Whānau go into battle with daughter’s cancer

A better life and more money. That’s the dream tens and thousands of Maori families
have chased across the ditch. The Kameta-Wharepapa family
from Rotorua did just that. But that dream is just that. Oriini Tipene-Leach has this story. Her smile almost defines her. But a deadly truth
is being concealed. Last August, the 14-year-old was diagnosed
with a rare form of cancer. What’s more, it’s terminal. Like thousands
of other Maori families, the Kameta-Wharepapa family
sought a new start when they moved to the Gold Coast
three years ago. Life now involves weekly visits
to the hospital. Their daughter’s strength enables
them to move forward. The family now dreams
of returning home. But, due to the severity
of their daughter’s illness it remains just that – a dream. Oriini Tipene-Leach, Te Karere.

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