What are GOOD 5k & 10K RUNNING times for TRIATHLETES?

– What’s up, Trainiacs? It’s a track day. Earlier today, I put
something out on Instagram asking people what their
10 K personal best was and there’s some damn
fast times out there, which then got me thinking,
what is the average five K and 10 K time, which I found, and that also got me thinking then, what is a good five K and
10 K time, which I found. We’ll get to that right after
I do this track workout. How about we pause and comment below if you think I’m gonna throw up or not? Winner gets a high five. (upbeat music) Whoa, whoa, that was, you’re
not gonna be impressed by the average pace, but it
was 10 minutes, just easy jog, 10 minutes of warmup drills,
and then some strides, and then the plan is to do
10 times 400 meter repeats at just better than a five K pace, so that was 400 meters in
at or under a minute 30, and if I missed two in a row,
I’d stop, and I got to nine. Better than I thought I would
do first fast run day back, but I had a pace bike for
the last one helping me. Alright, let’s go talk about what a good five and 10 K running time is. (groaning) That hurt just about exactly
as much as I expected it to. Good old track workouts. Alright, so, a good five
K and 10 K running time, it’s all relative, if you
talk to Lionel Sanders, I think he’s doing something like a 14:30 or got down to a 14:15 back in the day. The eye to you guys that
are doing that in a race, you talk to me, I think I was a 19:09 on a track in my personal best. Some people would be 35, 40 minutes, but we’ve gotta put some
parameters on what good means. I didn’t need that second air quote, that’s the track brain talking. Fortunately, we’ve got some parameters. USA Running did a study back in 2014 and looked at the average
times for all runners. Males age 33.6 years old
had a median running time, that is like the very middle running time, not the fastest, not the slowest, right in the middle, of 28:46. Females age 33 years old were 34:53. 10 K running times was a male age 38.4 years old in 56 minutes and the female was 35.7 years old in one hour, four minutes, and 47 seconds, but that’s the median time and that skews a little bit higher. Friend of mine, Jacques,
who you might know if you’ve been around
for a little over a year, he’s the other person that completed the 37 kilometer marathon swim with me. I’ll link to that at the end of the video. He’s an investigative
journalist, and he was also a former elite under 23 triathlete, so for fun one year, he did an analysis of all of the marathons and half marathons locally here over the last 40 years, and what he saw is that there is this big influx of really casual runners, people who wouldn’t
consider themselves runners. These are the family fun five
K and the charity 10 K’s, so we gotta take, I would
say probably 20 percent of that entire population out and say that those average times probably
skew a little big higher. Then, in addition to
that, we’ve also gotta say that we’re not looking
for an average time, we’re looking for a good time. I’m big on these today. And to give a metric for
what a good time will be is we will say the top
third of a local race, and for this, what we can use
is an age graded calculator, which takes a bunch of data and says, “Alright, based on average
ages, average times, where do you need to be to
be in a certain percentile?” And at 70th percentile, you are one of the top of the heap in
a regional competition. You are potentially coming close to like, top five percent here
locally in our running races or wherever you are, so based on those age graded calculators,
what we’re looking for is the top third of that, somewhere around the 50th percentile, and for that, we get numbers that for a 35 year old five K running male,
26:35 is our good time. For a female, you add about a minute 30. For a 35 year old 10 K male
runner, that number is 55:02. For a female, add about three 15. So those are good times,
10 K, 25:35, five K, 55:02. Now, if this seems completely
out of touch for you, I would actually say that
it’s completely achievable, because before I even
started doing research, I thought to myself,
“What is a good time?” And I think more along the lines of, what is an achievable
pace for most people? And let’s assume they have
no functional deficiencies, like no back problems, nothing that is holding you back mechanically. I think that something called MFP running, that is minimum functional pace running, that is the slowest possible
time that you can run at a very comfortable
pace, and for most people, when you start getting good form, you’re leaning forward,
you’re nice and upright, you’re not slouching,
you’re not crashing down on either one side, collapsing
one way or the other, somewhere around five 30 per kilometer is a very achievable
minimum functional pace. Multiply that by five K running race, we’re talking somewhere around 27:30, do that for a 10 K running race, we’re talking about 55 minutes. Basically, right around
where it ended up being. Now, again, this is relative,
this is for a 35 year old. It starts getting a little
bit slower as you get older, and it’s a little bit slower
for females, some females. A lot of the females I run
with run faster than me, kind of cool. Now, if you can’t run this fast, there are three things
that I suggest that you do. Number one is watch a
video, that I will link to in the description below,
about good running form. Watch a playlist that I
will link to at the end of this video and will be
in the description below about how to run well just
with three runs a week. And the biggest thing that you’ve gotta do is you’ve gotta do over distance runs so that you can keep up a good pace over the course of a five or a 10 K race. This means you’re working your way up to an eight K continuous run for a five K, or a 15 K continuous run for a 10 K, and you have to do another
run that is focused on speed. So that’s similar to what I did today where you’re going well
over your target speed so that your legs learn
how to turn over quickly and your heart gets up to
that really heavy beating pace and it realizes, “Hey, I didn’t
die last time this happened. Probably not gonna die
this time it happens.” And I can almost guarantee
that you can become a good runner and well beat
that 25:32 and that 55:02 and then walk around and be like, “Triathlon Taren says I’m a good runner.” Actually, don’t say that,
nobody’s gonna care. Nobody knows me. And there will be links
in the description below to the USA Running study
about that median pace, and that actually goes up to
half marathon and full marathon so if that interests you, and an age graded running calculator. Just a wealth of info for ya. So now, between all those things, you’ve got links here for a marathon swim, links here for a playlist. Alright, Trainiacs, if
you aren’t yet subscribed, hit the subscribe button below. If you are subscribed, wish me luck, ’cause I don’t feel good, I feel woozy. Thank you.

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  • I swear I was just looking for this info this morning and then you make a video about it. You're awesome Taren! Lol

  • Great Video

  • Love the " air quotes"

  • What is website you used?

  • Taren it looks like your losing a lot of weight ? If you look skinny on camera (typically adds 10 lbs) then must be at your lowest weight ever. Stay healthy T!! Onward you roll

  • This Saturday I participated in my first Sprint Tri. I have to say, open water swimming really freaked my out. I did not have the opportunity to practice open water before this event and it was a huge mistake. I now have found a group to open water swim with and I WILL NOT GIVE UP. I did finish my race at 2:08 (slow, but DONE) and can't wait for my swim training to start this week. Have my sights on 70.3

  • Taren please can you make a video about the seesion that are must do specifically for the 5km and 10k

  • I don’t love this topic. Feels elitist to me. I get asked this question all the time and I always tell people that it’s very relative.(which you mentioned many times) Slow times might sound unrealistically fast to some people and fast times seem trivial if you grew up running on the track. I think the takeaway message should be that anyone can get faster and that they shouldn’t focus on population averages but instead focus on personal records. Just my $0.02

  • How much rest did you take beetween the 400s?

  • yes! i'm a good runner 😀 47min. 10k age 40… 😛

  • Hi Taren I’m 17 and currently competing in the ITU junior elite programs here in the UK, my 5km PB is currently 19 mins… any tips ?

  • 5km parkrun goal time is still to go sub20min. Been hunting for it for about 4years now. Got down to 20:13 currently. Speed training hurts soooo much.

  • For my half marathon seattle rock n roll in june 10 2018, I had 5k timing of (26:09)

  • Track workout today, thanks to your suggestion in another video this last week, did a 5k @ 23:30, 60 year old physically challenged old guy. Feeling good about those numbers! 👴🏃 Thank you for the motivation. (did feel like i was gonna die…which is interesting as this was my 1st time back to this track since my heart attacks 😝)

  • I can run a sub 40 10k fresh, but I did an olympic two weeks ago and I ran a 1:04. What am I doing wrong?

  • I think most runners should be able to do 5km in 22:00 (4:12/km) or under, if you have been running consistently for a year or so and to run a sub 20:00 5km is considered good/ better than average.

  • Man Taren, don't forget that sunscreen. That cut from before and after your into looks like you got a little bit crispy! #safetyissexy 😉

  • So I show up to my first group swim session earlier tonight with a tri club I'm considering. As a couple of the athletes and I are chatting, I mention Gerry Rodriguez. Says one of the guys, "I know who Gerry Rodriguez is because I follow Triathlon Taren!!" We're big fans of you down here in Texas, Taren!!

  • I’m 14 and mines 17:35 for 5k

  • what watch u use ?

  • Can you do one on swimming and biking too?

  • Noticed you were wearing a Tickr X, while wearing a 935! Do you feel that the wrist based HRM isn't as actuate as it could be too?

  • I am 36, and my best 5km TT is 28:05. My best 10km time is 1:08:00. I have been running for just over a year with zero sporting background due to severe childhood asthma. I really started from scratch (not being able to run even 200m), and was over weight. I am not near my race weight either. But, I had a structured training program and was consistent. I have had issues mechanically with my glutes, hip flexors, knees, etc, from misalignment in my hips and weaknesses. Working through my training program, and some strengthening and stretching has slowly fixed some of the issues. With structure, I really think most people can get better, and I think that is an important takeaway, and not to compare ourselves to others. Thanks for this video. I have been a little down in the dumps as my running gains has slowed down, so feel like I am not good enough. This video put things back into perspective.

  • Lots of numbers, my head hurts…but somehow you made this entertaining LMAO Keep up the great work!!!

  • 3:52 that is the burirum marathon thailand thank for put that in your video hahahaha

  • You may wish to take a 👀 here Taren http://www.parkrun.ca/ … Personally my best are from last year with 5k in 20:32 and 10k in 41:03 at the age of 46. Sub 20 and 40 are still eluding me but they shall be mine one day; hopefully when am using the Trainiac Training Portal to help me get better 😎

  • 26 minute is a good 5k time?! What in the world. That really more of an average time if you ask me!

  • Throw up…. was that the goal? lol

  • Yet to break the hour mark for a 10k, (PB currently 61:48), so close and reckon I could with training sub 55mins in time. I know that I'm never be as fast as some people but for me its the enjoyment of doing something and challenging myself.

  • The course also makes a huge difference. A 5k trail is tougher than 5k in a straight line with little to no elevation.

  • You know what’s awesome about these numbers: triathletes no matter what speed they run , we do it after swim and bike, so we’re fast no matter what!

  • 5k – 25:11; 10k- 52:10

  • I wish I could go sub40 on a 10k. I don't know what I'm worth on that distance though, I equalled my PB last time I ran a half marathon. But sub40 is what I would consider a good time. If I reach that I might try to improve other distances (longer). I did a sub20 5k already, not really motivated to improve further.

  • What watch do u use can someone tell me pls 😁

  • Great topic.. I get this question all the time too and I never know what to say other than it's relative to your fitness level and dedication. I am 45 years old and just started running again a year and a half ago after not competing for over 20 years. My 5k time PR is 18:57 just a month ago and I haven't raced a 10k yet but ran 44:10 as a record on my Garmin 935. I feel I am now an okay runner but I know this old man can go sub 18. I just need to work on speed at this point. Most of the time I come in top 2 in my age group if I don't win it. I never would have guessed I could be competitive again but here I am. Loving running again. Thanks TT for all the motivation.

  • Wait a minute, Taren!
    Are you trying to tell me my 5km run of 20:33 at my first ever sprint distance triathlon was fast?
    I was almost a bit disappointed ‘cause it wasn’t sub 20 minutes. I’m 36 BTW. And no, I was never a track runner or something.

  • as always you are surprising us with excellent videos.

  • Want good workouts to become a better, faster runner?
    Buy a book called Daniels running formula, has workouts for everything from 5km to a marathon training program.
    Any running coach worth anything has this book or basis his training off his studies.

  • Hey Taren, kinda late to this vid, but I have a big question… I used to be a high school team swimmer, holding the breastroke record there, but I found that when swimming, I could hold a high heart rate and breathe totally fine. However, when running, when my heart rate peeks jist above 170-180, I start to run out of breath and very quickly tire out. After the run, my legs dont feel fatigue. Do you know why that is??

  • Got 17:48 for the 3 mile physical fitness test at age 43 in the USMC Got a 19:11 at age 45 in a local 5K. 19:59 at age 51. 41:20 for 10K at age 52.

  • My 5k is between 23.00 mints and 25.00 mints. 10k is between 48 mints and 51.00 mints. It all depends on how my legs feel and the terrain. I am 44 years young and back in my early/mid 20s I was running sub 20 for 5ks regularly, can I get back to sub 20 5ks?????? How do I get back to that page????

  • I can do a 5k in about 19:10 and a 10k in about 42:23. And I'm no kid either. I have a couple of techniques I use to play with my time. I start at a decent pace and keep increasing it every half km or I hit it really hard all the way to the halfway point, drop it down some where it is comfortable for half a km and then hit it even harder for a strong finish.

  • I run my first 10km last week and my time was 40min, i should start running maybe ahah

  • Congratulations on your PR Taren! What an awesome way to end your time at worlds. Well deserved. Keep up everything you do. We love it!

  • 115kg and only timed 5km was 36:51 now down to 100kg and only run 2-3 km as long runs will do 5km again when I feel my legs can handle it

  • Watching this sweating from a 28:41 5k training run. NICE

  • Love your work, got me motivated to train for my first triathlon

  • 47min 10k and 21m46s 5k, I will try to improve both next month

  • When I was 10 i ran a 26 min 5k

  • So this is a "good time" for 35 :/? That doesn't say a lot about when the titel for the video is " good 5k and 10k running times for triathletes?".

  • I train on 4 run workouts a week. One speed workout (600m or hill repeats), One recovery run (7k), one out and back increasing pace run (8k) and one long run week (10-15k) I also throw in the occasional easy cycle each week. Swim 4 times a week and weight train 4 times a week. This training got me to a 16:50 5k and 35:10 10k at age 36 (male) I used to train 6-7 days a week of running and could not get that fast. I was always tired or injured. This has worked for me and plan on sticking with it till I get bored again. Share some of your success workouts so I can maybe give them a try to change things up. Mike From Canmore 🙂

  • I'm going to guess that a good 5K time is sub-18 and a good 10k is sub-38.  Will I be close?

  • 5km pb 15:55 10km 32:30

  • 15:54 for 5k but i need 10 minutes for 500m and 36 minutes for 20k 😔

  • Good times are 18:00min for 5k oder 37min for 10k, both of the bike. If you do a running competition, it's 17:00min for a 5k oder 35min for a 10k

  • I am new into condition racing after doing teamsports for al my live. I´m 34 yo and after one summer training, this year, I did 5k in 21:03, 10k in 44:20 and 21.4k in 1:35:04. Glad to hear that I considered "good" timer. 😀

  • This seems a bit slow to me , not to try and sound to elitist but I’m my local 10k out of 5000 runners 55:00 would get you midpack in around 2500th position so to say that’s a ‘good time’ id argue is a bit out , I’d say sub 43/42 would seem decent ! That would put you in the top 20%

  • I`m thirteen and i run a 5k around 21:30. I`m hopefully on the right road to pro running when i`m older

  • 3 mile is 18:12

  • I played college golf…and still ran 37:10 for a 10k and 17:50 for 5k and wouldn't consider either of those good. High schoolers here (Minneapolis) are beating me in 5k's by multiple minutes.

  • Symphatische Analyse.

  • My 5k is a 19:14 and I’m looking to go sub 18 next year for cross country

  • Great info sir. And you backed it with research.

  • man you are amazing – im somwhere around 26 and 58

  • That's great, I didn't think I did that good but only 4th run in months and at 35 years old I got 24:33 for 5k, never ran more than 5 miles in my whole life. I'm just getting into running and that's why I'm watching these vids, I'm going to try do 10k in under 45 minutes, don't think it's to much to ask, is it ? Or maybe under 40 mins 😂? I can do it

  • I am 47.Can I realisticly compete in a 5k?

  • I ran unoffically 6k in 21.09

  • I ran at 12yrs old a 100m at 12.05

  • So I’m good I’m 40yo and 10k now is 1h. But that’s going down. And I’ve been doing training for triathlon less than 2 months

  • I’m a 50 yo age grouper. By your standards, I’m a “good” runner and although I’m competitive, i rarely place in races. Out of the water and off the bike in 1st or 2nd then run a “good” run but end up off the podium. It’s laughable really. I need to shave a minute per mile to hold my position….. I don’t feel like a very “good” runner. Sad….: :,,(

  • I do 5k in 23 nd 10k in 58..

  • TriathlonTaren says I’m a good runner!😎

  • My best time is 21 min 32 sec for a 5k

  • I've been doing the long (10 mile) plus speedwork runs teqnique you recommended. 1st big 10k race yesterday. 54:00 do n to a 48:34. Getting there!

  • Just managed 5k under 28 mins…next target 10 k in 50 mins

  • 5k/ 17:16

  • my pr 5k is 21mins 10kms in 42mins..

  • I am 14 and I run 16:43 and 34:35

  • Ur legs are so toned 😱

  • This seems way too easy to be considered “good” in my opinion. I don’t consider myself good or quick by any stretch (and I’m at least 21 lbs overweight so should get much faster once I’ve lost that) but my 5K is 23.30 and 10K 49.50. When I do my local weekly Parkrun (free weekly timed 5K in our very small town) there are over 100 people quicker than me. Unless I somehow live in an elite town I would say that demonstrates that my time of 23.30 isn’t “good.”

  • 25 min for a 5k and 52 min for 10k is a good level of fitness. If you are in the 60% wava your doing well for your age!

  • I'm 61 and 86kg my 5k pr is 31.16 at the moment. 10k race this Sunday. Used to be a competitive runner 20 years ago with pr of 18.45 5k and 37.30 10k. Will I ever get anywhere near these times again ?.

  • 10k in 42:20
    5k in 17:45

  • I managed to drop my running times this summer to 5k= 21:10 and 10k= 42:20.
    The only thing dragging me is my weight which I'm getting down every month thanks to Intermittent Fasting (16:8) and my breathing technique which gets sloppy
    when I'm at a high heart rate.

  • Interesting-I do parkruns since the start of this year and I improve about 3, minutes every 2 weeks.My pb at this moment is now just under 29 minutes.Also did a 10km race about a month ago.Will be doing another one in a few weeks.Thanks for the motivation!

  • 44 years old. 5k 16:45, 10k 35:00, 15k 53:14 😁

  • My best 5k is 45 minutesish.
    I'm 62. Started "running" less than a year ago.
    I'm trying to improve my fitness/respiration after enduring pneumonia twice (once was double pneumonia) and bronchitis 3 times. This was all within a bit longer than a years period of time. 5 years ago, due to these illnesses, my lungs were destroyed (allow the hyperbole) I still can't run the entire 3.1. I still can't run a mile. I can't even run a 1/2 mile without feeling like I'm drowning and my lungs are going to explode. It's very frustrating. When I go out to Bear Creek Park, a 2.1 loop, I start with a 4 minute warm up and then run for 45 seconds and walk for 2 minutes. The goal is to eventually be able to run the 2.1. Which would lead to being able to run an entire 3.1. In December I'm running a half-marathon in Dallas, TX. I want to run the entire course. No run/walking for me in December.

  • 4:14 1500m, 15:50 5k

  • 45 years old fastest 25:08. Average 25:30 5k

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