Will Guardians Kill Fish? – Update Aquatic – Snapshot 18w08b (Minecraft with Diikoj)

Welcome to a 1.13 snapshot video! So we all
want to build an aquarium in the Aquatic Update right? What I want to know is if
the Guardians will kill the fish that we now can add, or if they will live in
peace. And we can actually test it out with the turtles right? You want to live too. So I’ve made a very basic aquarium behind me – so let’s add in some fish! Some
puffer fish. I love these! I love them! Some salmons. Some cods. And actually
let’s see if we can find turtles… Nice. Okay, we have enough I think, so let’s see
what happens when we add the Guardian… Okay, they seem to swim in peace together.
Nice. This is great news! Let’s test with an elder Guardian as well… Okay. 🙂 So they seem to be living together
alright. Just to test this out: the squid has been not so lucky
earlier; let’s see what happens if we add a few. Okay, they will get killed
instantly just like before. But this is great news! So an aquarium can look like
this in 1.13 – hopefully – this is only snapshot 18w08b
but hopefully this will stay. So… Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next

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