WOU Campus Tours 2018

Hey guys, I’m Ashley a junior majoring in psychology Welcome to Western Oregon University. Our tour begins in the heart of campus on Monmouth Avenue. This is our giant sequoia tree that was planted by our graduating class of 1887. Just one example of our beautiful campus. This is the Werner University Center, WOU’s Student Activities Center. WUC is home to the Wolf Store, the Multicultural Student Union, Service Learning and Career Development, the Veterans Ccenter and more. WUC is where many events take place on campus such as International Night, homecoming and Woutopia. The Student Activities Board hosts a variety of events each term and WOU has more than 50 clubs and student organizations. So it’s easy to get involved and make friends. This is the Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center, our campus recreation center. Come on inside. The Courtney Center is a 45,000 square foot exercise facility featuring a climbing wall basketball courts, racquetball cardio machines, free weights, an indoor track and aquatic center Best of all this facility is open to all WOU students. Haven’t tried volleyball, badminton or pickleball? Here’s your chance by joining the intramural league or check out a club sport like rugby, lacrosse and soccer. We even have a disc golf course. This is MacArthur field home to Western Oregon football and track. WOU student athletes compete in NCAA Division II. WOU has five men’s and six women’s teams. We are especially proud of our 2017 men’s distance medley relay team who finished first nationwide and the 2016 men’s basketball team who advanced to the NCAA Final 8 tournament in Texas. Here at WOU there’s always something to do. You know what you like to do. You can do it at WOU. Take in a play. Go to the Spring Dance. Watch a Smith Fine Arts performance Experience an art exhibit. I hope to see you on campus soon. Go wolves! Hi, I’m Caleb a junior majoring in communication studies. Welcome to Western Oregon University. This tour is about how you’ll be spending your time on campus, that’s why I’m standing in a lecture hall. This is one of many classrooms on campus. Western’s classes are small and taught by faculty not graduate assistants. The average class size is 18 students. Freshmen take between 12 and 18 credits. That means they will spend 12 to 18 hours a week in class. And if you’re majoring in chemistry, you’ll be spending time in a chem lab. Visual communication design students work in graphic design labs, Music students in a MIDI lab. Art students in the sculpting kiosk. Anthropology students in the forensic lab and so on. You get the picture. When it’s time to study there’s Hamersly library. Hamersly is home to university archives, media resources, study areas and more. Common areas feature tables, chairs and whiteboards. There’s even a coffee shop and cafe. Of course, it’s called The Press. This could be your home away from home. Ackerman Hall is one of the top 10 greenest residence halls on the planet. Let’s take a look inside. Ackerman Hall promotes sustainable living with light sensors, solar panels, a rainwater harvest system and recycling centers in each wing. There’s even repurposed wood furniture in the common areas. Everyone knows it takes food to fuel the brain. This is Valsetz our main dining hall on campus. Valsetz offers everything you need for a healthy lifestyle, a fresh fruit and salad bar sandwiches, entrees and daily specials. In the Werner University Center you can enjoy the Western Deli, Wolf Grill and Cafe Allegro. Plus you’ll find several restaurants and shops within walking distance from campus in downtown Monmouth. Back on campus now, this is our newest building, the student health and counseling center. The center provides medical service, wellness education and counseling. Appointments are free and all services are confidential. That’s all for now. Thanks for going on the tour with me. I hope to see you on campus soon. Go wolves!

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