Woman hurt in shooting outside Orlando Steak ‘n Shake

breaking news overnight a shooting investigation underway right now a woman heard after gunfire outside a busy restaurant and it comes on the heels of at least six other shootings in Central Florida over the weekend the latest happened just a few hours ago at the Steak and Shake along West Colonial Drive near powers Drive Ozzie Castro was the first reporter on the scene she’s with us now live so what are Deputies telling you as he well Justin we know that the woman is in serious condition this morning and deputies say that she was followed by the suspect to this taken shaken this is where the shooting took place now this all ended at the Circle K gas station on West Colonial and power strive just a couple of blocks from the Steak N Shake and that’s where the victim flagged down deputies for help now deputies tell us the victim along with a group of people were at a party last night and they were followed by the suspect to the Steak N Shake that’s where some sort of argument happened and the suspect pulled out his gun and began shooting – towards the victim’s car and we did see deputies spend a lot of time at the gas station talking to possible witnesses who may have seen something this morning now that shooter remains on the run and deputies say he is a young black male in his late teens early 20s so if you have any information about what happened out here this morning make sure to call the Sheriff’s Office live in Orange County as he Castro News six thank

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