YOU CAN DRAW ON ANYTHING!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | POSCA Paint Pens on Wood

Paletteful Packs sent me another month of
their premier Paletteful Packs box (so this is their top tier box) – I’m very excited
to open it up. we’re gonna find out what’s inside and then we’ll make some
art with it ♪ POSCAPENS! a big white one! – I
actually have my Posca pen right here but these are like biggie, big boys here:
1.8-2.5 millimeter Posca pen – so we have a white, blue, we have red oh hey look! [USA National Anthem Plays in BG] there is also: green, light blue, also a yellow – we
have a much thinner one this is a 0.7 millimeter in the color black, as
well as–( what is? what is this?) how do you what is happening on the end of this? [Reads:]
“the free size brush. Uni-Posca. In the color black” it’s like a brush pen? whaaaat? wait a minute, what? maybe that’s the end and that’s where you
enter a cartridge and then I don’t know what you do with-what? what do you do?
is there instructions? [Reads:]
“step one, shake” “step two: push on the top” I assume we
take this off – oh I think it did something how many times you got to push it? oh I
see a little something I’ve never had a Posca pen in brush form, maybe this is
why. we’ll get it working! let me just-just keep on-ehhh it’s so bristly I should be
doing this in a sketch effect what am I thinking? – you can get a nice range of
widths but I don’t really like the texture maybe if I can make it more
saturated with the ink it’ll be smoother, and then of course you
have your like thin Posca pen, which are always handy – and this one’s nice and
thin so maybe we can like do the line art with it [shakey-shakey] you can see that you get
really fine lines – yeah boy what else is in here do ,they give us some paper maybe? and this funny-but it what are these? are these suppose to be in here? are these like Miles
Morales, and he slaps these everywhere? not big on tagging things but maybe I can stick them around, maybe on my
lights or something will be fun – I’ve only used canvas boards a couple times
but I like them a lot more than with regular canvases and I believe Posca
pens are very opaque so that’s gonna be really fun to like see them like pop out
from that like dark background, although we won’t be able to use these two pens
on that because that’s so dark and then what is this big chunk of wood? that is
exactly what it is an 8 by 10 wood panel it smells good [sniff] I love the smell of Home
Depot and then it’s got like that canvas-y bit – it’s actually really nice, I kind of
feel like this should be the top and this should be the bottom (getting those
vibes) I’ve never thought of using Posca pens on wood before that’s some sturdy
paper right there, look at that, what’s funny is paper is just you know ground-up tree
carcass so these are very much the same thing just one is flimsy, if you think
about it I’m gonna get this box out of the way so I can think straight so this is everything that came in the April premier pack Paletteful Pack’s box –
(there is a lot of P’s in there…) it’s gonna take a few seconds to prep all of these markers
so let me do that and swatch them out as well there we go look at that so vibrant How are you suppose to know when the white one
starts working? What I think I’d like to do it in the sketchbook before I go on
either of these two panels here, I want to just see how they like
cover up pencil, I haven’t used Posca pens in a long time like as a medium
sometimes I’ll use like one to like add a little bit of detail here but I
haven’t used like all Posca pens in a long time so I’m gonna just see how well
they like cover pencil if they make it smudge or if they just do a really nice
coverage looks like just really good coverage
look at how opaque those are I love it now these pens also suit like a very
simple style so maybe I should try to simplify or draw maybe my jellybean art
style, let’s see how we can color this guy now there’s no purple which is what
I usually like to use for shading mmm how do I want to go about this? maybe red
for the hair [posca pen action] and then I kind of want like darker hair in the background so I
wonder if I took like blue over top while it’s still wet, okay it doesn’t
necessarily work but it looks alright and then I can also use the
dark blue for shading that too — and for skin we can go like Simpson yellow here –
now you do actually see through the yellow a little bit so I can actually
just cover the whole thing then go over that with the thin black Posca here, outline
everything — I wish we had a pink for the cheeks — here we have our little kiddo
but I really have no idea how I would tackle something this large now it says
these are blendable so why don’t I try that, we got blue and we have a light
blue – oh hey! You just have to do it when they are still pretty wet. I see [Posca Blending Action!!] they gave me all the colors to make the
logo! I really like this little girl missing her front teeth so I’m gonna
just draw her again and see what her full body would look like we’re gonna make
the features a little bit lankier to give her that like preteen kind of look
— I’ve got that big smile I think I’ll make the hair even crazier like she
doesn’t brush it — give her that kind of tomboy look – rolled up on the hem mmm
so cute I’ll add some color — if I want to change anything up a bit, I did flatten the
hat just a smidge, I’m not gonna blend the red with the white to get a pink, I did
it hey [to the tune of “This is What Dreams are Made of”]
♪ hey now! hey now! ♪ I do want to use the dark blue for all the shading now I
think that worked really well – then while that’s wet add some red try to create a
purple I think I like her better without that yellow Simpson skin and I can
even use the white to fix mistakes – probably should wait for
that to completely dry though, I can work on the overall – try to blend out this blue nice red sneakers oops that still
had blue on it then we can also use the white on the ends of it here and then we
can use yellow for the shirt since we’re not using it for the skin and then maybe
use the green as the stripe color, it’s pretty thick though – so primary! we
could add a patch to the knee here it’s hard to add shading to like the stripes thats the best I can do there – all right there’s my second go I’m still uncertain
about how I want to go about this because they’re very different from like
the style I would usually go for I’m really trying to think about this
definitely working outside my comfort zone here hmm not using a color for the
skin tone might be kind of fun on this piece of wood because then the wood will
show through I kind of want to use this texture of the wood in some way – so
not filling in areas maybe like the skin or something else would be a fun way to
go about that and then I can use white to like fill in some of these areas that
I do want to be white let me just take a pencil though and sketch out some ideas
thinking with this wood panel in mind so like let me try some smaller thumbnails
it’s an 8 by 10 so it’s about that size let me think of a fun pose for our little
girl to be in maybe something that shows the shoes off a little bit – her little
sneakers we can make her overalls even baggier than they are right now
and that big smile shows they’re missing front teeth so I guess she’s in second
grade she ain’t no preteen — I’ve got to kind of move this around to fit that — that’s
a good thing about a thumbnail you don’t have to stay inside your little borders
whereas when you move on to the actual piece of wood here you’re gonna have to
make sure the sketch is in the exact right spot try something else what if
she’s like in a tree hanging upside down legs back there, branch, her hands are over her
head another interesting idea is if I do go with like a character in the middle
of the canvas here and then just only color the outside of them so use the
Posca pens and create some kind of like texture around them and then they are
only drawn in with the black so our two little black pens there and then you
just see the texture of the wood inside the character, trying to
brainstorm see what ideas come to mind that looks springy and Easter time doesn’t it? yeah no I don’t think that’s the way I want to go
it really just wanted to draw a mouth with no front teeth, that is calling to me we
could use these stickers these are like smaller canvases [nope!] the blending is still kind of confusing
me just a little bit keeping putting the lids on the wrong … markers-no! I just did it again…ok got it! I wanted those blue eyes those were kind of cute after doing this one, I don’t really
like the idea as much I don’t know if I just didn’t put enough time into this
one but it looks a little freaky compared to that one you know I think
it’s all in the face so maybe if I put a little bit more time into the face
instead of rushing it that could have helped – I think this mouth is bigger
okay that might be where the problem lies – she looks a little bit like a dog
she’s like [pants like a dog] I need to make some decisions here – try thumbnailing some
more ideas for this wood panel ♪ let’s simplify it even more
maybe see if we can get away without using too much liner this is cute but I
don’t think it’s really what I was going for just-Oh what if she has a little
vest! Oh! Oh! like a little fisherman’s vest! what if she’s a fisherman!! okay see
now we’re getting somewhere now she has some personality now she has
a hobby that’s what she needed so now with that I can kind of get a pose maybe
hey well maybe if we do it horizontally gonna be like sitting there kind of
scrunched with her fishing pole, that’s kind of fun! – she could be sitting on a dock just
fishing yeah wow that that one little vest just took this in a whole new
direction well the other idea would be if I have another-if I go vertically
here again she’s standing in the background on the dock then you have
that a little bit of foreshortening, you have the the line coming along here with
our fish and then this angle will be where her face is – she see’s the fish and she’s like
“yes I caught a fish!” but then I’m gonna get a little confused and it comes to
colors because I’ve used almost every color actually I think I did I used
every color in her character design and if I want to use colors in the
background that’s gonna get a little confusing (actually a lot confusing) I think
I’m gonna do, let’s move over to our wood canvas here and then now that I have this in
front of me I’m getting nervous I’m thinking if I just draw a big character
and then she has her like fish she can have a blub fish!!! why did I not think
of this earlier? a blub fish – one of these guys she’s caught a blub fish they’re
always happy all the time yeah so let’s see we’ve got…
(let me just thumbnail one more time heeere) okay I think we got it – right here yeah I might even fit it into that circle it’s kind of cool let me see we got a like circle, is that a circle? then we have our character so I
want like the fish here and the girl here like they’ve just met like they’re
gonna be best friends now they didn’t realize they needed each other till this
random moment her body I want it to be kind of like swishy! so like
she’s holding her fishing rod maybe comes up like this and then this, the
line, comes around like that maybe got that ball cap – maybe bring the character up
a little bit higher so they’re like maybe here that way I have more room for
the body her arms coming down here to hold the fishing pole – yeah I think I’m
gonna leave the circle the wood texture and then maybe color in this outside bit –
can’t forget that vest, it’s so important how did I forget to draw the legs? I got so obsessed at the top half of her body – it’s a little smaller than I wanted is it worth erasing and restarting? I can’t really see as much body and her
character design as much as I would like yeah I’m going for it I hope I don’t
miss you because I really like that sketch it’s just too small – let me just try
drawing way bigger get some legs in here – maybe her arms are coming
this way as she reels it in there’s so many scribbles I’m not entirely sure
what’s going on anymore some fishhooks in her hat, I don’t
think that’s where they put them I think I put them here I haven’t drawn a blub fish in a while this
is so fun yes come to me baby work on him a little later, little splash particles – trying to figure out
how you actually hold a fishing pole.. that leg might be a little long but I really like
the angle of it -let’s see, this torse, hip, okay, thats our problem these lines right here ♪ do something a little more like this not
sure if you can see that let me darken the important lines here – Trying to figure out where I want this leg, I really like this one – I feel like it follows the flow
of the character really nicely – I have to shorten her sleeves a little otherwise they
are gonna get lost in this pose okay we’re getting somewhere okay I have this fishing pole/fishing
rod thing oops changing these hands, pull this one up a bit, this arm I need to
figure out Thats not too bad the fishing pole can end right here that way we don’t go off the edge
of the canvas definitely something I want to avoid – it’s just little Kasey Golden
doesn’t it? and I’m using one of her favorite art supplies too, hehe it’s kind of
funny yeah honestly I’m kind of in love with just the pencil on the wood texture
I would hang something like this up if it had a little bit more tone in it
which I haven’t done yet maybe some rain boots ooo they could be bright
red rain boots! bend the fishing pole just a little it looks like there’s some
tension there and I’m just gonna clean up this sketch so I know where
everything is before start adding in color fix any last-minute things I have a
feeling I should probably draw everything and then add the fishing pole
last since these are an opaque art supply, that would actually work I need to remove
some tangents over here pull that down a little all right, I think I’ve got most of
this down let’s start with some of the simple things like eyeballs – all right
we’re done! and if we can still see pencil underneath we can always do
another coat once it’s all dry oh it’s much easier to blend these on this wood
they don’t like soak in [as quickly as they do on paper] I’m gonna try to take advantage of that – look at that! nice look at that leg! how did I do? ooh I can outline it since we’re drawing much larger than I did in the sketchbook
I can actually use these pens for some liner here look at those pants!! hehe this is working!! art gets be soooo excitedddd we got her little pants next up, she has a green
hat and probably a green vest — I haven’t thought about it I haven’t actually
colored her vest before — I’m mixing that blue with the green a little that works yeah
Yellow is definitely the least opaque probably gonna need a couple
coats of this one yeah let that dry and then come back to that one – oh shoot
that was blue – guess she’s just gonna have some blue teeth
I can go over that again later actually nothing’s permanent really oh yeah
second layer baby that makes a huge difference look at that! Need some blue back there
for shading and try to blend that out make it that really deep purple oh yeee how
did I do I think I just did a red dot then grab
the white I’m just blended that out I got this
cute pink it’s a little bit too bright maybe – add a little more red to all three not sure why I just colored the neck pink
that was a bad idea… I don’t like it gonna add another layer of
the yellow though it’s still not quite as vibrant as I want I can have some
white shine to make those look a little bit more rubber add some liner here to
the face also the mouth here then we need some green stripes here on her
shirt I’m not sure what color I want the vest to be it’d be kind of cool if I
could mix green and yellow with it or I could also go red since we have red at
the top and the bottom of our design so far
sometimes this black pen just like explodes and then seeps into the like
grain of the wood which isn’t really a pretty look that’s
really the only problem I’m having with the Posca pens on the wood
I’m gonna let that dry a little bit then erase some of that pencil and while
we’re at it we can work on Blub fish over here ♪ that’s kind of the color I was planning the
vest being this is a good way of studying that start here then blend that
into green then I could take yellow and then I probably just need to use liner
to separate this from the shirt since it’s so similar oh and then we wanted
that patch on her knee here – make it green blend that out it’s a little awkward but
it’ll do definitely haven’t perfected the no need for line art style add some like water droplets mix those
with white to give them a little shimmer how do you paint water? I always have to
think back to Avatar that’s like my only reference for cartoon water is it
dry over here yet? I want to erase all that pencil im nervous to push too hard for the fishing pole maybe I’ll use white (let me make sure it’s actually white)
then follow this line boom we have a fishing line, you might have to go over
that again because it looks very transparent, I haven’t used the brush pen
maybe I can use that for the fishing pole if I don’t like it I can always put a
color on top I suppose ooh I actually do really like this nice and smooth here we go we found the line and I can
just darken that up, remove some of that texture and we also since fishing poles have a
line and that goes all the way down to the bottom here where the reel is, I will
have to wait for that to dry and then add rest of the line there – while I’m waiting
I might start filling in the background with our dark blue since I didn’t
actually use that for anything let’s start with dark blue then go to light blue
over there, this could be a disaster I just want to have a like a
really large flat color area though so maybe look how even that looks that is
wonderful that is probably the number one quality of Posca pens it’s just your
ability to get that flat opaque color not all the colors do it in onw
go, but some of them, when it does [whistles] love it!! I haven’t decided whether this was a good
idea or not, the plan was to get lighter at the top but then I forgot so I’ve got
just this dark blue throughout the whole thing hehe and the circles off-center oh
it’s really obvious when it was like this that actually looks kind of cool, I don’t hate that
at all okay where’s the lid? I do want to add some more white though it’ll
go like bloop – here bloop then inside here kind of like that then I also wanted to [CLEANTHISBRUSH!] go over this line again just make
it a little bit more opaque go over that got some more water
splashes here and there cute oh we also got to get a little blub
fish a mouth – that looks silly makes me think of a little bit of a Rockwell
painting with the interesting random pattern okay now I just need to wait for some things to
dry I’m gonna add those final touches all right this looks like it’s dry now
so I can take what I want I want to write “fishing” be a little cheesy fish –
that looks dumb with the foot in the way here we can add an exclamation point
and then maybe highlight the eyes a little add a second coat just do a
little touch-up here and there especially where the liner-that just
kind of jumped around and even add a white border here and there – oh that
is blue! come on! I didn’t add liner to this eyeball that’s why this
looks silly so I also added color to the sides there
so that it can like hang on the wall you know I’m gonna try adding a white border to this
circle this feel like it needs something I wish the woodgrain was a little bit
more obvious it kind of just looks like a peachy color but other than that I kind of like it – it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone and that’s
really what these subscription boxes do to me a lot, they go: “here’s an art
supply you don’t ever use! make something with it!” and I’m like “AHHH!” this is what I
came up with – I didn’t really use this a lot because brush pens and me just don’t
get along but I do think-I do think it’s really cool and it has a lot of like
potential for someone who knows how to use a brush pen properly, for me I’m too
nervous to like mess everything up with some of the sketches we created today
let me know what you drew if you were drawing along as well
I love reading about what you guys are up so yeah this is what I came up with
for today I do want to thank you guys all for coming along with me as I
created this here, I also want to thank PalettefulPacks for sending me this box to
try out, I will have a link in the description if you’d like to check out
Paletteful and see if it’s something that might be right for you yeah thank you
guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a
delicious evening full of waffles BYE!!!!!! ♪ you are looking nice today!

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