Who’s Baby Shark’s Mommy? | Sea Animals for Kids | Great White Shark, Whale Shark, Hammerhead Shark

Hello guys~ I’m Kiwan, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Wait, do you guys know
what species the baby shark is? Well, today let’s draw 4 major species of sharks
and get to know about them! Let’s get started! Wow a very sharp and pointy snout and a cute little pectoral fin! That’s a dorsal fin! And the black dot is a nostril! How about we color this shark yellow
to make it look even more adorable! Yellow glitter! Hello What’s your name? Hello! I’m Baby Shark! Well, Baby Shark,
is there a species called ‘Baby Shark’? I’m not sure, everybody keeps calling me Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo you know? Well, there are over 400 species of sharks. I’m sure you’re not just a ‘Baby Shark’ What? What species am I then? How about we ask your mother?
She might know Okay, let’s go find my mommy!
She looks just like me! Well baby shark, this could be your mommy! Doesn’t the shape of its head remind you of something? Yes! it looks like a hammer! And it has quite a few pointy fins on its body! Is that its mouth? It looks so sad! This one has a dark grey colored body Let’s make it shiny with this silver glitter! Hello! What’s your name? Hello I’m Hammerhead Shark! Did anyone call me mom? Mommy! Mommy! It’s me, Baby shark! Hello baby shark! Umm hold on
Let me see if you’re my baby! Actually my head is shaped like a hammer But you have a torpedo shaped head
with a sharply pointed snout! Oh, I can see that…
We don’t look alike at all! I don’t have a hammerhead! Don’t worry about it darling!
Let me help you find your mom! You are so kind Hammerhead shark!
Thank you so much! Here comes another shark It has a really big mouth compared to
the one from a Hammerhead shark! This shark has a checkerboard pattern
on the back of its body! Leaving the white spots,
let’s color its body brown! Brown Glitter! White Glitter on the white spots! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Whale shark! Top of the morning to you ladies,
Who are you? Mommy Mommy! Huh? Hey kid, did you just call me mommy? You can’t be one of mine,
you look nothing like me! That’s right baby shark, You don’t have all these checkerboard pattern
and a gigantic mouth! Hey hey hey!
My gills don’t work like yours! I have to keep swimming around
with my mouth open for me to breath! Then…have you seen any
other shark that look like me? Yeah I might’ve. Hold on a minute You remind me of my friend!
Let me take you to her! Yay! Finally! Wait up! Hey baby shark, she actually looks a lot like you! A little more blunt snout than yours,
But let’s see! But look at those sharp teeth! It’s so threatening! Hello! What’s your name? Hello! I’m Bull Shark! Who on earth is being so loud? Baby shark, are you sure that’s your mommy? Well she does look a lot like me but… No way my mommy would be
so aggressive like that… Hey Whale Shark!
Didn’t you say that she’s your friend? Well, yeah, but you know,
she’s a BULL shark. She’s fiesty! Hey you over there! What’s your problem? Umm… I was looking for my mommy and… and you look a lot like me… so I was wondering… Hey hey Baby shark! Don’t cry in the ocean! It’s too salty already! This is exactly why I like the freshwater! Fresh water??? I can’t breathe in freshwater! Well, that proves it. You can’t be a Bull Shark! If you were a bull shark, You would be able to breathe
in both saltwater and freshwater! Yeah I see now, You have a rather blunt snout
compared to the baby shark’s! Oh, Okay… Wait a minute, sharp pointy snout? I think you’re my cousin’s kid! Let me take you to her. Y’all follow me! Thank you! A sharp and pointy snout! And a large body! Let’s take a look if she’s the one! Look at those set of teeth! They’re just as sharp and
scary looking as the bull shark’s! Hello! What’s your name? Hello I’m Great White Shark! Hey cuz! I brought someone! This baby shark is looking for it’s mommy! Oh my god, My baby! Mommy! Well look at you my baby! Sharp conical snout, adorably round eyes! You look just like me! Yeah~ I can see that! Well, I kind of knew all along! No you didn’t! Mommy, where have you been all along? Why did you leave me? Oh, my baby, I didn’t leave you Us Great White Sharks, can take care of ourselves
immediately after we’re born! That’s why you’ve been doing
just fine on your own! I’m so proud of you! Thank you mommy! Thank you Hammerhead Shark! Thank you Whale shark! Thank you Bull Shark! Thank you for watching guys! Please like and subscribe to Hello Everything!

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