Weed Razer – The Aquatic Vegetation Cutter – How to Use

the aquatic weed razor cuts through
aquatic weeds in ponds dams and lakes the aquatic weed raiser is easy to use
and quickly cuts through Lake weeds using the aquatic weed razor is a simple
four-step process one give it a throw to let it sink three pull it in four repeat
the aquatic weed raiser has unique FIFA sharp blades step 1 toss it into the
water with blades facing up it’s designed to be the most efficient and
effective aquatic weed cutting tool on the market step 2
let it sink step 3 pull it in with a jerking movement this way it cuts at the
base of the weeds it she is almost any type of submerged rooted aquatic
vegetation like milf oil lily pads pond weed even come Bunge the aquatic weed
raiser clears a path up to 1.2 meters wide each throw weighing in at just
three point six kilograms it is light enough to throw eight meters yet heavy
enough to sink to the bottom it is easy to throw from land or boat its
lightweight it cuts in deep or shallow water it works at the base of the weeds
it cuts a 1.2 meter wide path with each throw it comes with a seven point six
meter rope and a hand sharpener the galvanized steel handle makes the
aquatic weed razor a must-have tool for your shed

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