Zoo Med 20 Gallon Reptihabitat Aquatic Turtle Kit Review and Unboxing

It comes with a top, a bottom just like this,
and straps; but I’ve cut all that off. That’s what that looks like. Now, this has an unusual screen it comes out
like this which is good and bad. It’s really easy, but if you’re stacking your
aquariums side by side it will be difficult to get in to so you’ll have to give yourself
a little space. But it slides in and out very easily. Now, what it comes with is the turtle dock. Let me take this out so you can see what it
looks like. Well, maybe. Okay, it suctions to the side of your tank
and lifts with the water flow. I’m going to show you everything when it’s
all set up too. But that’s what it looks like. It’s fairly heavy, and it’s got an okay motif. Looks like it’s easy for the turtle to put
his nails in. The next thing is, It think this is really
nice, is the Zoomed mini combo deep dome light. It’s a dual light Very large, very nice. I like it very much. And like I said I will show you all this when
it’s set up. IT comes with a proper care and maintenance
of your aquatic turtles pamphlet. If you’re new to turtle keeping I would get
more information. IT’s got general information and a lot of
advertisements, but it’s okay. NExt thing it comes with is your lights. There is a 13-watt tropical fluorescent and
a splash-proof halogen light. And, hmm, I thought I got all the tape off
everything. HEre is the 5 watt UVB, and the 50-watt halogen. The next thing is the filter. I’m not about this filter because turtles
dirty their tank very easily and I’m not sure if this is going to be enough filtration,
but we will see. It comes with a packet of charcoal, this is
obviously a sponge and charcoal filter. Everything comes with instructions, but I’m
not getting them. Sponge, filter cartridge, 2 sponges. But your mechanical is charcoal. It, hmm, I guess it just sits in the bottom
of your tank. I don’t…I don’t see any way to uh, yeah
I’ll have to show you when we’re done because I’ve got to figure this out. Alright, well, that’s what it looks like. I’m pretty sure it sits in the bottom of the
tank but right now I’m not exactly sure. Comes with an on-front thermometer. MAke sure you put your thermometer down below
the water line. But it’s just a general stick on thermometer. It comes with water conditioner. Reptisafe water conditioner. Yeah, I mean water conditioner. It
comes with natural aquatic turtle food. The first three ingredients are soy, wheat,
and fish meat. It’s okay. The next thing it comes with is red shrimp. The only ingredient, red shrimp, dried red
shrimp. I’ve never seen this before it’s an aquatic
turtle banquet block. It says, oh, it’s got calcium and little bits
of food in it and it’s replaceable every week. You replace it every week. Of course, you have to buy the others, but,
you know. You replace it every week and uh…Keep going. You replace it every week and it’s got little
bits of food in it and ug calcium. And apparently, turtles like to munch on it. And it comes with okay, ten pounds of black,
well natural looking, river rock. Which is nice. Uh, I’ll see how that looks when it’s in the
tank. It’s nice and sturdy. And, of course, it’s got a nice, the tank
has a nice uh shaped base. And you can take this puffy sticker off if
you want, or leave it on.

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  • That is a really nice set up. I had painted turtles when I was a kid. Wish I'd had on of these, maybe some of my turtles would have survived! 🙁

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