Hey guys! I’m Jennie and this is Solid Gold Aquatics! I’m a girl with a passion for fish-keeping, sharing it with you here on Youtube The main focus of my channel is high-quality fancy goldfish For those of you thinking “Really? Goldfish?” After watching just a few of my videos i think you’ll come to realize that there’s a lot more to goldfish than meets the eye and if goldfish keeping just isn’t your jam, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered My fish keeping hobby has grown to include fish like bettas and discus with plans to expand into even more types of aquarium and pond fish in the future! You’ll even get to see some of my other pets from time to time on this channel like my axolotls, my leopard geckos and of course my cats (=^・ω・^=) I make new videos every single Friday and most Tuesdays as well to help educate and inspire you to become a better fish keeper every single day and hopefully entertain you along the way as well! Not gonna lie, sometimes…it gets- weird :/ So subscribe and lets grow our fish keeping hobby together!

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