What to do in ORLANDO, FLORIDA | International Drive 2018 – SO FUN!

Orlando, the most visited destination in the United States 70 million tourists come here every year and I’m one of them Orlando now has more theme parks and entertainment attractions than anywhere else in the world Orlando has seven of the ten most visited theme parks in North America Actually five of them are among the top ten in the world Coming to a city like this requires some planning if you want to do more than just visit theme parks In this video I’ll explain Orlando and I hope that will help you plan your next trip here I’ll focus on International Drive The most famous avenue here Pay attention to this name, as you will
hear it a lot in Orlando This is a major thoroughfare that runs for 11 miles and goes way beyond the city limits Actually, until the edge of Orange County Here’s something else: a lot of the main attractions are not even located in Orlando They’re more southwest of the city This is important when you’re choosing hotels Disney, for example. Most of the parks are
in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista The address for Magic Kingdom when you put on
the GPS, it’s Lake Buena Vista And just something funny Do you know how many people live in Lake Buena Vista?
Ten! Really! According to the census The rest is all Disney Let’s go for a ride on International Drive for me to show you guys what’s here As I know a lot of foreigners like to shop as soon as they arrive in the United States I’m going to start this video showing some very cool places you can go even on your first day Right at the beginning of International Drive
in the part closer to downtown You can already find some great shopping locations Orlando International Premium Outlets This is probably the best outlet in Orlando Almost 200 stores And very close, right here, there’s another one Orlando Outlet Marketplace And 5 minutes driving, one of the best
malls in Orlando, Mall of Millenia T-Mobile even got a tourist plan.
How come nobody else is doing that? And there’s more. The area around the malls is full of stores that also offer
some very attractive prices And my fellow Americans, as a Brazilian I can guarantee you that foreigners are really looking forward to those In drive-through land, a bank drive-through I’ll shoot another video with tips if you want to go shopping here in the United States So don’t worry if I’m going too fast This is to show you the potential As soon as you leave Premium Outlets you’re already near Universal Studios
and their other parks The mountain for example that you see all the way over there, that’s Volcano Bay Except for the Disney parks and some other few attractions almost everything is located along or relatively close to this avenue If you’ve been to Vegas, it’s like Las Vegas Boulevard,
the heart of entertainment And if you haven’t been there’s a video linked in the
card above. One of my vlogs there The biggest entertainment McDonald’s in the world.
And I heard that their menu is kind of different as well _ “Do you want fries too?”
_ “Yeah” We’re gonna add to order and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come over here, the size and fries…
Right there… Do you wanna set “fries and sides”? This is a whole different experience.
You get in and there and different stations For sweets, for the burgers themselves There’s also pizza. You can order directly in the machines, you sit down, and they bring you the food This is the biggest entertainment McDonald’s because in the second floor they have an area for toddles to play One of those places you get in somewhere,
out over there And then there’s an area full of video games, but that’s paid, that’s not free and you need to buy credits Orlando Eye, the ferris wheel That’s I-Drive 360. The name, by the way,
has nothing to do with Apple. Okay? It’s just because International Drive is also known as
I-Drive. I’ll probably stop there on the way back Continuing along International Drive, there are some pretty cool attractions here as well Oh, the upside-down house! Let’s turn around This is Pointe Orlando, a nice area full of bars, restaurants, shops In the evening there’s generally live music And right beside it, the famous house where everyone wants to take pictures, but few know what it really is That’s WonderWorks WonderWorks is an interactive museum, and here they have earthquake and hurricane simulators They also do some science experiments. Actually, the house is like this, upside down, exactly to represent that it stayed like this after a hurricane Look! Pointe Orlando is right here.
Same parking for both Moving on! This is the convention center. So if you’re coming to Orlando for an event or a conference chances are it will be here Just saw this hotel and remembered. I forgot to mention
before but there are lots of hotels all over I-Drive This is the SeaWorld area. Also where you’ll find
Aquatica and Discovery Cove I think this is Mako. It’s the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in Orlando This is huge! It goes on forever! Another Premium Outlet, this is Vineland More than 160 stores If you keep driving for about 15 minutes,
there’s another outlet mall here Lake Buena Vista – just a short turn
from International Drive Technically, we’re already outside the Orlando city area, but the address here is still Orlando Here in the end, it’s already close to the Disney parks:
Epcot, Hollywood studios, Animal Kingdom I-Drive ends on this road that will take you exactly there Disney Springs is also here and
later tonight we’ll be back But hey, if you want a little bit more,
there’s International Drive South Let’s keep going as I got two more places to show When you drive until the very end of International Drive you arrive at a super cute area This here is the town of Celebration. It was actually built by Disney, this why it looks like Disney And it’s so perfect! The houses,
everything is so nice, and so green. The impression I have is that Mickey and Minnie
are gonna come out at any time Celebration was created in 1996 to spread Walt Disney’s vision of an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) So quiet! You don’t hear anyone, just nature here Look at this! Wow, look at that house! This might be the street of the millionaires You don’t see any grass that it’s not perfectly green
or any ugly house. I think we need to turn around And Gordon is lost Look at that! We found downtown and the businesses How nice! A direct road connects Celebration to Magic Kingdom Even the bench is cute. Look at this!
I feel like I’m in Disney Just five minutes from Celebration You arrive at this other very interesting
place here called Old Town And it has this name because it looks like an old town Wow! Do you think it’s real? That it works? No, it doesn’t work because it’s all…
Middles are taken out And you go inside the shops, you see some antiques as well Not sure they are real, but it looks like. But I’m here
totally at the wrong time. There are lots of bars here I’m sure there’s a good night life…
You should come at night! But it was nice to visit Even at this time of the day Parts of an old car here… It looks real _ “The bumper”
_ “Okay” This is the thing you close Hey! I don’t know them! This is just people being friendly here International Drive, hello again!
Let’s head back north because the day is not over yet Guess what? I’ll save the rest for the next vlog Come back, huh? Only need to meet Mrs. Mickey and Mr. Minnie… I can’t believe I came to a McDonald’s
that serves pizza and I didn’t try it!

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