What’s In My Lifeguard Bag!?

guys I know this hey guys I know what
you’re thinking one Lesley you’re looking a little bit rough – what is
this background well I am lifeguarding right now and I have about an hour break
so I decided to bring my laptop and vlog so as you can see I’m in the guard
office I don’t know how much I can really vlog of this you know this is
kind of like a private location but you can see there’s a pool out there and so
I think your life Guardian has always been a big part of my life I started
this summer before my senior year of high school and I’ve kind of just been
on and off with it I mainly do it during the summers and um I just figured life
Guardian really meant a lot to me because it really built my confidence
and since I went to a school from pre-k all the way through high school
graduation I didn’t really know how to make friends you know like I would have
a friend group and I could add on you know be friendly with people and stuff
but I was thrown into an environment where I didn’t know anybody and I feel
like that along with learning how to have communication skills with little
kids adult people speak different languages disabilities that has taught
me a lot – there’s just a whole range of life skills that I learned through
lifeguarding so now that I’m on my break I decided this time I would talk about
what’s in my lifeguard bag because everybody does those vlogs like what’s
in my purse and I haven’t really been out and about you know recently so I
figured that I would just talk about you know how I come to work so I come to
work I can wear whatever suit I want which is nice some places they’re really
strict I have this lifeguarding swimsuit I’ve been posting some racy vlogs on my
Instagram with me in it and I have more to come so if you you know want to
follow me but I have a lifeguard shirt that they provided me and I wear black I
don’t know if you got to see it but I wear black sofie’s because I’m obsessed
with sofi’s but I said to wear black shorts and with that I bring my
flip-flops so what I do bring to work is I bring two towels because after I teach
a swim lesson Tom downtime where I like to swim about
500 which is really good for my assisted fibrosis and staying in shape as a
lifeguard so um the wet towels down there on the ground I’m a little bit
messing in this office but luckily none of my co-workers mind but then I bring
another towel and this towel often serves as a blanket for me because in
the guard office it gets pretty cold but um since I teach a lot of um I watch a
lot of camp kids I don’t I feel a little uncomfortable sometimes
going out there and even if it’s warmer outside the office because I want to be
on my phone and it’s inappropriate to be on your phone when you’re outside of the
guard office things like that or like snacking I don’t you know lifeguards are
supposed to always look diligent so when I’m on my break I go hard on my break
I’m texting and whatnot but when I’m out there I’m on the deck I have to do my
job so I have this and then Grandda this is
an indoor pool just so you know so certain things are gonna be a little bit
different than when I worked the outdoor pool but it’s much better for my skin I
bring my swim cap and goggles my goggles are looking a little rough but and then
I have a water bottle it’s always good to stay hydrated just with water because
you actually can’t get dehydrated it’s really humid and it gets really hot and
you can I’m like honestly I feel like you can get heat exhaustion I haven’t
gone that far but I’ve been really hot upon Stan so no matter what it’s always
good to have water with you then I have this is the bad guy bring it’s usually
stuffed when I come I have my sunglasses this is just um
mm at an indoor pool but that’s just when I go in and out to my car um other
things okay tampons you’re gonna need them you just
never know so I always have a few of those and sorry guys if you’ve are a guy
and you’re watching this but I’m just saying you always have to be prepared
because this is the only thing that you can really use also I’m so mad so I win
I accidentally got the cardboard kind it’s just so mad I got like a 40 pack
two in Alder all right you know I bring a notebook and pen so I always am able
to write down my thoughts especially because this is a
environment and it doesn’t and my brakes change every week so sometimes I’m not
going to be able to bring my laptop but if I have thoughts I’m going to want to
write them down so I bring this it’s always good to have
a notepad with you especially because I like writing and planning my vlogs ahead
of time I have old snacks like peanuts then they should still be good because
you’re just not there like a variety of nuts that my mom bought for me and I
think I have like two packs of them um then I have a protein bar I always keep
that with me unfortunately I always have to keep it pretty cool it says chocolate
in it and it melts really fast but this is something where you never know you
might end up having a really short lunch break or you might just you know find
yourself you might find yourself having an off day and what the problem is is
you either need to be hydrated or you know have some food in your stomach so I
asked this then next I have a book that I’m reading right now I’m reading The
Fault in Our Stars I don’t own this book my coworker brought it in for me to read
it’s taking me forever but it’s just hard I get distracted a lot
I don’t have a TD or anything it’s just you know I’m always on my phone and it’s
hard because I’m always checking my phone because you know I’m hoping
someone’s gonna text me or something’s gonna be I’m gonna get a new
notification and I have to keep remembering that everybody my age is
sleeping right now either if they’re awake they’re at their work so I get so
frustrated that I spend there you know some several hours in the beginning of
my workday without any text messages so sometimes I send my mom something when
I’m just born last but not least which is very important to bring to work is
the light bar fanny pack we actually have some provided for us but during my
certification class I got my own on this is blue I honestly think I would prefer
red just because I have typically red swimsuits but I guess the blue is a good
contrast and it’s different than those so you know everybody identifies this as
mine and I take this home with me so within my fanny pack you pretty much
have to have some just a few essentials one is your lifeguard whistle this is
mine I have another one that I’m letting my coworker use you can
help I actually made it it okay the band on it is University of Tampa because
that’s where I go to school and then this is my whistle
I did I made it with puff paint and I have to do so many layers I’d have to
leave it out in the Texas Sun fer to dry and then put rhinestones on it and then
the top layer is nail polish so you can use this whistle but you have to be
careful not to be like a habit of like chewing it I don’t think it would do too
much do you honestly but you just you just got to be careful with that kind of
stuff but I really much I’m very much like this whistle but since this is the
summer before my senior year of college the next summer I’m going to be job
searching so who knows if I’ll end up really you know working as a lifeguard
again I really like it but I need to be finding like a big girl job so I think I
might like leave this whistle for my coworker you know to remember me by but
there’s that also with in your fanny pack
you need to have gloves um gloves are good you know like through I
like to pull if there’s a bandaid around the pool then I like to go to the
first-aid place and pull out gloves and throw that away
um and key and make sure I don’t really use these up because these are good for
emergencies and if I keep using the ones out of my fanny pack I might forget to
replenish them so is replenished is that is that used is that use just for food
like you can you know replenish with food both can you replenish clothes
anyway so I have these gloves and then I have a face mask which is nice to kind
of have my very own it seems a little a little bit vent there but um this is
kind of this is a fancy face mask though however has like some good padding I
don’t know what the other ones have but you know this is my mouthpiece that I’ve
used and um I don’t if I remember right yeah we don’t have oxygen tanks here but
who knows I am certified in dilute and administering oxygen and so on here
I have a thing to hook up oxygen so you just never know when you’re going to use
it honestly I feel like I should be keeping my fanny pack in my car for the
long term I don’t know how this would go because this is you know plastic and you
know I don’t want it to melt with my car I don’t know if it would but Texas gets
pretty hot um but you know just in case like I ever want to win us something on
the road that I want to pull over and I could be of assistance
since I know basic first-aid other than that it’s kind of you know you want to
be careful never to store your phone in the fanny pack
um never store your phone and keys and whatnot um especially like I guess
money’s okay but the thing is you want to keep this pretty empty as possible so
you know so if you were doing a rescue you would insert your hand in while you
were rescuing like towing the victim and you would pretty much know what the
items were that you have in your bag so you always have to keep that pretty
empty even though it’s kind of tempting because there’s a zipper here there’s a
zipper in the back I don’t think from the back is for you no but um yeah other
than that the only thing else I can find in here is that I have an additional
mouthpiece I’ve used the mouthpiece so I really don’t know the point like giving
it to someone during an emergency but I guess you never know um my thing my my
um mask that I showed you as a filtration device in it um so if the
victim were to vomit um I wouldn’t get on me which is nice but you just never
know about certain situations so I kept this for my left guard certification
class other than that that should be about it of everything I bring I try to
bring a few more snacks but I got lazy and tired today and totally forgot so
other than that this is what is inside my lifeguard bag while working at an
indoor pool as a lifeguard and swim instructor so I hope you guys have a
great day and let me know in the comments if you
guys are lifeguards and if you have any tips with anything but other than that
oh and of course tell me if you have found a good book that I would not have
heard of that’s like not super mainstream like this one but um
especially like you know a book that’s like a must read that I would totally
not know about because I have a lot of downtime and I
love reading and I’m getting lots of reading in the summer so okay guys have
a great day and I hope you guys are having a wonderful work life even if
you’re another lifeguard bye guys

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  • This was such a creative video! Subscribe to me and I promise I'll subscribe back! ;D

  • Kudos.  Nice video.  You look and sound like a responsible lifeguard.  Besides whistle,  sunglasses, face mask, extra towel, water & ice bottles & snack (in cooler bag), I also carry extra copy of certification & manual for reference.  BTW, "replenish" works fine in the context you used it in.  Also, I stumbled across this book which is written for teens called, "Between Shades of Gray" by Ruta Sepetys.  Very sad… but a good read.

  • Great vid I'm a guard too I'd love to chat with u

  • Really enjoyed this! I'm a new lifeguard

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  • nice video, I'm lifeguard too from Italy.

  • This summer I'm going to be a junior lifeguard

  • Where did you get you suit? it's so nice!

  • Cool video, but little bit cringey lol

  • Where can you buy those cool lifeguarding stuffs? I actually ordered resuscitation mask online

  • "big girl jobs" …I feel you

  • Lifeguard for 13 years and love EVERY SECOND, what I lie about my job is that you get to know really neat peeps and you get to know them for WHO they are and not for what they have, when you meet them they are half naked and vulnerable, but it's ok, you are in a happy environment right?
    Do you carry airways and scissors in your fanny pack? In hours we have a ziplock bag with gauze, bandaids and gloves, goggles, scissors, pocket mask and airways, fun little bundle!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • "I need to find a big-girl job," as if performing CPR wasn't already a big responsibility 😛

  • Lifeguarding…
    Best of G.S.!!! Surfers 2 the Rescue: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkHeGrm1zYxXQ8BEKQ8MBvKX0HxPRjDKu

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  • Hae

  • Roses are red violets are blue I as here for the thumb nail and so were u

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  • you should read 'The Raven Boys' by Maggie Stiefvater,

  • I'm a lifeguard a well. My instructor gets so mad when we call it a fanny pack. Because we always call it a hip pack.

  • Lol who doesn't have old snacks in their bag? I can sooo relate.

  • 10/10 cutting/editing at the start

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  • I just passed my lifeguard certification class? Any tips?

  • I love your personality so far! Very energetic and kind. I'm getting certified soon because I luckily got a position at a camp and they always need lifeguards. (the competition to get hired at this camp was rough)

  • Hi um my name is Morgan and I take my life guard test on Friday and I am super nervous do u have any tips ???

  • Got my Red Cross cert a month ago, and passed my Jeff Ellis cert yesterday too! More opportunities 🙂

  • Pretty useful video! And you generally restock gloves, but replenish works too

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