XXL-Aquarium – Das Kleben der Scheiben (#2)

good morning here is thorben of amazonasbecken.eu we’re just before eight and I’m waiting
looking forward to the aquarium maker the right behind me this fat aquarium
to build up. Say yes, it will be even two aquariums. below 3.90 meters
times 90cm and sixties height and then about it with an aluminum frame what
to be built up at a later date comes a four meter long one meter
deep and 60-centimeter high aquarium so be there today, if these
Aquariums are built the aluminum frame with a
footprint of four meters by a meter I have prepared so far, that is
the lower rod and the upper rod and the connectors then
I’ve got it up here in the workshop It is 16x 90 cm it is up here then
I can unfortunately stay in a garage here and I finish assembling myself, because
I just can not get through the door That’s why I got it
also for this aluminum frame decided because then only this first
aquarium can be built then I introduce this preparatory
aluminum parts take the basin, clapper Everything together, that I have this
finished and then put it over and I can do that
next aquarium on this build aluminum frame
otherwise here again. see here you already have the silkscreen plates I
have prepared Now one thinks: what should be prepared?
the aquarium farmer needs to glue always survived an inch and that
I have with my other aquarium already done so. I think that’s ugly
if later the plate is one centimeter survives. I just screw, here in the
case it was such a latte: 14×14 mm I just screw it completely on the front
at the side too. then the aquarium be built up rationally. if that
aquarium is finished then it will be easy this strip unscrewed again.
Of course, the other plate has that too Here I want to go again quickly
show like a hole in the glass is bored. With a lot of water and a core drill after pre-drilling from one side
then it will be from the other side precisely aligned and also counter-drilled so that the discs are not on the side splintering and zack you have the hole already finished in it the rear window is simply on site
foiled because when transporting it to probably that is any
come in the film in after the lower aquarium already
glued, the alu is scaffold imposed. that’s why I have one too
Aluggestell taken, because I have this Alugestell not here as a whole in the
room would have gotten into it with 96 cm height and 1 meter deep. I have that
here before aquarium first plugged together. In any case, now for the upper aquarium was already the three-piece base glass on it
posed Here I cut it out, the wood
for the overflow. the overflow is then used for that the two tanks of
Connecting the water cycle can
Next, the three-part bottom plate easy with each other
bonded. strive with the help of this you can see that pretty well here
and furthermore, there is still striving which are glued all around where the
adhered vertical slices be, so that the surface is larger
to those who stick. After that, the rear window will be accurate
aligned and glued with silicone at the side windows is the first
applied silicone and then the two side windows just like that
pressed against and aligned so you already have the right angle with you
the rear window and the floor slices stand Finally, there is the windscreen
simply been glued against I have to say what is simply called:
We are talking about 19 mm glass here upper tank is used
the four meter long has that and with 3.90 meters, which is less
has deep, so 10 cm less deep. That has only 15 mm glass. You can see, here are still corners and edges that are not yet beautiful Of course, that’s the first time now
just so glued together and in Around two weeks, the aquariumbuilder comes again then such silicone residues are first
clean away of course, there is still the struts
here with pure, it will be mittelstreben set over
so that everything becomes stable. Furthermore Of course, in the corner, the overflow shaft mounted and further plan I’m down here on the right
down -sorry, I meant left of course and on the right side and
above also on the right side one right to install large biofilter being the
be about 20 centimeters high are supposed to be submucible. especially for me with stingrays, but certainly Some Pleco-lovers will now think of it: so human not so bad shelter for the
animals where they can retire really a lot of swimming space is that
actually a pretty good idea. then So to install a biofilter
that you can swim under it. here one Pull glass in, here high and
then this will be several chambers divided
furthermore, what is down here on the page is still coming in is also like that again
a DIY fleecefilter, like me who have ever built. that can
her here on the top right now again see in the link. look at this
where I am at what is there together tinkered. is a very good thing,
therefore this fleecefilter is in find this place again
and come on this page The top of overflow shaft fed
will and also from the bottom tank that water there
converges to mechanical filtering otherwise, because one is here now
ask again like that with the Underbody looks down: everything is below
on M16 threaded rods on the bottom plate because here after
Floor heating had to go past then I have here a 60 x 60 mm steel frame of 5 mm thick, so it is really solid on it stands this alugestell
with a total of 16 supports with 30 x 30 mm, 2 mm stronger. Here should be a support
around 400 kilos carry around 16 props I come to 6.4 tons!
that holds for this 2400 liter tank easy up here. what you get up here
see again: have a small side hole made, here and here below too.
Here I will again additional attach an emergency overflow before changing the water or what you do you forget to turn off the water and then, before something spills over, maybe still behind the tank here
on the floor, it will be everything in the overflow into one
run extra tank. oh, and to construction of course: the
substructure I link now Also on the top right I have
namely in the last video ever described in more detail. how i do it all
worked on how I did that. So, who cares, switch here
like to come in again otherwise I may today again
Thank you very much for the audience As you can see, there is still a lot of work to be done on the aquarium. So subscribe to me maybe it’s about two
weeks if this basic model first cured from the aquarium,
then it goes on with the bracing and installation of filters
and so on. comes later also piping, as I mount the pumps and
and so on. So leave a subscription there, follow this exciting project!
bye for now. Bye, it’s good! Your Thorben of amazonasbecken.eu

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