What’s inside a Turtle Shell?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan
and today we have a crazy video coming for you guys. Today we have What’s
Inside a Turtle Shell? – Look how cool that
is, it’s ten inches long by seven inches wide. This is an actual shell from
a turtle and here’s the top of it with a nice hard shell. Here’s the bottom. – I want to feel it. – And there’s the inside. – Woah, that is heavier than I thought. – So, a lot of you guys have
recommended us to cut open a turtle shell. We didn’t want to do it
to a live turtle because I don’t think we need to
explain why didn’t need to. – Yeah. – So, instead we went to the place where we get all great things. – eBay, woo! – Yep, eBay, Amazon those
are like the two go-tos but from animal shells
definitely eBay is the place. – And wasp nests, and rattlesnake rattles, all sorts of random stuff
you can find on eBay. – So, we wanted to take
this back to its roots. Yes, we could take a saw
and cut into it and that would be interesting. But we thought let’s
thought harness the power of where this came from, water. And then I want to take a look
at the clearer section of it and take a look inside. Not just to look inside, we
can see inside of it right now. You can see the spine that goes down, it looks like some bones. But, once we cut though
the top of the shell is there different compartments inside? What exactly does it look like? So, let’s go give this
thing a go and see if we can cut it open with some water. – It’s going to be interesting. – We have the turtle shell and
it’s glued to the rhino board so it’s not going anywhere. We’re going to run it
straight across so that we can see its spine and see
everything inside of it. Alright turtle, water, the
thing you lived in for your whole life is now going to be the thing that cuts you in half. It’s kind of poetic. Okay so first, let’s
clean her off a little. We’re through, that was really fast. (laughs) – I got it! – You got it, let’s
look inside this turtle. Are you going to wear it
as a mask, what’s that? What is that? You’re like I’m gonna put it on my face. That’s the first thing I wanna do. – Yeah. – That’s really interesting
I thought that there would be more of a airspace
in between the different layers of its back. But really the only place
that you can see space is in its spine. Yeah, you can see that there’s
just a hole right there. But we were in the Smithsonian
in DC a couple months ago and we saw a bunch of turtles
that were actually cut in half and it looked like some of
them had compartments in them. So, this isn’t going to be like
every single type of turtle there are differences in
the different types of turtle shells. – That was so easy to cut. I don’t understand how. It went like, it was like
three minutes, what four. – It was fast. It was really fast but
this thing cuts metal. That was a lot of fun guys. We have three announcements for you that are really important. The first thing is, we took part in a really special Christmas cartoon. – Dan, Lincoln. – The What’s Inside guys. – We are cartoon characters. – That’s awesome. – We’re going to link it
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