, it’s there. – I only do one thing
(laughs) I’m already tired. – [Selorm] It’s a nice, silver eye shadow. – Ew, god. – [Selorm] She’s using her fingers, now. Oh, my god, there’s so
many bubbles coming out. She’s smearing it on her face. Oh, god… I mean, it’s
on her, it’s on you. (Chrissy laughs) – You just dug into that.
– I got stressed. – [Selorm] Now, you’re gonna take this L’Oreal eye shadow and put
it only on your eye lid. It’s a little bit loose, so just make sure that it doesn’t all
disappear in the water. – If this all falls out when I
go under, what am I gonna do? – Just grab it, grab it as it goes up and throw it on your face, that’s right. Okay, now she’s putting
it on her eye lids. Oh gosh… screw it on. – Did it work?
– You did it so quick. – Do I need to go back down? – Try to put it only on your
eye lid, not on your cheek. – [Selorm] Alright, she’s putting it on. It’s looking good… okay. It’s all over your face
(Chrissy laughs) – Waterproof mascara. Don’t poke your eye,
that’s the important part. Alright, she’s doin’ it, oh,
she looks kinda composed. Her hair is over her face, I
don’t know how it’s gonna go. – Ah, look at that mermaid (chuckles)… That Little Mermaid —
(Chrissy laughs) – Can you see my mascara? – Yeah… it definitely is on you. Lipstick. Well, I had a liquid one, yours
is a little bit more solid. Press it, push that (silent). Alright, it looks super red now. (cheers) Yay, you did it! The last thing you have to do is the super-iconic beauty mark. – Of all things, this is
probably the one thing I can do. – [Selorm] She’s in, she’s doin’ it. You did it! (chuckles) Are you ready to see what you look like? – No. – I honor how hard you tried.
– Oh, no. That’s a good preface for
someone that really (silent) up. – [Selorm] Ta da! (laughs) – Why is it all over my face? I wanna see what happened. – [Selorm] Let’s do a
little breakdown, okay. – [Chrissy] The aqua! – [Selorm] Actually, it’s
mostly in the right place. Mascara looks amazing
and my lipstick, too. The grey eyeshadow is where
things went a little off track. – [Chrissy] I’m inspired
by my avant-garde look. The eyebrows were, at
least, in the right area. Is this the mascara? – [Selorm] That’s the mascara. (laughs) Were you trying to do your bottom lashes? – No.
– Okay, well. – Are you kidding me, I
could barely do the top ones. Yours looks way more
put together than mine. – It doesn’t… it actually doesn’t. – I think we should get
cleaned up and go to the lab. – We have a lot to discuss. (magical noise) – Well, that was a (silent) show. – It was, actually, a (silent) show. – (silent) show! – We didn’t even talk about the gowns. – Gowns were a (silent) thing. – Are they even dry? – No, they’re not.
– Probably not. – They’re still in a plastic
bag in my car. (laughs) But, we do have an official conclusion. Yes, you can apply makeup under water… With the exception that it’s
water proof, liquid makeup. – Our mermaid friend really helped us out. – I’m sorry I called you a mutant. We should throw one out for
her, throw a little fin. Fin (sarcastic laugh), get it? – (chuckles) From that other thing we did? – No, it means, “end.” – Wait, do we have a fork? We need the dinglehopper! Do we have the mini fork? Where’s the mini fork we have, I just wanted a fork her hair. (in unison, singing goofily) ♪ I want to be where the people are ♪ ♪ Walkin’ around on those ♪ ♪ Whad’ya call ’em ♪ ♪ oh… feet. ♪ (laughs)

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