Why you should always wear swimming goggles – Eye Health Talk

Hi I’m Dr. Bhullar and today’s topic is on
swimming. Now it’s summertime in beautiful British
Columbia and a lot of you guys are headed out to the pool and the ocean.
Now the one thing about the pool, specifically, is that it does contain
chlorine. So a lot of our patients go swimming and then show up at the clinic
the next day with irritated red eyes and are wondering what the cause is. Well it’s the chlorine. So a couple of things you guys can do to help your eyes out.
One is possibly putting in artificial tears before you swim, and then right
after you finish swimming. The second thing is actually to wear swim goggles.
And here we can actually put your prescription into the goggles as well. Another thing that just actually got released by the CDC is that not only
is it the chlorine but it’s the chlorine binding with urine and sweat that’s
causing the eye irritation. Now if that doesn’t get you to wear goggles I don’t
know what will. I’m Dr. Bhullar and we’ll see you next

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