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  • Could this plume thing happen at Yellowstone? Feel like that plume might be on the more devastating side

  • remember, theory is imagination. and projecting conclusions is imagination. the only facts are what we observe. we can't say the rate of magnetic field change is a steady state . it could have happened much faster in the past. so the conclusion of millions of years is based on imagination.

  • 7:52 is uncomfortably suggestive

  • I just want you to know that I love your show and you are amazing

  • Christ, that's got to officially be the prettiest physics-nerd in high school the world has ever seen.

  • Fascinating! With that you could probably calculate when the earths axis tilted… and the dinosaurs went extinct… 24 degrees plus 24 degrees… looks about right… Australia was probably south pole, would explain the slightly delayed askewed evolution of wildlife… and Antarctica… was… Atlantis… EUREKA?

  • Make a story about gps tracking the moving tectonic plates

  • yellowstone

  • I was scared for a bit.

  • TWO glaring exceptions. The other is Yellowstone.

  • Jesus Loves You!

  • It's the earth going through puberty

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  • I think he is all wrong

  • and… nice one haha

  • I live at the island Oahu!

  • How does the iron align if it's above irons curie point?

  • The hot spot trace has a bend in it and is moving… So, crustal displacement might be a thing?

  • Noah Randolph Flagg

  • I always thought it was weird that my hawaiian ancestors feared the land versus the ocean, now I know why XD Pele you scare me.

  • I google earthed and it
    looks like the ridge line of
    volcanic activity is obscured
    north of the Aleutian Islands.


  • Really amazing!

  • The length of this video has greatly exceeded my interest in it. I'm only at 2:26

  • Hi you talked about hot pimple in the video ever thought of life of human and life of earth Or a planet there are similarities

  • It is not unusual at all

  • We are not on a spinning ball lol

  • Why doesn't he have his own channel?

  • 07:15 — Oh, I see! <3

  • if there is a moving hotspot, why is the Hawaiian island chain not instead one big long island ?

  • Most ya’ll don’t believe the hawaiian legends of pele don’t believe it but all Hawaiians truly know it’s pele

  • 7:36 What was that ? -_-

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  • ….9/11 Psyop Staged by the United Terrorist Snakes ( War Criminal) & the World's Elite..

  • I live on oahu

  • Smart+cute= subbed

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  • I can’t believe you grew up in Hawaii since you pronounced it as hawai instead of ha-va-i

  • Wow!

  • I'm so incredibly educated that that I already knew all this…..) it's a joke but I did know about the Hawaiian islands.

  • Hahaha you made a awesome video keep up the good work

  • 0:08 so Diana grew up on an island whose name sounds very much like "Kawai" – that explains a lot.

  • My daughter graduated from Waimea.😁Aloha

  • Have you two hooked up?

  • NOAH must have been at Berkley when that University was still concerned with LEARNING, and not SOCIAL JUSTICE! But the Hawaiian Islands are by no means unique. In May of this year, my partner and I, along with two wonderful ladies, visited the French Indian Ocean island of LA REUNION (previously the Isle Bourbon), where the mighty shield volcano PITON DE LA FOURNAISE, dominates the southern third of the island; whilst the extinct PITON DES NEIGES towers over the northern section, rising to 10,070 ft; making it the highest point in the Indian Ocean. In many ways the island resembles a 'mini-Hawaii', because it is only 40 miles x 30 miles; and the scenery is spectacular. FOURNAISE is also over a hotspot (it was once beneath the Deccan Traps of western India, and then Mauritius), and is one of the most accessible volcanoes on Earth. You can drive to the very precipice surrounding L'Enclos, the vast caldera where today's active cones, Tory and Dolomieu hold sway. However, like Hawaii, FOURNAISE can surprise everyone, by 'splitting' along a fracture zone, and pouring out lava, in full view of those watching from the cliff-edge! Spectacular.

  • Reunion island mauritius island and Rodrigue island are also island who are be created by hotspot

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  • Doesn't the plume theory require atmosphere for heat to rise, all the way to the surface no less? The mantle is hermetic.?

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  • So the Hawaiian islands belomg to Siberia?

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  • So I would like to ask if he knows what's going on with the long valley's Mono-Inyo crater, the cosco volcanic field next to it and what's going on with china lake and Ridgecrest. And possibly the Salton Buttes with the others. Then about yellowstone's 2010 scare, which was quickly changed to fracking after some signal with ear piece or teleprompter happened and they stopped showing the lid, probably because the news people weren't given the 411 on how to approach it in the beginning, with it's major buldging but pressure was released by lake acting as sea floor and it spread, but that's not keeping up. And what's going on with it and it's mantle plume, which you think Yellowstone's caldera is big, you know nothing about it's feeder plume, it yellowstone feeder tail, covers up the caldera from a upward side view with an imaging map from earthquake ultrasound! O.O' And what's going on there with the older 1900s gyesers coming back to life?! On and about the area north of Norris gyeser basin's findings and activity as well.

  • Lots of iron can be found at Loihi Volcano at the other end of the Hawaiian Islands

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  • The same type of island building is taking place towards the western side of the Indian Ocean. The mantle plume is now active at Piton de la Fournaise in Reunion Island. Before that the plume created Mauritius and further back still The Seychelles. Looking at this island building on Google Maps satellite view, as you suggest, indicates that the tectonic plates in this area have some rotational movement.

  • So Russian subs or Jimmy Hoffa could be hiding beneath the Hawaiian "mushroom" landmasses?!?

  • 45 million years ago? Lol🤣

  • happy physycsing!

  • Look at the volcanos on the Pacafic coast.

  • Howzit sista!

  • If you really want to learn about 'Advanced Plate Tectonics,' check out Univ. of Hawai'i Prof. Paul Wessel of Geology & Geophysics; he has several videos on itunes U; 16 videos, full lectures and course.

  • Yellowstone is exactly that – deep sh_t

  • I'm glad you had such an interesting time looking at history through a geologist's point of view of the earth, and I would imagine if our race actually survives a couple of centuries from now, we'd be able to track a sigificant perspective of what he describes in actual continental drift with the volcanic eruptions and their magnetudes to help predict earthquakes in the future; making maps much more detailed and realistic than anything we could imagine, just because I'd expect our ability to read and re-read the mantle composition through earthquakes and magnetic fluctuations to guage the rock-types and viscocities of different rocks at different temperatures to predict eruption events much more accurately than we could try today.

    We have temperature maps of the planet, but we rarely keep temperature maps to grade geologic temperatures over time; how hot was the mantle around Mt. St.Helens before she erupted? Honestly, I don't think that would be very possible unless there was a global temperature taking system that negated the seasons and just figured on a mean or an average temperature.

    Unfortunately, as we've seen with Venus, atmosphere can have a drastic effect on the temperature of the planet's surface and the composition of the rocks.

  • COME ON NOW !!! BILL NYE with the BIG LIES ? PLEASE do some ,DO ANY research on that name , ASAP !!!

  • So .. Question – that chain leading back to Siberia – do we know how old the oldest extinct volcanoes are? Is there any chance that they are the same age as the or close to the age of the Permian extinction? Could this chain be some sort of echo of the Siberian Traps? That would be just about the most fascinating thing – where should I look for more research?

  • So, do you always carry your camera around when walking with friends or do you only take it when you're with geologists?

  • Nice flirt line at the end of the video.

  • Nice , I think those bubbles sometimes don’t burst and become moons or planets. This would be how a charged body in this plasma universe adjusts, by discharging mater to gain equilibrium in its ever changing electrical environment. It’s all scalable rite, from the mars blueberries to this to Saturn discharging Venus.
    Shootz then, check um out bra…..
    Electric universe cuz ! Stay stoked physics girl
    Stay stoked ! Aloha

  • She has great hair. I wonder what products she uses to look so shiny and bouncey.

  • Great video. I got it all except for the last bit: "…those are the same velocities we measure with GPS's now." I thought he was talking about the 'velocity' (quite slow compare to individual human activity) of the 'plumes' over millions of years? How would you measure that velocity with GPS's "now" ?? But most importantly, you're one really cute woman! = P

  • AAANNNDDD….. Don't do that again! 😀

  • So technically, a hotspot is like a fault line put only in a little spot?

  • Have you hiked the Haiku Stairs yet?

  • The trail of volcanic islands made an about a 45-degree turn millions of years ago what caused it?

  • Does Anybody Know the Average Temperature of Flowing Lava????

  • What are you doing in Hawaii ??,
    Alaska is a better place for you, hehehe

  • I may not be a geologist or volcanologist I know a lot of these stuff I'm the one that's because I studied a whole lot of them when I was a kid but it seems like this girl no offense to her doesn't understand how volcanoes work or how the earth crust work

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  • great video explained simply very enjoyable to watch.

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  • Since the chain of suboceanic remnants of previous eruptions snake up toward Siberia is there any evidence that the hotspot was once responsible for the flood basalts in Siberia?

  • Hey Ms PG (or Ms Physics Girl), you do the 808 proud. I found your channel and this entry by accident. I loved the episode. Dynamic teaching. Keep up the good work and I wonder if the Science Guy or Mr Rogers could use you teaching the kids. You are an awesome STEM talent. Take Care.

  • This woman is so cool…..all i got to say is popular James Blunt Song…

  • Small correction(?): Isn't the mantle plume material from the lower mantle? In your visualisation it starts at the outer core. If Hawaii would be derived from core material, it woule be like 85 or so % Ni and Fe and probably not that green 😛

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  • I love that hike.
    Thanx for keeping it to yourself.

  • Tectonic plates

  • Good girl!


  • i wonder what caused the plate to change the direction of its kinetic energy

  • Just found your channel. Im from Brazil. And you are great!!

  • Is that also what’s happening right now in Russia? Pretty cool!


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