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– Nutrition is obviously
a key part of racing. So we’ve had the opportunity
to go around the pros and find out what they have for breakfast on the morning of a race. What do you have on the morning
of a race for breakfast? – Ah–
– Um– – Ah–
– Um– – Um–
– Ahh– – It’s all these fun questions. – Ah, good question. It’s normally pretty simple. Just a bowl of porridge,
so nothing too exciting, but it works for me. – Ah, I just have eggs
and cheese, that’s it. – Ah, rice. – Normally in long distance
stuff, you’ve got eat pretty close to the
start, so simple stuff. A bit of cereal, a bit of toast, a banana, something like that. – Okay, what would do you
have for breakfast Bucko? – Ah, porridge, maybe two slices of toast and a bit of coffee just to
get the ol’ system working. – Oh, that’s pretty interesting. I have some beetroot juice
and then I have a porridge enriched with some rice
and oats and blueberry jam, and some nonfat plain
yoghourt and some coconut oil. So it’s an interesting
twist, but I like it. – So I used to have porridge and eggs and now I go for jam and toast. – Interesting, why do you choose that now? Why have you swapped? – Because now working with my BMC team, we kind of worked out
calories a little bit more and I have been known to
have gut issues and it helps. – What do you have for breakfast
on the morning of a race? – Muffins. – [Interviewer] Just muffins? – Muffins are just this,
just a bomb of calories. Not necessarily the best
calories, but they transport well, and you can stick ’em in bags and stuff and who cares if they get squished because they just turn into this goo-ball and they taste good and
plus, I like chocolate so I give myself a little
treat before the day begins. Yeah, I’m a muffin man, for sure. – What sort of breakfast
do you have in the morning? – Some cereal and toast and jam. – Always oatmeal and
that’s every single day, not just race day. Always oatmeal, yoghourt,
blueberries, maple syrup. – I like to have scrambled eggs and toast. I try and eat as much as
I can, but I tend to feel a bit nervous before a race
so I can’t get that much in, but if I’m not too nervous,
it goes down quite well. – Of course, I’m German, so I have bread with banana and peanut butter on it. – [Interviewer] What do you
have for breakfast on race day? – Usually I like to have
like a chocolate muffin or something (laughs). – Yeah, you wake up and it’s a 4:00 a.m. or whatever it is, you’re
not that excited to eat, but you’re never not excited
to eat a chocolate muffin. It’s a good way to get some calories and yeah, some energy. I’ve tried eating eggs or something, but it doesn’t really sit
well sometimes at 4:00 a.m. so a chocolate muffin
is always pretty good. – I have rice bread, like
four slices, with some jam and an energy bar and a double espresso. – What do you have for
breakfast on race day? – It always depends a little bit. I try to, of course, have a bit of energy, but not too much heavy
stuff, so I normally have some white bread and maybe
tahini, like tahini spread, or butter with some jam. Maybe some chicken breasts,
but I’ve also experienced that kid’s breakfast
stuff, how do you call it? Like some bray? So like morning breakfast
stuff for the babies. Yeah, the baby food. That’s also actually quite high energy and if you don’t feel like eating, that goes down quite easy. – You said chicken? – Yeah, like chicken breast slices. Sometimes I really don’t feel like it. I find it good to have
some protein if I can and I don’t really like
protein shakes too much so that’s why I have chicken. – I have cold steel cut oatmeal. I make it the night before
because hot oatmeal, for whatever reason, makes me
want to gag in the morning, but the cold stuff I can handle usually with blueberries on top. – Normally a bagel or a bar of some type. It sort of changes. A muffin, anything small. By race morning you’re not that hungry. – [Interviewer] I’m really surprised. That’s a really small amount. You literally just a bagel or a bar? – Pretty much. I don’t have that much. I mean I have a gel right before the swim. A gel as soon as I get out of the swim. Another four on the bike,
bottle, like I’m eating all day. – [Interviewer] What do you
have for breakfast on race day? – I just sort of play
it by feel a little bit. If I’m particularly
nervous and I’m not hungry, I sometimes don’t eat anything. If I’m hungry, I’ll typically
have some sweet potato, a little bit of eggs. That’s about the extent
of it, pretty simple. – I can’t believe that
sometimes you would eat nothing before your race. – Well, I figure if your
adrenaline’s pumping, you’re nervous and your gut is shut down, there’s no point in putting food in there if it’s just gonna sit
there and you burp it up for the first hour of the race. Most of the glycogen
storage is done in the days leading up and anything
you eat that morning, it’s really just a little top up so it’s not going to
drastically change the race. – Wow, some interesting
food choices there. A lot of variation. To see more videos from
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