What Did I Learn at the 2018 World Aquatic Health Conference?

I’ve been coming for a long time. This is my tenth one. I first came here three years ago. I’ve been a CPO for 30 years and never come to a conference. I am so glad to be here. I’m here to learn from industry professionals and gain more knowledge in the field. I was actually invited to come and give a talk at this conference. I had the opportunity to present some information on drowning risks and preventive strategies to help the industry. The research that’s presented at the World Aquatic Health Conference is extremely valuable. It takes a really long time for information to spread from the scientific literature to what’s actually happening in facilities out there and places like this are what bridge that. I’m getting clarification on concepts and verification on ideas that I had. It fills in the gaps that many of us have when we’ve operated our pools perhaps on decades old technology. The networking opportunity of meeting really amazing people was really really special. I enjoy learning. Out of all the conference’s I go to this is the most enjoyable and the most educational. You get a lot from just meeting people. I go into conferences all the time. And this is my favorite conference to come to. You get to come back and watch a presentation you saw last year have new data that’s been researched on it and becomes something new and figure out the next step in the evolution of what we know about it. As a drowning prevention advocate I like that industry is involved and interested. The stuff I learned, it was priceless. It was great. I look forward to it like I would going to Washington DC. Let me tell you something: If you are not coming to this event, you are making a gigantic mistake. I’m very impressed with what we had this year. I got meet a lot of people that were new and see some old friends from last year, so it was great. It was definitely worth coming here. We love the foundation and the work they do to help keep aquatic patrons safe and healthy The National Swimming Pool Foundation–it’s the best.

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