Worst Mistakes In Triathlon? | GTN Asks The Pro Triathletes

– We all make mistakes in triathlon but hopefully we learn from them, but they do make some good stories so we’ve gone and spoken to the pros. We’ve asked them what is their worst ever triathlon mistake. We’ve also asked them what
they wish they’d have know when they first started triathlon. (smooth jazz) – What is your worst ever
triathlon mistake during a race? – (censor beep) I’ve got a few (laughs). Off the top of my head for this race, last year I forgot my goggles, swim hat and number belt and everything. – [Commentator] What is your
worst ever triathlon mistake? – Whoa. I’m German, I’m not making
mistakes, man (laughs). No, no, I mean, to be honest I think the last time when I really messed something
up is quite some time ago, but I think that the very
first time I raced here actually in Ross my coach still has the printed out thing on his yeah on his desk. And it was after the
half-marathon where I started the half-marathon with 116 and it’s at predicted end time seven hours 32 minutes. And, well, I found out that there’s a tunnel and then a pretty solid
wall on the run course so just going too hard is
probably the most common mistake. – I don’t know I think it’s
just when you’re not prepared. I mean I had a mistake
where I forgot my nutrition and I was running around
and asking everyone and got mix of gel I forgot my helmet. I think I did all kind of mistakes, but nothing like what
really prevented me to race. – Yeah, I forgot my passports, had to get friends to put
them on the train to get to me and then the train didn’t split and passport ended up
going on a little tour. – Oh, my very first
triathlon I was dismounting and I just tried to ride the pedal and got my legs all tangled up and just fell badly so that was
the most embarrassing thing. And I actually did that
in my first Ironman. I forgot I had a rear bottle, hit the leg as I was
coming over and fell down. So I did that first Ironman
and my first triathlon, I ate it dismounting. – Missing flights on the way back, missing flights on the way out, yeah. – So if you make it to a
race with all your kit, we’re on for a good one. – Yeah that would be, it’s
not often that happens. – After the T2 so I ran
out for my second run and I ran out with my helmet on my head. And people started,
– [Commentator] Oh! “your helmet”, and you know
those helmets these days are well, back then as
well, they’re so light so I just ran out of transition
to go for the second run and I ran out with my helmet on my head. So that’s the most stupid
mistake that I can think of. – When I was a real amateur I
forgot to take my helmet off and did the run with the helmet on. – [Commentator] You’re not
the first one to do that. – I slept in the first race I was meant to do as a professional I literally plain slept through my alarm. I was in Chattanooga, it
was a couple of years ago. You know I had a hotel right
on the start and my bike. I was never more organised for a race and I even had my bike
pointing towards the door, because we got to take them
that morning for transition, oatmeal in the microwave,
everything ready to go. And I heard the starting cannon go and I’d slept through my alarm
two or three hours before. I mean I’d come from the
West Cost to the East. I mean, no excuse. That was my first attempted
attempt at racing professional. I never even made the start line so suffice to say now
we’ve got plenty of alarms we’ve got wake-up calls, we’ve got, yeah. I mean this house will light up like a Christmas tree at 3:30 in the morning I tell you that for free. – In an XTERRA, one of
the few XTERRAs I’ve done, I ran out of transition with my swim skin still around my waist, over my shorts. – Did you turn back? – I did, Jody was actually
there in the first couple hundred metres and was like, “change your swim skin, your swim skin”, and I actually stopped,
left the bike, ran back, put the swim skin and then ran back. Yeah, I didn’t quite do
the rest with my swim and do the whole of the
current course with it. but I did run out of transition with my swim skin over my shorts. – [Commentator] I’m sure you’ve learned a lot over the years. What do you wish you’d known
going back to when you started? – You know I went pro way too young, so if I could speak to my
younger self I would say, “it’s okay to jut have fun
with the sport for a few years and not take it too seriously at first”. So that’s what I wish
I could have gone back and said to my younger self is just have fun for a few years. You don’t have to be a
pro triathlete at 14, it’s okay to be a kid for a little bit. But that’s what I wish
I could go back and do. – I just wish I’d gotten
to the sport earlier. I think that’s probably the main thing. I wish I’d discovered
it at a much younger age and been able to spend
more time doing this, because it’s absolutely
awesome and the races that are around the world like this race here and Challenge Roads and
Challenge One Acre and again, sort of Ironman New Zealand and Australia and the races that I’ve done and love. I wish just had those
opportunities earlier, really. – Oh you know what? I don’t think anything. I love the challenge you know? And no one has it perfect, I mean no one comes with
a perfect background. You have your great cyclers,
you have your great swimmers, you know, you have your great runners. You have people that are
obviously brilliant with nutrition and you just throw everyone in the one pot and you get what you get. You get an amazing sport. So, yeah, obviously there’s,
oh I wish I knew that, I wish. But honestly, I think
I’ve got my own flavour that I bring to the sport
and my own way of racing and I hope that makes it more exciting and that’s what I’m here to
do trying to put on a show. – Well of course in racing
you learn every time, I’m still learning even
with racing so long. Maybe that you have to be patient for especially long distance race. Like in the beginning I came from duathlon so that’s really a hard speed
a different faster speed, so that you have to be patient
in the long distance race and that the race just
ends at the finish line and there’s so much
things that can happen. So probably a thing like that, yeah. – [Commentator] And what do
you wish you’d have known looking back on your triathlon history? Maybe training racing? – Wow, that’s a really difficult question to put me on the spot with. I wish I’d not been so worked
up about results and stuff, because at the end of
the day you look back and only your good results matter and all the bad results don’t. You know, I’ve gone off the rails, because I got so depressed
about a bad result. None of it really matters
it only matters if you win. So that’s probably the best lesson I should have had 10 years ago. – Right, that’s been really funny and you guys actually doubted us on the running out of transition
with your helmets on and we had two pros
there that did just that. We also had forgetting a passport
so you can even get a race that’s pretty bad. I personally, my biggest mistake, well, I think we’ve all seen it actually, not being able to mount my bike right. That’s quite embarrassing. We’d like to hear your mistakes as well so please drop them in the
comments section below. Also, what you wish you’d have known when you first started triathlon. If you like this video
hit that thumbs up button. If you’d like to see more from GTN just click on the globe and subscribe. If you’d like to see another Ask the Pros just click down here and probably a video that I should have watched
is How to do a Flying Mount and you can see that
by clicking down here.

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  • I have Done some mistakes to

  • What is the worst ever mistake you have made? Let us know in the comments below👇

  • I kind of wish that I started with a sprint instead of an olympic, but I don’t dwell on that since I’m not the only one of my teammates who started with an olympic distance tri. Oh well.,….

  • My biggest mistake was forgetting to take my socks off before the swim start. Blisters for days.

  • I put my race tattoos on upside down

  • forgot my etap batteries at home 🙁 …….I had to do the whole triathlon in one gear, luckily it was only a sprint, I had left the bike in a middle gear and it was flat

  • In my excitement, i jumped into the water with my goggles still on the top of my head and they instantly slipped off. Had to swim without them.

  • My biggest mistake was having 3 cafe lattes before a race. I paid for it on the run.

  • Decades of knowledge in just a few minutes. Thanks!

  • I tried yoga three days before my first triathlon. Had pretty sore muscles on the start line!

  • I left my runners in my bike transition bag and had to tie the laces together and drape them over my shoulders for the whole ride…it wasn't the discomfort, it was the giggles of the people overtaking me

  • Halfway through my very first triathlon is when I realised I had made my worst mistake … i.e., I shouldn't have even lined up on the start! 😉

  • Saw a guy run out of T1 without his bike in my last tri, would have been a long run!

  • I have just realized that I haven't packed my race belt for Saturday race!!!! thx

  • I… uhhh… Did an Ironman while I unknowingly had pneumonia. I thought it was just a bad cold. Bad times indeed.

  • At a sprint triathlon, I jumped on my bike and tried to put my feet in my shoes then realised I had clipped them in to the pedals the wrong way round. So I spent the first kilometre of the bike leg trying to swap my shoes around whilst still on the bike and being overtaken by a load of the competitors.
    Still won though 😬

  • I have my first triathlon tomorrow. Hope i remember to take my helmet off 😀 ( sprit tri).

  • Cameron worf when he said he heard the start cannon 😅😅😅👏👏

  • Did my first triathlon on a poorly maintained bike, and broke the rear derailleur cable on the first climb. I had to do the whole ride with only the small cog. My legs were so trashed, I had to walk some of the run course.

  • I was swapping out the cockpit of my aero road bike for a triathlon bars the night before the race. I ran out of T1 with the bike and went to slip my feet in the shoes while riding. It was then I realized I'd stashed one of the wrenches in my bike shoes. I slipped in my gel pocket and did the bike and run with a wrench.

  • I klicked my right shoe in the left pedal and the left shoe on the right pedal.

  • I used dish detergent to prevent my goggles from fogging. Did not clean it properly. Towards the end of the swim, water entered one side of the goggle and it immediately foamed and stung in my eye. Because it was not far to the shore, I kept going. Actually, my eye was all inflamed after the swim and I could barely see while cycling. I use baby shampoo and clean my goggle properly nowadays.

  • I swam 2 extra lengths of a pool swim, then in my haste to make time up out of T1 was over-aggressive with my flying bike mount and landed in a heap…Both bottles fell out, chain off, tri-bar extension bent, cut arm and leg and bruised ego. Though I did still manage to win the race.
    A close second worse mistake was picking up a small stone in my running shoe in transition. I didn't stop to remove it as both my training partners were ahead of me and I finished the race with a bloody mess of a foot, and didn't catch my mates either.

  • Great idea for a video and as usual Mark did a great job at interviewing! Speaking of Mark, he is good sport to bring up his flying mount at 70.3 Staffordshire 3-4 years ago. The commentator (I think it was Patrick Winterton) also noticed with the comment "Mark Threlfall sure made a hash of his mount". Flying mounts are easy in practice, BUT in a race when your HR is at the red line it can be a different story.

  • In an Olympic I forgot to grab my nutrition in t1, with no on course nutrition available. Bonked HARD at mile 3 on the run.

  • Awesome video, super funny thanks for being GTN!

  • During 70.3 World Championships i clipped in my shoes on my bike the other way around. hahahaha

  • Joe Skipper: My new hero

  • During a mixed relay triathlon earlier this year I forgot to adjust my shoes lace.

  • How the heck do you go pro at 14? The CEO of the federation should have been fired for allowing that. Jeeze!

  • An elite triathlete gave me this tip, to keep your bike jersey on under your wet suit so you don't have to put on the shirt when you are wet. NEVER TRY SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME ON RACE DAY! The wet suit was too tight and I couldn't get enough oxygen and had to unzip my suit down to my waist to be able to swim. Not my best swim time.

  • Biggest mistake was finishing a 70.3 race on a tibia bone cracked through 2/3 of the bone. Only found out about it 2 months later.

  • Took out my external di2 battery charging night before and on race morning forgot it at hotel. Had to run 10k extra before IM start to get battery

  • 3 weeks ago at Ironman Austria I forgot to place my bike computer on the bike (or the blue bag for that matter). I found out about it 10 minutes after transition closed and just 15 minutes before the gun went off so I wrapped it in a plastic bag and stuffed it into my right wetsuit leg. My brother started making fun of me but in the end I went out of the water unwrapped the bike computer and went on to have a great bike 😀

    Another mistake was on my very first race (supersprint) where we were swimming in the pool and for some reason I first chose to be in the lane with all the fast guys. Once I realized that it was late to change lanes and then I even opted to swim as hard as they did. My brother told me that on the first 100 meters we had around 25 meters on the rest of the fields. Needles to day that after around 150 meters I was absolutely gassed out and had to hold on to the wall for a few seconds to get my breath back and then endure them overtaking me 2 or 3 times 😀

  • I forgot my bike shoes and had to speedily buy a not so well fitting shoes on my way the day before. Boy my feet were not happy😖😭😅

  • Kienles comment is gold. "I'm german, i'm not making mistakes". I laughed my ass off XD

  • Totally out of the blue… but one of Matt’s mistake (formerly of GCN and who I miss so much in GCN) was saying “GTN” instead of “GCN”!

    At the 1:31 mark…


  • At IM Austria this year I felt heat at k 25 in the run and remembered Faris' advise. "The best heat Control You get is by putting the cold water in your pants". So I did. Instead of water I used crushed ice. It took me 3 seconds to figure out how bad this idea was!

  • I did my first triathlon (Olympic distance) without even getting in a pool until two weeks before, and having zero open water experience. I thought that since I swam a bit (all informal and without a coach) when I was younger that it wouldn't be a big deal. I didn't know how to sight or anything, and my swim was a disaster :).

  • Ran out of T1 during my first triathlon and screamed to my husband “Signing up for this was a fucking mistake!” Got a time penalty for cursing…

  • That guy at 5:00 is my hero.

  • I overslept for a race and got to the start with mins to spare. Worst mistake. Again I was hyper prepared and then thrown. I wish I'd met a triathlete years earlier. I would have got into it much sooner than I did

  • A recent Ironman, expecting a wetsuit swim, so not bothering packing a swim skin. The lake was 25deg so had to swim in trisuit… the rear pockets inflated in the water and it was like swimming with a parachute on! Legs sunk and barely made the cut-off. Great arm workout though! #rookiemistake

  • I ran with my helmet still on…

  • Bel canale 😊 tratti argomenti legati interessanti, visita il mio canale se ti va

  • Having a panic attack at the swim start and being able to put my head in the water for the first couple hundred meters…not very manly!

  • I was chased by a lifeguard to get back on course during the swim. I sighted on the wrong target and was swimming off course.

  • My first race. I left my bike in the big ring (53/11) & couldn't mount coming out of T1. I went over in front of about 100 spectators. So embarrassed 😂

  • Will GTN be at the long distance european championship in Almere, The Netherlands?

  • Im german I dont make mistakes.

  • I didn't go to the race at all >_<. "I THOUGHT IT WAS TOMORROW!!!!!"

  • Biggest mistake to date is not wearing enough clothing for the frigid bike leg of Weymouth 70.3 2018. It was rough and I should have been better prepared.

  • I went for 2 instead of 1 round

  • Until now I didn't know so much can go wrong, especially after reading the comment section! Thanks for sharing. lol

  • Not really my mistake, but my dad once took my running shoes in t2 instead of his own… So I had to do the run in a shoe size too small…

  • "I'm german, i dont make mistakes" well history says otherwise

  • My worst mistake was when I forgot to bring my numbered bag to the first transition zone so I had to put my wetsuit and swimgear in with a friends bag and off course after the race almost forgot to ask for it back. And i also forgot my goggles that same race. To top it all off I ran past the finish line too 😀 All in all, pretty fun race 😛

  • Cameron is the funniest!

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