Why is Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Important?

[MUSIC] ART COYKENDALL: We have approximately 18 major river restoration efforts going on throughout the 17 western states and what we’re doing is we’re working with all the other water users on a system, we’re not the only ones that use water. So municipalities, farmers, and other interested parties get together and we’ve developed a multi species conservation plans. So these large plans to look of water basins as a whole to develop ways to improve the habitat and try to protect these species that we might be impacting. SHARON TAYLOR: Some of complexities that we deal with in Reclamation are maintaining a balance between human uses and the natural resources that are competing for those such as: fish passage, getting them safely across these areas so that we can still have the water for hydropower another uses but also not impact as adversely some of the species that naturally inhabit these areas. We watch out for invasive species and try and monitor and where we can remove invasive species that will crowd out native species. Birds and other species also use these habitats. TOM CHART: We’re really looking for innovative ideas. We’ve been at our program for 28 years. The challenge award program, the prize system really brings in some people that have not been steeped in our history, therefore it’s really innovative approaches that they can possibly bring to our program. I think it’s good for our program to embrace that kind of approach to problem solving because it indicates and demonstrates that we’re open minded and looking for other ideas. To larn more go to: www.usbr.gov/research/challenges [MUSIC]

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