What Are The Best Swimming Goggles For You? | How To Choose A Goggle Lens Color

– Well, today we’re at Team Bath and we’re gonna be discussing
the colour of our goggles. But specifically the lens
colour of our goggles. Now this might sound quite odd because most of us probably
just choose goggles that we like the look of
most and the colour of most. And I can definitely pop my hand up here and say I’m guilty of this. – But what if we actually told you that all these different
goggle colour lenses actually have a purpose? And quite an important
purpose in triathlon. So today we’re gonna be explaining what all these different
goggle colour lenses do. – Right, we have a whole bunch of different goggles here in
an array of different colours. Some I prefer the look of more than others but when it does come to performance, we kind of have to forget
about that a little bit. – So sure choose a shape of goggle that you like the look of but choosing the correct
lens colour depending on the light conditions or the clarity of the water can really make a big impact on the vision that you have when swimming and sighting for the swim course markers. – Yeah, I mean when I turn up to a race, I quite often take a few sets with me. A, so that I have a spare
set in case one breaks but B, also so I’m prepared for all those different conditions so that I can see well
throughout the race. So, let’s get stuck into it. Let’s run through some of
these different colours and how they help in different conditions. Okay, let’s start with
a clear set of lenses like these ones here. Now the idea with these is that they let the maximum amount of light in through the lens and to your eyes. So they work really well
for swimming indoors when it might be low light or even perhaps outdoors when it’s overcast. And they will quite often
have a UV protective coating for that, however, they’re not very good at reducing any of the brightness or any glare that’s coming off the water. So, if you’re out doing a triathlon that maybe starts quite
early in the morning, the sun’s going to be
rising on the horizon, these aren’t going to reduce
any of that brightness or any of the glare that
you might get from that. – On the other hand, we
have polarised goggles. And these can come in an
array of different colours but they do tend to come in
this coloured mirror effect. But it is important to
check rather than assume ’cause you can get non-polarized goggles that do come in a different colour. These are basically the
opposite of clear lenses and they are designed to filter any glare, cause reflections that
might be across the surface of the water, and it makes
them ideal for triathlon and open water swimming in general. And from experience, I’d say they’re really quite a versatile
and adaptable lens and they can really work quite well on overcast days too. – Okay, mirrored goggles
are somewhat similar in they’re good on those
bright and sunny days. They reflect the light
away from your eyes, giving that slightly darker field of view. So, again, great for triathlon
and open water swimming. However, unlike the polarised goggles, they’re not quite as good at filtering out that glare that you might
get across the surface of the water so as we discussed before, if you’re doing a triathlon
early in the morning when the sun is rising, getting that sun that sort of reflects off the surface of the water might
glare through your eyes. These might not be quite so good. That aside, they do tend to
be very good looking goggles and you do get a lot of
competitive swimmers opting for this style. However, again, if it is overcast or slightly dim, do remember this is gonna be quite a dark field of view for that. – So this where the
non-polarized smoke goggle can be really quite useful. They’ll help to reduce the light in a similar way to the mirrored lens, especially for outdoor swimming. But they won’t be quite as
dark as the mirrored lens. So really useful for
bright, clear mornings, maybe when the sun isn’t quite up. – Well, then we have a whole array of different coloured lenses
and you’ll actually find that different brands will focus on just a couple of those
different colour lenses. One that I don’t actually have here today, but used to be one of my favourites, was the yellow and orange coloured lenses. Now this is particularly useful in the UK for those overcast and dim days because the yellow and the
orange would actually help to enhance the light and also help to enhance the contract of colours, which was particularly
useful when you’re trying to sight the buoys
throughout the swim course. Now, I’ll be honest,
it wasn’t the best look but as I’ve mentioned earlier, this was all about performance. – So the blue lens can be
considered really a bit of an all arounder. It works well at reducing
glare in bright conditions, but it can also enhance the blue in some waters so they
really can work well in outdoor swimming and
also indoors in the pool. And, in fact, I actually
reached for this type of lens at my most recent
event at Weymouth 70.3. – I also have a set of
red tinted lenses here that I’ve never actually used before, but in theory, they
should be somewhat similar to the yellow and orange lens colour because they will enhance the light but also they’re meant to
slightly reduce the glare of the surface of the water. Now I say in theory
because a pink lens colour will normally enhance the light and increase the contrast between green and blue coloured objects. Whilst a purple lens should actually help to reduce the glare of
the surface of the water. And obviously the red sits somewhere between pink and purple
and combines the two. – So it’s also worth mentioning that a lot of brands will
offer a prescription goggle. Now these simple feature
a prescription lens that works just like a
prescription glass would, but it will help and support your vision whilst you’re swimming. Now normally these will come in a variety of different colours,
but that’s gonna vary from brand to brand. – Well I hope you’ve
learned something there and perhaps it shed some light on why you may not have been able to see quite so well in
previous triathlon races. – And they can make a huge impact on your performance and
certainly how you can navigate around a swim course more smoothly. So you wanna see more videos? Hit the subscribe here
and if you want to look at the video on how to
prevent foggy goggles, click here. – Yeah and if you’d like to
see how to train like a pro for swimming, you can see that
video by just clicking here.

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  • In the cold depressing winter months I train with orange/yellowish goggles because it's like swimming with a nice sunny instagram filter and that makes me happy 😀

  • I train and race in my mirrored or my amber swedes.

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  • Besides color some goggles are open water specific which enhances your all around view unlike pool goggles which try to focus your view directly in front of you. To each their own but I like having the wider field of vision when I swim in open water.

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  • I would caution anyone to avoid the cheap goggles with foam padding for the watertight seal. They are uncomfortable, the watertight seal is unreliable, and they don't last very long before the foam becomes unglued from the lenses. My current goggles are Speedo Vanquishers with Blue lenses. They are several years old. The clip that holds the straps behind my head is partly broken but still works. I've been debating taking the clip out and just tying the straps together so that I can get a few more years out of them. Actually, my previous pair of Vanquishers with clear lenses is still at the bottom of my swim bag. I don't even know how many years old they are. I wish my swimsuits would last that long. After a couple of months of daily use, the fabric fades from black to gray, and the crotch becomes completely sagged, which leaves little to the imagination regarding certain parts of the anatomy. My daily swims are in a highly chlorinated indoor pool.

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  • I’m a professional swim teacher and all my student MUST have ear plugs, swim hat, 3 different goggles, upper body swim suit, flippers, nose clip, anti fog spray, special pre swim shower gel, special chlorine remover shower gel pool side safety sandals, under water watch, under water camera, quick dry towels, high buoyancy noodle and float and arm bands & snorkel. All this must be bought from me other wise students will be thrown off my course and and fined. I tell all the parents they must only use my approved equipment to learn fast. I currently charge £1499.00. Full Kit and induction and £25 per lesson, Sorry all classes are fully booked at the moment.

  • However, you dint talk about size ans shape

  • when I receive this goggle>>>nub.best/ccso I use it in the next 1 hr, I like it very much, no fog and no leak at all,.the view is so clear. Very good quality. Very high recommend .

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