Wipeout KIDS! – Ultimate Challenge

oh hey welcome back to wipeout kids, ultimate challenge yeah! I’m your host Sarah, it’s good to see you again. Now lets go look at the course, c’mon! here we have the wacky water trampoline where they can either pull themselves in using the rope, or jump off, bravely, into the bay and come on up the ladder, they will then run themselves as fast as they can here we go, we’re running, their gonna run. Wooh, up this ramp into the gate on where they will then slide their little selves down this slip n’ slide into the water getting up wiping themselves off coming on over here and getting sprayed, perhaps in the face by another contestant and they will proceed onto the deck pool, where you will find, the water slide, cool splash water slide up the ladder down the slide, across the pool to the mat, where they will have to get onto it fully paddling themselves over to the finish line
and touching for the finish, lets meet the contestants now we have 3 contestants back from last years go around. Here we have Capri welcome back Capri. Hello so much taller, so we’re gonna talk nice and loud into the camera. Are you ready to say hi to your fans? Are you ready? Why don’t you tell the audience what you liked last year candy, candy do you still like candy? She does folks still likes candy, who doesn’t like candy? Alright Orion, c’mon over C’mon over, c’mon down, Orion is back, new due, taller also. What was it that you told the audience last year? I don’t remember. You don’t remember? Well look at that camera and say what’s up. What’s up. Are you gonna have a good time today, yes. Are you ready? Yes, okay. Goodbye. Alright our last contestant Cecilia, we’re gonna give you a spin girl, hello Cecilia, is back again. Didn’t eat meat last year loves the animals, what else is new? Not much. Not much, cool. Wow, here we go, come on in guys, these are your contestants for this year We’re gonna go, youngest, to oldest And have a good time, aren’t we guys? Yeah, yeah. Okay, wooh. Alright here’s our first contestant Capri. getting onto the trampoline sending her out
waiting for the- waiting for us to say go here, we’re gonna let her go out into the bay a bit. Go, alright Capri, here we go she is deciding to pull herself in, rather than jumping on off, onto the ladder. But, woah. Boy has she trained for this she is pollen calling college
understands look at that where flag 10 trampoline bounce time still working away to the doc here as she can remember that she’s being namely I’m paying home fighting yeah paul got away from
our it is year T hi good ground way I’m bunny when kahani not douche Clyde yes she takes a slide who shows Klein what a graceful and trends here she is
all through the water on something like a
fish just like miss our last year and I’m here she goes on to the match
under sub on a Mac and she will shoes to do a motion all the way over get a handle on politicians hurt had a little trouble
shield people in smash she can huge palms ok free just those goggles their fierce looking scary how she’s doing a lot of thing
interesting technique here see she touched the towel folks we have ourselves a time over dozen on is a bitch I’m touching the time all
I’ll just suck it occurred Husum can if there’s a wind factor here
folks the factor that in come on come on over
here touch the time I home time 213 2 minutes 30 seconds excellent a well everything about Apple’s went with bigger and them should fight for
self in the win was kinda United gainers in
trouble session them at the end could talk yeah it was funny how the camera allowed his
flight was I am good how do you think your day K are you excited about seeing a rine in
Plano Texas you are hi go ahead and tell those you
want mama with my mom orgy burn hard you haven’t got sent a Ryan take sad my hard pennies of go but home and -8 talk you can add I baby rattle like up year p thought he had like a year my poorest here got McKayla yeah live implied going to meet the opponents
wrath as the its parade here we go boom and he’s down into the pool he took a headfirst see Acharya
everybody has a different approach you never know what you’re gonna do hit
a go-ahead for stir cock that slide he is now pulling
himself house to get onto the mat and we’ll see
how that goes for him he is lookin love tired here announced definitely definitely a taxing ultimate challenge how he jumped right
in and he’s coming to that and Tim with the time I love one 127 one 27 mom while I’m name one technique totally different
payoff hit of acid mine over I’m the hell you I don’t feel possibly bouncy it felt
awesome idea of them because tackling a Palin call me one call you can’t have my decide to get him
he’s not my you know what like way moslem it but none we’ll be right back rapid method did that years huh I like you and Highland yeah grade me she family the last well the different year money here the you can apply it was implied word from long time ago beckoning there she
goes to the other you catch them getting sprayed by a unicorn apparently
0 and tell my here we help gunmen surely an appeal them where he will jack film hand why not final heineman 11 2011 kids in the pool of home taking the same
part is a lie and and shopping with time I’ll post 1 what many today sakin a by have to Sydney ultimate I’ll man-hours I’m nickelbein a comes to mind I mean just everything he might fail to Laffy
Taffy felt like she did you hear in a look
back at my Celia anything that’s fine yeah he’ll children attending a slight
here hey how your fan hi and well your time p prayed plot to make another ok senator more alternative next time come to get don’t on the timing I guess yeah sir

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