Wild River Aquatic Plants

Hello Friends !! Today’s Video is about aquatic plants… wild aquatic plants… Usually we buy aquatic plants from shop and use them in our tanks but today its all about wild native aquatic plants in the river or water sources naturally I went to a place called Barossa Valley in South Australia I found a freshwater source over there and I thought of exploring it for aquatic plants I got couple of plant species from there… its been around 2-3 weeks its still growing I have not introduced them in any o my tanks you know that obviously wild plants contain parasites and other nasties probably I’ll quarantine them for more time and will see… so will see if I really want to add them it has both types submerged and immersed Let’s start the journey and please hit LIKE button this one looks good…got red stems not sure if its aquatic or not In this area saw some floating plants… may be floating wort don’t know exactly they are looking quite bright green looks good thought of getting a bunch of them too got few other type too this one has a broader leaves circular or oval may be took few stems of this too added this one [Ohh looks like some fishes are present here too] fish or tadpoles???? just behind that wood seems like tadpole …. so friends that’s it for today plants that I got are looking like this after 3 weeks current status is like this they are growing but like I said I’ll quarantine them so will update about its progress whether I get some alage or weird parasite as its a wild plant one thing I would like to mention that natural water source was crystal clear and had few tadpoles too so please comment and don’t forget to Like !! and do click Subscribe my channel!! bye!!

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